Green Istemoth

Impressee: J'stin (Jagstin)

Name: Istemoth
Pronunciation: Iss-t ehh-mawth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 0AC973
Final Size: 44' wingspan of 25' length

A pretty turquoise green hide allows Istemoth to blend in with her sisters. She is of average size and there is nothing about her to draw the eye. That is, until she moves, and one’s attention is caught by how reptilian and vaguely sinister her actions are. The bones of her skull have a delicate tracery of thin black lines around her eyes and along the bridge of her nose. Those same thin lines shadow her wingbones and sail edges, making her appear almost as though she is wearing a Death’s-Head and has skeletal wings.

Despite her unsettling appearance, Istemoth is a sedate, compliant green most of the time. She tends to be very vocal, but rarely complains about anything. This green is quite willing to be convinced that she should have a different opinion, and this may be difficult for her rider to handle. She is never indecisive, but her decisions are never set in stone. She will take many different weyrmates over the years but never grow very attached to any of them.

Inspiration: Isabel Moctezuma (born Tecuichpo Ixcaxochitzin) and Malinalxochitl

Hatching/Impression Message:
With a slight, faintly menacing shiver, the Endless Night Egg split apart. The jewel-toned green inside uncurled and stretched, her hide a stunning contrast to her egg and the Sands. It looked like she had some of the sand stuck her to damp skin, but even after she shook the black markings remained, like outlines of her facial and wing bones. She was somewhat eerie to look upon, and the slithery way that she moved reminded the audience of a tunnelsnake more than anything else.

She made her way over to the girls, and walked idly past them before stopping dead in front of the first boy she encountered. Oh, I like you… she purred in a surprisingly warm and gentle tone, at odds with her sinister appearance. Jagstin, now J'stin, kissed her gently on the nose and said, "And I like you, Istemoth," before he led her away to eat.

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: Endless Night Egg
Egg Description: How big is it? Does it matter? It lurks behind its fellows, always inescapably in view - black like velvet, black like obsidian, black, blacker than black. If you stare too long, you may feel dizzy, like you'll fall into its lightlessness and vanish. Or perhaps you will know, for just one moment of horrible epiphany, just how tiny and insignificant you are. Beware.
Egg Inspiration: The Void, with a nod to "Welcome to Night Vale"
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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