Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue Joaidaneth

Impressee: Hania (Hamania)

Name: Joaidaneth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 2E37FE
Final Size: 29' length with a wingspan of 54'

He is not exactly what one might call a small dragon, though he is certainly at the smaller end of the spectrum in comparison to the total populace of blues in Solaria. The Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue has a fairly impressive wingspan considering that he is not quite as long as he would need to be for the label of 'perfectly proportioned'. It does enable him to fly longer and farther than many of his fellows in similar size. Nor is he very tall at the shoulder for that matter, his legs a bit short and stubby so that he tends to stalk over the ground. His feet are also quite large such that they tend to slap the ground a bit when he walks, especially as a young dragon, and are very efficient when it comes to stomping. Even so, he is very springy and quick, so do not think he is unable to keep up with the those taller than he for he quickly prove them wrong.

Perhaps he is best described as being sporty for he is well muscled. With every sinew and tendon and joint ready for the rigors of flight in a heavy and strenuous Threadfall the Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue would attempt to see it through from beginning to end if he were not held back properly. His muscling is not enough to make him wide and girthy about the belly or broad across the chest. This blue is not a powerhouse much as he might attempt to be one. Instead, he is much more aerodynamic. The Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue is built with pure lean muscle, the better to catch wily greens and chase rogue Thread clumps with.

The Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue's coloring is quite smooth and he largely looks to be of a singular blue hue. He is almost a true blue all over, including his wingsails and undersides and insides of his legs. It is not a very bold blue, rather it appears to be a little keyed down. He is a softer and more worn blue that when wet does indeed look to be purely true blue, like the kind of color blue used in stained glass art. It is only when the Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue opens up his wingsails and unfurls them for all to see that something is amiss. It is not that there is anything at all wrong with his wingsail, only a trick of coloring. At the ends of every sail is a sort of ragged and torn coloration pattern of a much paler and icy blue hue that makes it look as if his sails are frayed, worn, and tattered. There is a touch of his pale coloring at the tips of his toes with the same pattern, though it is easily missed because his nails are equally as pale. The Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue is not very fond of his coloring, but tends to be ignorant of it because it suits him to think that he is only one color overall.

Maybe it is because he is shorter than many of the other dragons, or not as long, or not as perfectly proportioned as they, but Joaidaneth makes up for all of that with a very big and very loud personality. He likes to play games, has a penchant for talking in rhyme, and a great affection for riddles which he will pose to his bonded and just about everyone else around him. What he likes most of all, however, is to win. Especially as a youngster, he will not take loosing or getting what he wants very well at all, going as far as to throw a temper tantrum that would make even the most unruly of youngsters envious. He will chortle, he will bellow, he will shriek until he cannot make even a whispering breath and if that were not enough, he will stomp and leap and roll all over the place in attempt to make more noise, destroy anything worth breaking, and garner more attention. If it was something he had expected to have, was told he would have, or otherwise thought was already his then his tantrums will be all the more loud and violent.

In a way, Joaidaneth simply cannot help himself because he has a complex, or two or maybe even three. He has a big ego for such a short, stout blue and his little man syndrome doesn’t end there. He has no qualms about using others for achieving his own personal gains, particularly if he can achieve them much easier and quicker than on his own. He is a betting dragon and rarely ever will wager anything unless he is absolutely certain that the probability of failure is next to nil. Joaidaneth does not like to work very hard if he does not have to and will let all the others do the work and then take all the credit for it. If he does do any work and all the more so actually works earnestly, he will not ever share the credit with anyone at all and will want something for all his efforts. He does not do anything for nothing after all. A shiny rock, a back scratch, an extra little snack… oh yes, he will get something in return for his time. He will also make sure to do things his way, the way he wants to do it so don't complain about how whatever it is gets done and just be happy that it got done at all.

When it comes to Threadfall, Joaidaneth sees it as a personal and yet tiring conquest. He does not feel that he absolutely must be the one flaming every bit of Thread and yet if he is going to be up there flying with all the others, he may as well flame as much if not more than the others no matter his location or flight duration. He will expect a proper bath and oiling immediately after, a suitable meal, and a great deal of praise from at least one person or dragon. If not he will sulk and the sulking will eventually turn into a tiny tantrum which may turn into a much larger tantrum if not addressed by that point. If he is indeed unable to fly a full Fall, Joaidaneth will gripe and complain about it and then later on insist that it was because he was just doing too well and he had to stop before he put even the largest bronzes to shame. He never does stop stroking his ego no matter what he may be doing.

As far as he is concerned, it is all about him and maybe sometimes about his Rider. He does not ever like to be made fun of. To be specific, he does not like to goaded about his name, his hide coloring or markings, or the fact that his Rider is a female. For some it comes off as if he ought to have Hatched out as a green and not a blue and this had given Joaidaneth a sexuality complex as well. It is so severe that he will never chase a green that is ridden by a man, or at least a very masculine man in his opinion, and will even rise to chase golds no matter how impossible success may seem to be. Proving his manliness is a big deal to him and he will preach about the importance of masculinity if the topic is ever brought up; or start a foot-stomping tantrum session.

In any flight that he does take part in, Joaidaneth will fly with great passion and aggression because this is not just a flight full of lust, but a test of wills and strength and an affirmation of possession. He does not necessarily strike out physically at the other contenders, however he does make a great deal of noise. When he is not trying to intimidate the other chasers with his sharp tongue, he is trying to sway the female over in his favor. As with every defeat, Joaidaneth will come out of his lust in a fiery frenzy of anger and jealousy and proceed to kick rocks, splash in the lake, take down trees, and create a tumultuous ruckus in one of his classic tantrums.

