Green Jade x Bronze Haku P8 T21

Off-Screen Flight - Mid Summer, T21, 8th Pass
Off-Screen Clutching - Early Autumn, T21, 8th Pass
Egg Distribution - 16th September 2018/Mid Autumn, T21, 8th Pass
Hatching - 21st September 2018/Mid Autumn, T21, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Jade Della (Ren)
Sire: Bronze Haku W'ken (Esko)
Totals: 5
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 1
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

Name: I'm Shiny Bronze Music to Namine (Charaa)
Colour: Bronze #FFBF00
Adult Size: 19" wingspan of 34"


The I’M SHINY BRONZE is, well, massive. He is the closer to the size of an average gold than a bronze – which is perhaps appropriate given his very larger than life personality. He has unique coloring for a bronze as well, being closer to a true gold color – but with sort of purply-pink opalescent undertones when the light hits him just right. His wings in particular look very golden-bronze and sparkle and glimmer brilliantly when he moves them – almost blindingly so. He knows he’s a beautiful specimen, and he carries himself this way too, often choosing to spread his wings even when not in flight, or folding his wings just perfectly on his back so he will be sure everyone can admire how very shiny they are. He is relatively well-proportioned for a bronze as well – though his headknobs are much longer than average, giving them an almost antennae-like appearance that one might find on an insect rather than on a flitter.

The I’M SHINY BRONZE is, unsurprsingly, very vain. As such, he will require very frequent baths and oilings from his bonded in order to make sure his hide sparkles and gleams; and he will be very particular about the way that his baths and oilings are done too. He will be very vocal if a spot is missed, or something isn’t done quite to his liking – and any attempts to ignore his complaints will be met with violence and retribution. While many handsome bronzes may be vain, not all of them necessarily have large egos. This is not the case with the I’M SHINY BRONZE, whose ego is perhaps bigger than he is. He simply loves himself and expects others to love him as well and worship the ground he walks on. His bonded will quickly realize he is a very ‘vocal’ fire-lizard that loves hearing the sound of his own ‘voice.’ His vocalizations are very musical, and he enjoys ‘singing’ for anyone that will listen – and even those that don’t want to listen.

The I’M SHINY BRONZE has another habit. He is a hoarder. He loves treasure – which, to him, is anything that sparkles or shines or is beautiful - like himself. He will spend much of his leisure time treasure-hunting and will quickly build up a stockpile of his precious finds. Should his bonded or anyone else try to go near his collection or otherwise dispose of it, well…they better be prepared to lose a limb.

Inspiration: Tamatoa from Disney's Moana
Hatches here

Name: You're Welcome Brown Buff to Echkalo (Emma)
Colour: Brown #CD853F and #3B2612
Adult Size: 16" wingspan of 28"


The YOU’RE WELCOME BROWN is simply massive for a brown, tending more towards the size of an average bronze and dwarfing many of his brown counterparts. He’s stocky and muscular, with legs that appear just slightly too short for his body, and is barrel-chested with broad-looking shoulders. Color-wise, he two-toned; his base color is a medium tan, though he is covered practically head to tail in dark brown, nearly black markings. These markings look like some kind of some kind of pattern with symbols that almost appear to be telling a story, and which cover almost every inch of his hide except his head and face.

The YOU’RE WELCOME BROWN will hatch directly from his shell believing – no, knowing – that he is Faranth’s greatest gift to mankind. Indeed, he will be born with an ego larger than he is big, and will just assume everyone else around him recognizes his greatness as well. And why wouldn’t they? He is physically strong, athletic, and handsome! He has more to offer the world than just his looks, too. He’s got brains, and can be quite helpful and useful – that is, when it suits him. See, the YOU’RE WELCOME BROWN has just a bit of a hero’s complex. He enjoys swooping in at just the right moment to save the day, and will delight in helping his bonded solve problems; but he enjoys basking in the glow of his successes almost more than that, and will expect some healthy praise from those that he has graced with his presence.

