Blue Ironith

Impressee: P'saro (Pissaro)

Name: The Ironically Blue Ironith
Pronounciation: eye-ron-ith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 90ACAB
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 32' length of 56' wingspan

Description: Ironith has an inbuilt slump in his posture, so that however he arranges his skinny, muscle-free frame, he seems to be slouching uncaringly. His limbs in particular are freakily skinny for his size, and Ironith will resist all efforts to ‘feed him up’. His hide is a threadbare grey-blue that appears to have a few klah-stains spotted over his chest, and no amount of washing and oiling can tidy him up. A few darker markings add interest to his hide – patches that look threadbare on his elbow joints, and a symmetrical, remarkably moustache-shaped splodge on his nose.

Personality: Ironith defies definition, or at least he thinks so. Whatever anyone expects a blue dragon to be, Ironith will be quick to deny or argue that he is exactly the opposite. I’m not a ‘blue’ dragon. What does that even mean? I’m just a ‘dragon’, dragon, like, a ‘real’ dragon, Ironith will drawl in his ponderous, slightly hoarse way. That’s just one of his many, many ‘deep’ thoughts and observations on the world. His normal mode of communication involves a hefty dose of sarcasm, and his main contributions to class will be to contradict whatever his teachers or classmates say. Despite not actually paying much attention in class and sneering derisively at his studious classmates, Ironith always has an answer, and will stick by it even if he knows he doesn’t really know. Because he is the only one who sees through all the status quo to what is really going on. Every argument he inevitably starts will end with Ironith sneering, whatever, it’s not like I even care. Ironith claims a deep abhorrence of the ‘rank structure’ of the Weyr, and also counts himself as a supporter of female riders – yet he’s unlikely to do anything about it. Ironith is always looking ahead, so that he can keep ahead of his clutchmates - Oh yeah, learning to between, I got over that like a month ago.

Inspiration: Hipster
Dragon Credit: Jey

Hatching/Impression Message: The Do Not Disturb This Egg had sat sullenly in its dark wallow through most of the inevitable chaos of the hatching, as if it just weren't worth its effort to get involved in the madness of its peers. A reluctant shake from the brown-striped egg seemed a little half-hearted. All the while the other eggs shook and shattered and spilled out their enthusiastic, living, breathing contents onto the sands and into the white-robed ring of candidates. Without so much as a crack!, the pale head of a blue hatchling busted through the dark-rectangle patch on the egg, followed by floundering limbs, drooping wings, and finally a long tail dragged slowly out onto the hot sands. The grey-blue hatching gave an enormous yawn, his lids drooped sleepily. Had any other hatchling ever looked so bored at a hatching? He watched his clutchmates run about expending energy in their mindless way for a moment, and then finally swaggered to his feet. Ugh, well, some things you just had to do, no matter if everydragon else was doing them too…

"Sure everyone else is going that way, but where else will we get food, Ironith?" P'saro asked in confusion, though nothing could wipe the happy smile from his face as he stared into the rainbow eyes of his new blue dragon. "Well I think the herdbeasts are organic…I'm not really sure what organic means…" he could be heard to explain as he led Ironith from the sands.

Egg Name: Do Not Disturb This Egg
Egg Description: Just looking at this egg, you get the impression that nobody's home - but surely there must be someone inside?! Overall it's a dark brown, striated with lighter browns going horizontally and vertically. A tall rectangle sits on one 'side' of the egg, looking very much like a door - but closed and unwilling to open. Next to this rectangle, a smaller square of black further hints as to not wanting to be disturbed. All in all, this smaller egg just doesn't want to get involved, thank you very much.
Egg Inspiration: Hallowe'en may be a popular time of the year, but some people just don't want to be involved. Give 'em a break!
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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