Brown Jakazuth

Impressee: R'zero (Ryzero)

Name: Jakazuth
Pronunciation: Jak-ah-zuth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 660000
Hatching: Early Winter T11, 8th Pass
Final Size: 63' wingspan of 39' length

Jakazuth's hide is a richly hued red-brown, that deepens to an almost black cherry brown over his hindquarters, shoulders and neck. He is a very powerfully built dragon, with huge humped shoulders and muscled hindquarters, and a heavy wedge head. Jakazuth has very droopy-looking headknobs, and the skin beneath his jaw hangs a little loose, like the neck of an eldery creature - though he is a prime dragon.

Jakazuth is a very sturdy, cheerful brown dragon, with a word of optimistic advice for everyone he meets. From hatching Jakazuth has an overactive hunting drive, and even as a tiny hatchling will have great success snaring prey like tunnel snakes. This will develop into a hearty love of hunting herdbeasts, both domestic and wild, though in particular he will find the greatest thrill in chasing wild felines. He's fierce when fighting Thread as well, and shows a particular dedication to proving himself one of the best fighters of the Weyr. Jakazuth is highly aware of the heirarchy of dragon colours, however is inclined to take the high road in conflicts, making his piece with a single firm point - and then wishing everybody would just reconcile already! He'll pick up on human traditions - holidays in particular - such as Turnover and Turndays, and want to celebrate them. His idea of celebrating is of course, to hunt and share a delicious herdbeast. In flights, Jakazuth is determined to catch as many different greens and golds as he possibly can, and then - keep in touch with them all!

Inspiration: King Ralambo of Imerina

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Jovian Giant Egg spasmed wildly, rocking and rolling dangerously close to some of the more fragile-looking eggs of the clutch. An insistent tapping echoed from the egg until, with a huge CRUNCH, claws and a brown nose pushed out of the reddish spot near the bottom of the shell. The nose withdrew for a long moment, and then CRACK! the whole side of the shell shattered, revealing a dark brown hatchling. He blinked up and the Stands, his eyes glittering wildly, and then pounced out of his shell. The movement of a clutchmate drew the brown's attention and he paused, eyeing it as if about to pounce - but no, something else was drawing his attention!

The brown crouched, ready to stalk his prey…he crept through the egg shell detritus, and the eggs still intact…his quarry was looking away, distracted by the younger boy next to him….The brown sprung into the air, his damp wings fluttering ineffectively. His claws caught in the boy's tunic and they both tumbled to the sand.
"Jakazuth! There's no need to hunt me, of course I'm yours!" Ryzero - R'zero - cried, swiping away tears of joy (and some slight pain from his bruised chest). "Come on, let's get you something you can actually eat."

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Jovian Giant Egg
Egg Description: This is a fairly round egg relative to what is normal, but not completely spherical. One of the largest eggs in the clutch, it almost looks like a sandy stone. The main color is a mixture of gray and tan, and a combination of both, strewn across the egg in lateral bands. The top and bottom are the brownish gray, while there are three bands of gray and two bands of tannish brown interchanging through the middle. All the bands are mottled to create the sandy and stoney appearance, but on one side against the bottom of lower tannish brown band is a large reddish spot. Overall this egg is imposing, but rather in an intimidating manner, it gives off a feel of strength and confidence bordering on arrogance.
Egg Inspiration: Jupiter
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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