As one might imagine, the YOU’RE WELCOME BROWN may have difficulties getting along with other fire-lizards that his bonded may have, as he likes to be in control – and get all the credit for a job well done. He may learn to work better with others over time, but it will certainly take some effort from his bonded to help him in this area. Unsurprisingly, the YOU’RE WELCOME BROWN will be a frequent chaser - again, believing that he is doing every female a great service simply by gracing them with his presence. He enjoys the opportunity to show off his skills – and his physique – and he will likely take great offense if any female does not choose him as her mate.

Inspiration: Maui from Disney's Moana
Hatches here

Name: Unlikely Hero Blue Kook to Sveta (Shouriko)
Colour: Blue #1F7E6A and #4A6D93
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 14"


The UNLIKELY HERO BLUE is, sadly, very unfortunate-looking. He is scrawny for a fire-lizard, and as far as blues go, he is smaller than many greens. He has a healthy appetite, but no matter how much he eats, he just looks thin and bony and lacks the typical muscular appearance of most flits. At least he’s a nice color! His hide is a gradient of blues – a deeper blue color starting at the tip of his nose, and eventually ending in a more teal-ish green color at the tip of his tail. He even has patterning that somehow gives him the appearance of having feathers rather than hide! Unfortunately for the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE, his positive features pretty much end there. His wings are a bit too small for his body, making him an awkward, hazardous flier, and his eyes appear far too large and bulging for his face. His neck is a little longer than average as well, and his tail perhaps a bit short and stubby, the poor thing.

You might think that what the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE lacks in beauty, he might make up for with a stellar personality and high intelligence. Unfortunately, you would be mistaken. It will quickly become apparent soon after the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE breaks shell, that he may actually have rocks in his head in place of an actual, functioning brain. He almost always has food on his mind – however, he often mistakes inedible objects for food and will attempt to eat almost anything in his path; rocks, sticks, dirt…that old, dirty sock he found behind your bed that hasn’t been washed in months…you name it, he has probably tried to eat it. He will also have a hard time distinguishing food from fingers in the beginning, so his bonded will have to take care when feeding him in the early days.

If it’s not obvious by now, the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE lacks basic common sense and self-preservation, and it would not be wise to let him out of your sight for too long; he seems to gravitate towards danger and placing himself in situations that could get him seriously hurt…or killed. He has a tendency to wander when something catches his eye, but pays little attention to his surroundings when he wants something. Despite his lack of intelligence and common sense, the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE will make a fierce and loyal companion, and will pull through during those moments when it really counts. If his bonded ever finds themselves in a sticky situation or a bind, the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE will show up when least expected, somehow managing to save the day.

When it comes to mating flights, the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE will chase almost any female because it simply looks like fun – but it is doubtful he will impress or win over any females with his flying abilities. In fact, he will more often than not be chased out of the skies by his competitors because, quick frankly, he is a hazard to others in the sky. If he happens to win any mating flights…well, the dam better hope their offspring take more after her than their sire. It is doubtful that the UNLIKELY HERO BLUE will remember or care that he sired any offspring either, so it will be up to the dam here too to care for her children if she wants them to survive long enough to hatch.

Inspiration: Hei Hei the Rooster from Disney's Moana
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Name: The Sea Voyager Green Vasa to Zethra (Shelacula)
Colour: Green #54FF9F, #00CED1, and #51BF3F
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 15"


The SEA VOYAGER GREEN is a smaller to average-sized fire-lizard. She is a lovely, uniform shade of seafoam green all over except for her wing membranes, which are an almost translucent shade of turquoise. She also has one unique marking that looks like some sort of oval-shaped ‘pendant’ in the center of her chest - complete with an unusual-looking swirl design, as if etched into the pendant. The pendant itself is a bright shade of mossy green that almost seems to glow at times – though that’s probably just a trick of the eyes, right? The SEA VOYAGER GREEN has a stockier than average build than many fire-lizards of her color, though this does not seem to hinder her in any way. She is strong, athletic, and swift – though the SEA VOYAGER GREEN cares less about that and more about inner strength and beauty.