Somehow he always does settle down. The right words can coax him out of a rage before exhaustion hits him. If he does not cool off before he tires himself out, Joaidaneth simply collapses and takes a nap that will last half the day and wake up as bright and fresh as a daisy. In a good mood he has a marvelous sense of humor and has a fondness for babies and younglings of any species, or anything that appears to be smaller or weaker than he provided it look up to him with reverence and respect. His flair for pretty talk, rhyming, and almost endless stock of riddles might even amaze the oldest and wisest Harpers. He has the best collection of pretties and shinies that he hoards away in some secret place that not even his Rider may know of and is very unlikely to share with anyone but the most loyal and doting servant. Joaidaneth might even sing and dance in his own way if feeling up to it, usually when he is feeling spectacularly victorious and wishes to gloat about as publicly as possible. He never does hide how he feels to anyone, even those who might not care to know, but that’s just the way he is.

You just have to wonder sometimes how it is you've come to love him so, tantrums and all.

Not gonna lie, from the moment the theme was chosen this was one of my dead-set desires to write for a PC dragon. Then add in Hamania and your request for a blue… it was pure gold! I hope you will be as delighted to have him and play with him as I was to write him.

I always think of Hamania of having a lot of gumption and being pretty ballsy for a girl. She's looking for fun and games and if she can't find any then she goes ahead and makes some for herself. Being a Bluerider is already a big challenge for her, but also to meet a dragon that shares some similar characteristics, maybe even more extreme than her own, might add a whole extra level to it. My choice was more for the title name character than any of the others or the entire story itself. Rumplestiltskin in general is an antagonist character type and I hope he will be the antagonist to Hania's protagonist in a very fun and entertaining way that I think he can be.

His name comes from the Arabic name of Rumplestiltskin, Joaidane, which translates to "he who talks too much" and is also a part of his personality.

In general, his voice is a deep baritone and comes across as being gravelly and hoarse with a strange sort of sing-song lilt to it. This is a dragon who has a habit of speaking in rhyme, especially when he is in a particularly good mood and all the more so if a viewed 'victory' is at hand. When irritated, angry, and upset he sounds condescending and speaks very roughly to his fellows and often in a sort of sharply cut mannerism.

Hatching Message:
The Young Picasso Egg quivers a little. Other eggs shake wild and violent from the beginning, but not the Young Picasso Egg. It shivers gently in its hallow while others break apart and burst open around it. From the very beginning it shook quietly and subtly so that it was barely noticed compared to some of the more active fellows. It will not be this way for long, however, and the first rapid movement makes the Young Picasso Egg fall over onto its side. For a short while it is still, but another spasm from the youngling within sends the egg rocking back and forth within its wallow. Again it goes quiet until the next series of hits creates large cracks that display their weakness as mutli-colored shell explodes.

It the wake of destruction sits a smallish blue who, still wets, looks simply to be a plain blue in coloration. He shakes his head, his wings, and jumps from his shell. Still shaking himself to loose the shell shards from his hide, the Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue begins to creel and chortle. He stomps at the last bit of shell that falls from him and jumps up and down for good measure. Stepping back, he snorts at where the shard would have been and turns to face all who have been watching him with no amount of embarrassment or shame. The Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue, dry at this point, shows that he is just a shade paler than true blue and reveals that there is something else about him that is different… something with his wingsails that make them look tattered although he had only just hatched. Ah, but it is just paler hide there is all, nothing for anyone to worry about at all and the Whatever! Whatever! I do what I want! Blue quickly folds his wings up to keep everyone else from seeing for the better to go peruse the assembled Candidates.

Public Impression Message:
Suddenly there is movement and it only takes a moment for the Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue to shake himself awake after his miniature tantrum and quick nap. With a very definitive snort he pulls himself back to his feet and strides towards the Candidates. With no hesitation walks the line. Once and then twice, slowing a moment to sweep his tail at the feet of Tadran whom he deems a little too eager for Impression, and finally a third time before he comes to a stop before a striking blonde bombshell. He walks around this person once, twice, and finally a third time until he is facing this particular Candidate once again. A flutter of wings and a shrill chortle precede the many hues that color his eyes in a rainbow as the Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue makes his Impression quite clear. He bumps into the legs of his chosen as added confirmation and also insistence about his hunger needing to be addressed… now.

Personal Impression Message:
Hamania-mine! Why, you look quite fine. Compared to the others you are mightily divine. The voice cuts into your mind and wiggles its way into all the open spaces. It does so roughly at first, but as the voice continues to speak, there is a distinct warmth that flows through you from head to toe and creates a delightful tingling sensation. The young blue dragon flutters his wings and chortles shrilly while the sensation subsides. You know as well as I that life for us is a gamble and a game. One of these days you and I shall rise to riches and fame! And remember it well, I'll not say it again, for Joaidaneth is my name! He moves forward quickly and bumps his head into your legs, giving an extra push once the contact is made. There is an urgency both in his movement and his next words as he says, Come along my Hania-dear and don't you dally! I'm hungry now, so out to the galley!

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Young Picasso Egg
Egg Description: The Young Picasso Egg looks like a young weyr-brat couldn’t decide which colors to choose or what to draw for his picture so he grabbed a fistful of colors and scribbled across a hide. The bight clashing colors that decorate this egg in a myriad of twists, turns, and spirals is almost difficult to look at but also impossible to ignore. There are thin slivers of white shell that still manage to poke through but these are barely noticeable through all the busy colorings. This egg is by no means the tallest nor the shortest egg on the sands but it is slightly wider than the average egg.
Egg Inspiration: Scribbles! (Golden Yellow, Vivid Violet, Pacific Blue, Orange Circuit, Bottle Green, and Scarlet)
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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