Gold Iridith x Bronze Midath Egg List T6

These are the eggs of gold Iridith's first clutch, sired by bronze Midath. The description theme was "gemstones".

Total: 23 eggs

Egg Name: Precious Pearl Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a small egg, but it’s size does not in any way detract from its beauty. It is nearly a perfect white, but there is a gleam of faint pink even distributed across its surface. It even appears to have a special metallic sheen, as if it were coated with some kind of special clear coat of paint. The egg is handed very carefully, because it looks as if it could very easily be scratched and marred by anything abrasive. What is perhaps most remarkable about this little egg is how it appears to be a perfect oval. It is smooth, without any marbling to its surface and no matter how you look at it, it always appears to be the same shape. Such a pretty little keeps you smiling whenever you look at it.
Egg Inspiration: Pearl
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Blue Eyed Egg
Egg Description: The deep blue of a clear summer night's sky forms the backdrop for a beautiful display on this egg's shell. A smaller, almost blocky egg, thin bands of colour run across it, diagonal and parallel with one another. At the very top is a pale alpine blue; below that, a line of fainter cornflower blue. Down again from that is a bolder stripe of medium blue, not unlike the shade associated with harpers. Finally, nearest the base of the egg, a topaz-coloured band is found. The evenness of the stripes' widths, and the clarity of their shades, is quite delightful.
Egg Inspiration: Hawk's eye, sometimes called blue tiger's eye, is a blue variation of the quartz stone, usually found in a brown form called tiger's eye.
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Blinded by Rainbow, Egg
Egg Description: The egg is as average in size as can be, but the colorations are mesmerizing. Like any gemstone, this egg seems to have a sheer shimmer or sparkle to it and when it just right with the sun seems to reflect and it make the egg sparkle. The base and nearly halfway up the egg is a deep, dark red. Gazing the rest of the way up the egg, however, the eye witnesses every color imaginable. Light red, pink, baby blue, dark blue, turquoise, sea foam green, hunter green, light orange, dark orange, sun yellow, sienna yellow. Any point the egg is looked upon can be viewed as a different pattern of colors. All colors seem to dissipate into a clear hue as it reaches the pinpoint of the egg, nearly translucent. The most interesting portion of this egg is that the internal of the egg seems to reflect within itself in a sunburst cut pattern, making this gemstone egg that much more attractive to the eye.
Egg Inspiration: Tourmaline
Egg Credit: Atlys

Egg Name: The Sand and Sea Egg
Egg Description: The colours on this egg are myriad and chaotic. Most predominant are yellow and blue, however there are many shades of both colours entwined on the surface of this medium sized egg. Towards the bottom of the eggs are swirls of a deep golden yellow, interspersed with a lighter speckling of yellow, oranges and a yellow-brown. Towards the centre of the egg the yellow is blended into a midnight blue with the top of the egg continuing on in the blue though lightening as it does so. There is a wave like pattern to the blue, with black, grey and white whirls, and a streak of white cutting jaggedly through the middle. Hints of gold at the top are visible to the observant eye.
Egg Inspiration:Pietersite
Egg Credit: Pavlova

Egg Name: Pole
Egg Description: The egg is smaller, and exudes a sense of denseness- it's settled deep into the sands at a slight angle, resting firmly between its clutchmates. It's leathery, and perhaps it hardened slightly quicker; the dark, dull colour of its shell draws in warmpth, cocooning the hatchling inside. Slight ripples and dents in the surface of the egg catch curves of the warm light of the cave.
Egg Inspiration: Haematite
Egg Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Clouded Leaves
Egg Description: This egg has a solid, olive green base color, a handsome, leafy color that talks of summer. It gleams with a wet sheen to it even after the shell has long dried and solidified on the heat of the Sands, accenting the variations in the color. Patches of a softer, creamy green decorate the surface in random patterns, the edges fuzzy as the color fades gradually back into the olive green base, like sunlight through and around leaves.
Egg Inspiration: olive green peridot with milky inclusions
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name:Opal of My Eye Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small, though stuck next to a large egg it would be medium sized, so it is not tiny. The background of this egg is a creamy white, uniform in color, all over. It is not the background of the egg that catches everyone’s attention but rather the foreground. In dim light, tiny sparks of color, from red and green to blue and purple, jump out at a person, screaming for light. When the light is applied, this egg turns into a riotous explosion of colors as the reds, greens, blues and purples come to life dancing across the shell. Indentions on the surface of the egg cause a break up to the rainbow of color dance but in interesting ways. If you could pick this egg up, to turn it in various ways, each dancing color would display differently as the light hit the edges of the indentions.
Egg Inspiration: Opal
Egg Credit: stolenhart

