Gold Iridith x Bronze Tauchisath T10

Flight - 18th February 2013/Early Summer T10, 8th Pass
Clutching - 31st March 2013/Late Summer T10, 8th Pass
Egg List
Hatching - 18th April 2013/Mid Autumn T10, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)
Totals: (25)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 3
Blue: 7
Green: 12

PC Candidates:
Aridana, Azrael, Calitra, Firraz, Issar, Jensyn, Kyran, Laneri, Phyrra, Resha, Rystan, Todrin, Verfon, Zaeyla, Zuhinn

PC Dragons:
Where the Heart is Gold Femaith to Phyrra — [Shouriko]
The Magnifico Bronze Juboroth to J'syn (Jensyn) — [Stolenhart]
Watchman of the Weyr Brown Valamth to Z'inn (Zuhinn) — [Caerbannog]
Snake in a Suit Green Leiguith to Zaeyla — [Emma]

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Aquarith to Xer'zyn (Xerazzyn) — [adopted by Ivy]

Brown Moshentith to W''il (Wehil)
Brown Nvansketh to N'zar (Nazaran)

Blue Curacaoth to U'tzel (Uretzel) — [adopted by Fairytale]
Blue Hauteth to E'li (Elisha) — [adopted by Notomys]
Blue Niccorinth to S'nit (Senarit)
Blue Roncerth to C'min (Comin)
Blue Sudoth to H'wilt (Hewilt)
Blue Tneserth to Ri'vy (Riavy)
Blue Woperinth to R'gio (Reglio) [adopted by Kitya]

Green Allecath to Aleva — [adopted by Krynna]
Green Chexoth to Denah
Green Coseseth to L'io (Olix)
Green Ecolith to Jek'b (Jekahb) — [adopted by Vandelay]
Green Fysikith to Z'an (Zaneter) — [adopted by Neena]
Green Iaskheth to R'mec (Riamec)
Green Libraith to T'sen (Thysen)
Green Odysseuth to Sayrie
Green Sisteth to M'dol (Mereladol)
Green Vanwilth to Astralei
Green Vetianth to Cevida — [adopted by Kitya]

Egg Theme: Office Supplies
Dragon Theme: Job/Profession Stereotypes

Many thanks to: Search Co! Ivy, Maiden, Meltain, Neena, Notomys, Sonorous, and Starr.

Notes: After Levay stepped down, this flight confirmed Niru and Iridith as the next senior pair, and made I'mane and Tauchisath Weyrleader.

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