Impressed to green Alickith

Name: Islie
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7T193
Birth Place: Ketrin Hold
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Cook

Mini-Biography: Islie looks like the picture of health… and is. Not unattractive in the least, the girl is strong and solid with a healthy glow to her medium skin tone. Even her hair has a nice sheen to it…dark brunette with enough of a wave to it to give it volume. Despite all of this however, Islie will tell you that she is sick. Dying even! Its a wonder how she makes it through a shift in the kitchens when she is so at risk of spreading her many diseases. Yes this girl has a flair for the dramatic at times, and though her quirks have been figured out for Turns at Ketrin, she has had quite the time gaining sympathy with the unknowing Weyr folk.

Mini-Biography Credit: Vandelay

Exfiance: K'shad of green Priyamarth

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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