Egg Name: Bleeding Mystery
Egg Description: Very dark in color, this egg might at times be mistaken for being black, but is actually a deep red. Even while the shell is leathery and soft, it looks like a spider web of dark cracks mar the surface, as if it’s already ready to hatch. Though small in size, the dark color makes it stand out from the others, drawing curiosity as well as eyes.
Egg Inspiration: sard
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: Spots On You Egg
Egg Description: Now here is a simple, but very original egg. With a base color of very pale yellow, this egg would hardly draw any attention. That explains all the dark forest green and black spots and splotches that cover this somewhat large egg. With its marbled textured surface and the spotting, there is no mistaking that the egg looks like it was covered in fur from some animal when spied from a distance. None of the spots and splotches and dots are perfectly smooth, they all look like ink dropped onto parchment with their ragged edges. It doesn’t look the same no matter which way you look at it and it does manage to keep you looking and wondering what was the point of all those spots.
Egg Inspiration: Dalmation Jasper (Jasper variant)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Iron of the Sea Egg
Egg Description: A relatively large egg, the Iron of the Sea Egg is a beautiful translucent light pastel blue-green, just opaque enough to be maddening as if it's asking you to try and see right through it. A white rod seems to pierce it's centre from top to bottom, no matter what angle you look at this egg from. It gives the outside of the egg the occasional bright white ray banding it. These seem to change and shimmer at the different times of day. As Hatching day approaches do you think this egg has got lighter in colour since it was clutched?
Egg Inspiration: Cats eye Aquamarine (Beryl with Iron 2+ ions and inclusion)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Green Like The Trees Egg
Egg Description: This egg has a sort of milky sheen, not shining brightly in the light despite its smooth surface. It is a brilliant shade of true green over all with some marbling of white and lighter greens across its smooth shell. The marbling makes it look like a forest as you would fly over top with the white seeming like the sun glinting off the green leaves. It is a pretty egg of medium size and doesn’t stand out in comparison to some of the more brightly and vividly colored eggs.
Egg Inspiration: Amazonite
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Pretty in Pink Egg
Egg Description: The Pretty in Pink egg is well…pink. A cloudy pastel pink is the base colour of the shell with long, needle shaped shots of a rich blood-red randomly distributed upon its surface. The egg is not as shapely as some of the others, it has a more bulging appearance to it at the base though it is very smooth to the touch.
Egg Inspiration:Strawberry Quartz
Egg Credit: Pavlova

Egg Name: Love is Red Egg
Egg Description: Bold red is the colour of this medium-sized egg: a passionate, hot colour, vivid and striking. Closer inspection would, however, reveal that the colouration is not quite even, with patches of paler reds evident. The hues flow into one another, making the effect look very natural, if not what some would call 'desirable'. Thin striations in a paler red still run around the egg at a diagonal to its vertical axis, though their subtlety means that they could be overlooked. The egg is rather round, its pointed end smoother than most so that it looks somewhat squat and fat.
Egg Inspiration: Natural, untreated rubies. Sure, they don't look like the 'perfect' rubies one would find in jewellery, but their often bold colours are still attractive.
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: The Rose Egg
Egg Description: The pale pink of this egg makes it look almost translucent; one would be forgiven for saying it is almost plain white. The colour is most definitely there however, a subtle shade that shows best in moderate light. Darker coral lurks here and there towards the centre of the egg's width, occurring in small striations. A smaller size, this egg is the perfect shape: a small, delicate, but perfectly formed egg indeed.
Egg Inspiration: Morganite was the inspiration for this egg. A form of beryl, it is a pale pink colour due to manganese ions. The egg's name comes from the name of one of the biggest findings of morganite ever, "The Rose of Maine", discovered in Bennett Quarry, USA.
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: The Incandescent Egg
Egg Description: The Incandescent Egg is on the smaller side of eggs in this clutch however what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in appearance. In daylight the egg appears a bluish-green, like the ocean on a calm day, a darker, uniform colour in the middle of the egg with the top and bottom lighter and appearing more azure than green. However at night time if candlelight was to be shown upon the egg it would be almost unrecognisable, changing from blue-green to a more purplish red with the middle again darker and the tips a light fuschia. To the touch the shell has a ripple-like feel to it.
Egg Inspiration: Alexandrite
Egg Credit: Pavlova

