Gold Iridith x Bronze Fienth T8

Flight - 12th February 2012/Late Spring T7, 8th Pass
Clutching - 24th March 2012/Late Summer T8, 8th Pass
Egg List
Hatching - 12th April 2012/Early Autumn T8, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)
Totals: (30)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 5
Blue: 9
Green: 13

PC Candidates: Adensol, Alaran, Arseni, Carlan, Celdorei, Daniset, Daverin, Gwlyeshar, Idamane, Jayne, Jensyn, Kimber, Laneri, Levan, Malaya, Menisia, Meralyn, Nota, Phyrra, Reijo, Ressin, Rystan, Sunaru, Suogo, Zaralis, Zeranona

PC Dragons:
The Jade Moon Gold Euliath to Kimber — [Pavlova]
The Balmy Bastion Bronze Tauchisath to I'mane (Idamane) — [Starr]
The Burning Warrior Brown Xikinath to J'ay (Jayne)
The Star-Giver Peacemaker Blue Atanuith to R'jo (Reijo) — [Rainewolf]
The Bag of Tricks Blue Coteyanth to R'sin (Ressin) — [Velcro]
The Home Girl Green Arimoth to Zaralis — [Ivy]
The Beholden to Beauty Green Ciseuth to Al'ran (Alaran) — [Taenia]
The Crowned Green Sibbiath to Gw'shar (Gwleyshar) — [Neena]
The Smoke and Mirrors Green Terasath to Meralyn — [Adina]

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Areth to H'min (Hasmin) — [adopted by Symmetry]

Brown Aizerath to G'lo (Greollo)
Brown Houth to B'tris (Beitris)
Brown Pfaunth to A'ven (Aiven)
Brown Setith to L'vy (Lavyrec)

Blue Ahtith to N'tok (Neurtok)
Blue Anteroth to D'nac (Dunac)
Blue Freyth to O'tin (Ostin)
Blue Obreith to K'reis (Kasareis)
Blue Quezlth to A'telli (Artelli) — [adopted by Maiden]
Blue Ymirth to T'lan (Tarlan) — [adopted by Anahira]
The Hemitheoi Blue — Injured too severely to survive and died before Impression

Green Ceredeth to M'daj (Mardaj)
Green Durgath to Sh'dar (Shandar)
Green Eoceath to K'lar (Kalar) — [adopted by Rachel]
Green Irith to C'tain (Camtain) — [adopted by Tina]
Green Maunekth to P'voch (Pavovoch)
Green Neferelth to Marzena — [adopted by Redd]
Green Pelehath to G'shen (Goshen) — [adopted by Shouriko]
Green Temorigth to Z'ai (Zain)
Green Valkyth to Libetka

Egg Theme: Natural Phenomena
Dragon Theme: Gods and Goddesses

Many thanks to: Search Co! Anahira, Emma, Jey, Maiden, Rachel, Rhee, and Symmetry.

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