The SEA VOYAGER GREEN is naturally a very active and curious flitter, and is rarely content to just lounge around and let the day pass her by. No, the SEA VOYAGER GREEN craves action and adventure, and will insist on accompanying her bonded just about anywhere and everywhere – particularly if it provides her with an opportunity to travel somewhere new or explore new surroundings. She is very intelligent for a flitter of her color; however, in her early days as a hatchling, she will be especially prone to bouts of restlessness and hyperactivity due to her need to be doing something stimulating and fun. Her bonded may have difficulties reining her in at first, and may even mistake her restlessness as being disinterested in training or unintelligent – but this could not be further from the truth! No, the SEA VOYAGER GREEN just needs proper motivation, is all. Once her bonded discovers what makes her tick, they shouldn’t have any problems getting her to listen and work with them.

It won’t take long for the SEA VOYAGER GREEN to reveal one of her major quirks to her bonded; that is, from the day she hatches, this little lady will always have an affinity for the water. She practically craves the water, always longing to be in or near it, and is her happiest self when she gets an opportunity to engage in any sort of water activity. Lucky for her, she was hatched near the water, and if she ever disappears suddenly from sight, her bonded won’t have to wonder where she’s gone off to. When it comes to mating flights, the SEA VOYAGER GREEN will likely choose a mate she knows already and one she gets along with. Unsurprisingly, she will choose to clutch near the water, which may not be the best place for eggs, and will probably need some help caring for her clutch if her bonded wishes to keep it, as she will be prone to forget about them and wander.

Inspiration: Moana from Disney's Moana
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Name: The Village Crazy Lady Green Saran to Grayla (Wunderingmind)
Colour: Green #CCD4AE and #7C8864
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16"


THE VILLAGE CRAZY LADY GREEN is average-sized for a green and isn’t necessarily anything special to look at. If anything, she’s a bit on the plump side, but not so much so that it impacts her mobility or activity. In addition, her coloring is a bit dull. She is a pale, silvery color all over – the shade reminiscent of an aging, but wise older woman. Her hide isn’t so dull that she looks sickly or unhealthy; rather, it’s just not the brightest of greens. This green does have one unusual marking to speak of – her left hindquarters bears a dark, constrasting design, resembling a Terran stingray in a much darker shade of greyish green than the rest of her body.

THE VILLAGE CRAZY LADY GREEN lives up to her name in that she often does things that don’t always appear to make a lot of sense, or perhaps make her seem a little eccentric or unusual. She marches to the beat of her own drum for sure – but at the same time, is very confident in who she is. If others whisper about her and her oddities behind her back, well…she just smiles and keeps right on moving! Why would she want to be the same as everyone else, anyways?

There is a method to THE VILLAGE CRAZY LADY GREEN’s apparent madness, however. Everything she does, she does for a reason; even if that reason isn’t obvious or revealed until sometimes much, much later. In particular, most things she does is for the benefit of her bonded, whom she will treat more like a son or daughter, rather than a human companion. She always carries herself in a poised manner and is wise beyond her years – but that also means she is very strong-willed, and sometimes downright stubborn. She will not be one to simply obey orders or commands from her bonded without question – particularly if she thinks it is not in her bonded’s best interest.

THE VILLAGE CRAZY LADY GREEN, despite all her quirks and stubbornness, is nurturing and motherly at her core, and she gets no greater joy or satisfaction than when she is guiding her bonded along what she believes is the ‘correct path’ and seeing her bonded succeed in something or fulfill their true calling.

When it comes to mating flights, the VILLAGE CRAZY LADY GREEN will rise less frequently than other greens and will likely choose a male that she believes will make a caring, nurturing father and will take an interest in their offspring. The VILLAGE CRAZY LAY GREEN is unlike other greens in that she will take an active interest in her clutches, keeping close watch over them, and quite happily ‘talking’ to them and giving them advice even before they have hatched. After they have hatched, the VILLAGE CRAZY LADY GREEN will delight in any opportunities to see her children again and visit with them.

Inspiration: Gramma Tala from Disney's Moana
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Notes: Theme is characters from Disney's Moana

Credits: Ren

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