Garden's Best Blue Irvexeth

Impressee: Rasnia

Name: Irvexeth

Colour: Garden's Best Blue
Hex Colour Code:
Final Size: 33-ft length, 57-ft wingspan
Born of the vast and far flung mountain ranges to the south, the Garden's Best Blue cuts a striking figure in shades of hazy blue and violet - a colour palette borrowed from chilly spring landscapes. Long, lean, and covered in a steely periwinkle, Garden's Best Blue hides his more exotic attributes underneath large wings that he loosely mantles across his back in a cape like fashion. It is a habit seemingly born of necessity at first - his too small body hidden under too big sails - but even as his body races to match, those wings remain casually pinned. While this leaves him looking distinctly road worn, with the edges of his wingspans darkened and dirty with ashen pigments, a good stretch of these limbs gives a better look at the purple imbued indigo hue that spills down along his back ridges and fade gently into lighter pastel tones. Similar iris tones pearl along the inside of his wings, gathering around pinions and joints before once again fading out into little grains.

He is nothing if not fluid in motion, but don't mistake him for a whispy little feather in the air. The blue has an athletic grace as is evident in his broad, strong chest - the puffing and preening of at least being justified with the attractive markings that ring around his neck. On his hide here are large beads of near magenta looping around like the jewels on a Lady's d├ęcolletage. When not distracted by the fashionable adornments of the dragon's skin however one can take note of the handsome lines of his profile. His face is sharp and narrowed slightly, with tapered headknobs that edge in a bit for a more streamlined form and the appearance of an active mind filled with keen draconic schemes. His talons are equally primed to to a point, like fine white blades to cap each of his toes.

While freshly hatched he may look a little bit of a mess, it should be nothing to be alarmed about. All dragons start out gooey, wet, and awkward and the Garden's Best Blue his no exception to this rule. His long ungainly limbs will be but a memory by the time he is fully grown, the only remaining "flaw" being the those drapey wings on his otherwise exemplary blue body.

Irvexeth is an awkward youth, stumbling over feet just as much as words as he rushes to grow into the fine adult he knows he will be. It is just a phase of course, but one he wishes would come to an end quickly. What kind of girl likes a guy who falls on his feet or has to stutter through three or four words of similar meaning before he finds the right one? None! Or a very few strange ones, but all the same he will learn to practice caution in his movements and quickly develop his vocabulary as he grows through Weyrlinghood. There are some people and dragons out there Irvexeth wants to impress, after all, and blundering about won't help him with that. Good thing he is a quick learner straight out of the shell!

He is a smooth operator, no doubt about it, even from his hatching day Irvexeth has a way with words. He is eloquent, a master poet of sorts, wielding a silver tongue to deliver sweet and flowery phrases to his intended targets. Those targets are, of course, any green and every gold in his vicinity. He doesn't limit himself to just dragons either, oh no, Irvexeth sweet talks Firelizards and humans and even his very own prey. A consummate ladies' man and social butterfly, he is happiest in the company of a gaggle of pretty girls laughing at his witty jokes and funny stories. He exudes confidence that he may not always have and, while he plays around with the girls, appears carefree and debonair. He'll even be more than happy to play a fun game or two with them if it will please them. Irvexeth will put up the front that he is a loner and a warrior who battles sadly by himself to get their attention. It is the best gamble he has that often pays off in getting the feminine attention that he wants. He doesn't actually like to be alone if he doesn't have to be, however, and it usually is just an act even if he may at times think it may be real. Times like that are when he'll really pour on the charm to get the girl.

As much as Irvexeth is a player, he is not insensitive to the feelings of others. On the contrary, he is highly empathetic toward others. He is intensely aware of their feelings, picking up on them quickly and then acting to cheer them up or encourage them, even diffusing the situation if one is angered. With his quick wit and clever tongue, he can easily make a heated argument into a play and turn the situation around as if there had been no discord at all. Irvexeth is a lover at heart, so it is no wonder that he is a peacemaker and peacekeeper. He is compassionate, too, unable to endure seeing others in pain or in trouble and being sympathetic to the cause will be a veritable knight-in-shining-armor, especially for a damsel in distress. That is just the way he is. Irvexeth will seldom ever get into a fight and those that he does become involved with as a warrior for love and justice will be those that have a real and tangible cause.

Threadfall is one of those causes, one of the few things he is confident he must battle against. The pain and devastation that those silver tendrils have the ability to create is unacceptable to Irvexeth. He simply will not abide by it. He is a passionate fighter during Threadfalls, but even so, he is not fool hardy. A smart flyer, he does not shoot flame willy nilly, instead saving his flame for quick and accurate shots. Irvexeth prefers to play the careful fighter, picking and choosing his position carefully and calculating how best to make clear shots of flame that cleanly and thoroughly burn Thread to a crisp. He has only one problem: he is not a pressure player. When the going gets really tough and the heat is on he gets sloppy. His confidence will be shaken and he will question each and every action that he makes. He'll start missing shots or even getting in the way of others. It's at times like these that he really needs to step away from everything going on around him to reassess the situation. This is why he does best flaming from a distance. When Thread or other dragons get too close for comfort, Irvexeth nimbly maneuvers himself into more open sky. He has no intention to wound a companion or get hurt himself if he can help it.

His flexible and agile flying style is a key skill for this serial chaser. Being such a big fan of the ladies, it is no surprise that whenever any single one of them rise to the skies, he will be right there in their wake if not beside them. Greens and golds alike will grab his attention and he will stretch open his wingsails and pull out his lines of poetry for the lucky risen lady. Irvexeth delights in flights, even if all he gets out of it is the thrill of the chase and a dance in pursuit, because he gets to flirt all he wants with another and compete against others. Not all competitors may fly the same way and can appreciate that, but he flies with care and woos with pretty words in hopes that he might be chosen to carry her in a private flight together. The entire experience is exciting and romantic and there will never be just one dragon for him, Irvexeth can never get enough of flights, it is as much about the experience as it is about the girl.

Aren't you such a lucky girl? No one else will be able to hold a place in his heart the way that you do. You will actually be that one girl that he secretly loves the most of all! Just don't tell all the other girls…

Inspiration: Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy 8

Irvexeth's voice is smooth and creamy like milk with just the slightest touch of a rough edge to it. The roughness becomes heavier and more evident when he gets frustrated, loses confidence, or is putting up the0' lone ranger' front. There is almost no roughness at all when he is joking and having a good time, his voice light and flowing.

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Dragon Credit: Shouriko and Vandelay

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Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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