Green Joy x Blue Vikki

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Eggs handed out, P8 T8 Late Winter

Dam: Green Joy
Sire: Blue Vikki
Totals: 5
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:
The Grade A Blue Sky to Farunn
Color: Blue
Adult Size: 11” long with a wingspan of 14”
Hex code: 73B1B7

Physical Description:
This Blue is one small Flitter. He is almost as small as a Blue can get. He is very lightly built such that he appears to be quite delicate. With such thin legs and tail and neck, you might think that he could barely stand up to the forces of nature. No matter his size, though, he is quite durable and stands up to quite the beating. It is really only the wind that might push him all about the place and he luckily has the perfect wings to combat with it and keep him airborne.

What makes him stand out even more is his coloring. He is a very pale gray-blue all over except for the underside of his wings. From the tip of his nose all the way to his tail he is the same color, but he appears almost fuzzy because of the pale coloration. The coloration on his wingsails is delicate with matching dark navy blue spotting on both the under-side and top-side. The spotting is largely at the end of his wingsails and along the edge, fading and minimizing towards his body. The underside of his wings are cerulean with a soft fade towards navy hiding some of the other spotting.

This blue does everything and anything to get on and stay on the good side of his person. He will practice what he’s been taught, be attentive and timely, and be the perfect idol of an ideally trained Flitter. This Firelizard will be very easy to train because of this trait. Keen on pleasing his person, whom he is adamant of referring to as his person and he being the pet, this blue will strive towards perfection in every endeavor.

He will tattle on those who have been bad and flee to his person when it seems that trouble might be near. Children will think he is cute up until he tells on them for breaking that vase or for teasing the youngsters. Firelizards, too, will not take a liking to being tattled on about their stealing of meatrolls even after they praise him for being so smart about how to get tasty snacks without sneaking them away. The moment it seems like retribution will be dealt to him, he scurries out of the grasp of sticky-handed toddlers and careens away from pursuing metallics to the relative safety of his person. There he hides and yet again tells on those who might have caused him harm.

He is not the most popular Flitter in the fair. He isn’t the strongest or the fastest, either. His smarts will earn him some rewards from his fellows, but he does not aim to please them. Everything he does is for the pleasure of his person. To this blue, his person is his entire world and his reason for being.

Appearance – The Karner Blue Butterfly Lycaeides melissa samuelis
Personality – The Teacher’s Pet


Credits: Shouriko

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