Egg Name: An Ocean of Opposites
Egg Description: The majority of the shell is a soft, ocean blue, but the variations in the color are what makes this egg truly spectacular. Yellow-orange flames lick the edges of the shell, climbing up the side of the egg, then dispersing into patterns similar to scales that web across the top half of the egg. It looks like a ball of water somehow managing to contain a fire that spreads along the outer edges, trying to find a weak point to break free.
Egg Inspiration: Dominican blue amber
Egg Credit: Hikari
Source picture:
I had to share the awesomeness. ^_^

Egg Name: Monochromatic Memories Egg
Egg Description: A large egg in comparison to others, this egg would go unnoticed if not for its size. It is monochromatic, having only white, black, and various degrees of gray shades. The pattern on the egg at first appears geometric, with no overlaps of shapes. Within the angular blocks, there are circular patterns with ridges throughout. All lines are in white or pale gray, but each shape has its varying black and gray flat color and each being unique per shape. It looks darker towards the bottom of the egg and lighter towards the top. It is a long oval shaped egg and it feels as if each shape has its own raised ridges of soft marbling texture. It’s hard to describe, but the egg sort of reminds of something that you can’t quite remember. Something vague, but you know is important if you could only recall what it was.
Egg Inspiration: Petoskey Stone
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Insect Inclusion Egg
Egg Description: This medium egg is a fabulous orange colour, glossy and almost transparent looking; with all the colours of the setting sun from a rich yellow, to a deep orange. Spotted over the surface are shapes that look like air bubbles, as if someone had blown little bubbles into the shell. Along with those patches are many smaller ones, the shapes of little black insects, and trundlebugs stuck under the warm orange surface, of this rather soft looking egg.
Egg Inspiration: Amber
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: The Spike Egg
Egg Description: Had this egg been smooth, a casual observer could have seen the cavities and indentions that mar the otherwise perfect surface of this rather large egg. Some of the indentions are quite deep, while the cavities have smooth, but ragged, edges. This egg is a dark, drab grayish brown in color, and from faraway looks as if it is covered in colored spots. But when you get up close, with a light in hand, the true beauty of this egg is revealed. In the colored spots, which are in the indentions and cavities of the egg, are tiny spikes of crystals. On this particular egg they are a dark blue that only sparkle when the light hits it. These tiny miniscule crystals, when hit with light, reflect all the darker colors of the spectrum. For an egg that is quite plain from a distance, being close up certainly brings out the sparkle!
Egg Inspiration: Drusy Gems
Egg Credit: stolenhart

Egg Name: The Fractal Frost Egg
Egg Description: From a distance this egg is nothing much to look at, a stark white shell with a smattering of black spots seemingly distributed in concentration to the sides of the egg. However take a couple of steps closer and perhaps squint your eyes a bit and the black spots take on the jagged shape of frost as it creeps up the window on a freezing day. As the black spots get further away from the more densely populated areas of black, they start to break off from the original larger mass, though still retain their frost-like appearance.
Egg Inspiration:Dendritic Agate
Egg Credit: Pavlova

Egg Name: Nothing Short of Original Egg
Egg Description: It is hard to describe this egg without admitting that it is indeed very original. Medium in size and uneven in shape, or so it seems to be, this egg certainly stands out. The high variation in colors makes it an egg that few can take their eyes off of. There are blues, violets, indigoes, and even a few splotches of yellow and green. The colors look as if they are placed in various sizes of squares in every angle. Across these squares of color are lines, thin and scattered, of the same variety of colors. As if the colors were not enough, placed so abstractly without any sort of design, where two colors meet there is a beautiful iridescence. This egg shines in these various places and gives its mottled color an added remarkable and almost indescribable beauty.
Egg Inspiration: Spectrolite (Labradorite variant)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Stars' Lagoon Egg
Egg Description: The shimmering waters of a tropical lagoon are perfectly captured in this egg's smooth shell. With hues ranging from seafoam green to deeper oceanic blue, the rippling effect of the intermingling colours mimics the gently lapping waters of a Southern lagoon caught in the sun's bright light. Most entrancing of all, however, is the effect that light has in bringing out smaller points of almost white, making the egg look as though stars are trapped in its beautiful waters.
Egg Inspiration: This egg was inspired by apatite, a group of phosphate minerals; in particular, a blue variety that was too beautiful not to turn into an egg description.
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Iridescent Delicacy
Egg Description: The surface of this egg can’t seem to pick a color to be. While overall a very light egg, there are patches of white, light green, purple, pink, grey, brown, blue…. Nor is it an even split by any means. The colors all swirl together at times, the patches varying in size from a large man’s hand to a little sliver alongside other colors, barely big enough for the color to register. Though beautiful, it seems fragile, more prone to shattering than others of the clutch.
Egg Inspiration: mother-of-pearl
Egg Credit: Hikari

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