Goblin Green Jarraeth

Impressee: J'gar (Jeregar)

Name: Jarraeth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 324F17
Final Size: 29' length with a wingspan of 51'

Even barely hatched, the Goblin Green has poise. She holds herself with pride, turning up her nose at her more clumsy clutchmates. She carefully places her feet in a line, like the beginning of a stately dance that only she can hear the music to. A coy look over her shoulder, and she has the entire audience in her delicate paws. After the initial look, one notices that this green is over all delicate and slender of build, but also that she is large for a green. Her large wings drape over her back elegantly, but also nearly overwhelming on the otherwise delicate frame.

Her color is rather bland as well, a darker green-gray that is consistent over her entire frame, until her face. Her eyes are lined by a darker pigmented green, lightening to a color lighter than her regular green as it spreads out from the faceted eye. Her head knobs are slightly askew from one another, pointed outwards. Her face seems to be always smiling, at least for a dragon's face.

As a weyrling, Jarraeth will be interested in playing with her larger clutch siblings, mostly the bronzes. She will tell you that she has much to learn from them. What she's learning, you're not quite sure. She also does adore Iridith and the other golds of the Weyr, and often can be seem imitating them. Eventually, she'll come to tell you that she's going to be just like the golds one day. In charge, getting her way whenever she wants, yes, this girl has dreams. Big dreams, she'll tell you, and that she's certain they will come true. For a green, Jarraeth will have quite a memory for certain things, like her dream, and an even bigger memory for her imagination. She will have a huge imagination too, chasing bugs and whatever moves in her eyesight as if they were Thread and needed to be gotten! Her favorite game will be chasing things before she learns to fly. After that, it will be chasing other dragons in the air.

Once she grows older Jarraeth will become slightly less excitable, and slightly less prone to her vast imagination. She will forever remember her “egg dream” though, and she will always seek out the company of Bronze and Gold dragons(especially Iridith) over all others, but other greens are acceptable for company. And boys, particularly if they're flattering her. She's really not picky, she just has her preferences. Just like she has her preferences for Wherry over heardbeast. She is also a green who is dedicated, and driven. Give her a challenge, she will get there and eventually pass it. She will want more responsibility than most greens, and will actively seek out new chores and tasks that need doing, despite her rider's opinion of such things. Jarraeth will also develop a good sense of right and wrong, also unusual in a green. At the same time, this opinionated green will tell you that while she's sure it's wrong, it's also surely not going to stop her from doing just whatever it is that she wants.

Concerning Thread, Jarraeth will be a demon in the air. She will be quick and deadly, while making the most interesting noises. Squeaks and squawks and a myriad of other noises all while flaming her biggest challenger in life. Her large wings are an asset in the air, letting her cover more territory than a smaller green with ease. She will sometimes balk at having to fly in formation, much preferring to go out and get straggler Threads somewhere else, anywhere else rather than where she is supposed to stay. She feels that she would be more useful outside of a wing, and does not hesitate to tell her Wingleader that.

Jarraeth will always be an erratic flyer, but never more present than in her mating flights. There will be no straight length flown for any time. Always twisting and turning, challenging her males to follow her dance as best they could in air. If there is no preference among the challengers from her rider, Jarraeth will often choose the male who copies her movements the best. He is the best dance partner, obviously, and she will have nothing other than the best! This often means that the smaller blues and browns have an advantage over bronze. Besides which, bronze dragons often find themselves stuck in the “friend zone” with this green. She considers herself “above color” and secretly prefers the smaller more agile dragons, leaving the bronzes for the golds, as it should be.

Along the same lines, Jarraeth will develop a strong attachment to a dragon she's taken a liking to, borderline stalking him around the Weyr, always keeping one eye open. Whoever she chooses, he is hers, and he had better know that. If that dragon dares to try to fly another, he will not be allowed near herself or her rider until she forgets his crime against her. Or until he flatters her enough for her to forget about it. Usually, it takes her about a week to forget or forgive the other's transgressions. She will only be fixated on one dragon, and if something ever happens to that one dragon, she will pine for a long time, longer than her memory will allow even. After a long while, she won't even know what she's pinning for, only that she is sad for some reason she can't explain.

Inspiration: Sarah Williams and Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth
The Goblin King's name is Jareth, so Jarraeth is just a modification of that name. Her appearance is also largely based on the Goblin King. Her personality incorporates some of Sarah's personality, but mostly the Goblin King again because he has a more developed character than "spoiled."

Smooth and rich, like perfectly brewed Klah. Jarraeth's voice is a medium alto, much like a feminized David Bowie voice. It changes slightly when Jarraeth is frustrated, angry or hurt, mostly in that she will speak much faster, and somewhat deeper.

Hatching Message:
The Stars' Lagoon Egg shook a few times, and then promptly fell over. A few more shakes on it side, and the egg starts to show cracks. A few more minutes and the hatchling would be out!

Indeed, a few minutes later, a dark green tail emerged, slick with hatching goo. The tail thrashed about, break the egg enough that the Goblin Green could stand up easily. The delicate green then steps out of the shell, and proceeds to clean herself. No sense in going to the party covered in goo!

After a quick but thorough cleaning, the Goblin Green looks up to Iridith and chirps at her, almost like asking a question. Not satisfied with the apparent answer, the young green's eye begin to whirl more red with frustration. She skitter-marches over to the women first, hissing at one too daring to get close to her. She side-steps another girl, and touches Iulia. The ##324F17|Goblin Green#squeaks with unknown fright, lashing out with teeth, claws and tail. Several deep gashes land on Iulia's midsection and the girl falls prone. The green squeaks with terror again, and runs towards the other candidates, a group of boys this time.

Public Impression Message:
After the disaster in the women's line, she wastes no time. The Goblin Green charges through the group of young men, bumping two boys out of her way, and then into a third. The tall blond lad takes the bump, holding his ground firmly, and looks down at one of the bigger greens in the clutch. Rainbow eyes return his stare, and a cheer rises from the crowd of dragonriders and Holders. Impression has occurred, even though there was now blood on the sands this hatching.

Personal Impression Message:
You see a strong but lithe green perusing the line of candidates, and suddenly disaster strikes. A girl reaches out for the green, but it's obvious to you that the green doesn't wish it. So the green moves, and you cheer her on silently. The green dodges another girl, and bumps into a third, causing the green to lash out in fright, badly injuring a girl. She breaks into a run, towards the line you're in. The two boys nearest you are slow to move, and they are both shouldered out of the way with rough intention. You take a step to the side, but the green still collides with you, though you take the impact. Why, you aren't sure, until you look down. Your hands automatically go out to steady the green, but all you see is a set of beautiful rainbow eyes. The loveliest thing you have ever yet seen.

You are mine now, and I am hungry. The imperious voice demands food, first, and then adds on I am Jarraeth, and you are my J'gar. We will be good together, you and I. I will share my dream with you as you feed me, so let's go!

Dragon Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: Stars' Lagoon Egg
Egg Description: The shimmering waters of a tropical lagoon are perfectly captured in this egg's smooth shell. With hues ranging from seafoam green to deeper oceanic blue, the rippling effect of the intermingling colours mimics the gently lapping waters of a Southern lagoon caught in the sun's bright light. Most entrancing of all, however, is the effect that light has in bringing out smaller points of almost white, making the egg look as though stars are trapped in its beautiful waters.
Egg Inspiration: This egg was inspired by apatite, a group of phosphate minerals; in particular, a blue variety that was too beautiful not to turn into an egg description.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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