The Magnifico Bronze Juboroth

Impressee: J'syn (Jensyn)

Name: Juboroth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: A67D3D
Final Size: 42' length with a wingspan of 72'

The first thing that strikes the eye about The Magnifico Bronze is his sheer shininess. His hide is a dazzling brassy-bronze overall, so bright that the viewer tends to think him larger than his actual average body-length. A more coppery-colored bronze marking, about two hand-spans wide, runs around the base of his neck, with a squared-off projection down each side of his chest to the top of his forelegs. The marking rather resembles a loosely-draped scarf. There is also a thin band of very dark bronze edging each of his eyes.

The Magnifico Bronze doesn't have the finest conformation, but he oozes so much charisma that his faults are often overlooked. As a weyrling, he will be downright skinny and no amount of eating will improve him. He will be all legs and wings and tail early in life, although he'll lack the clumsiness that usually goes along with it. As an older weyrling, The Magnifico Bronze will develop into the stringy muscularity he will carry for the rest of his life. His legs and tail will be only slightly longer than the ideal, but his wings will remain long and narrow in comparison to his size. 

His head is The Magnifico Bronze's worst feature, conformation-wise, and it will not change much as he grows. His mouth is too big for the rest of his head, a fault which is accentuated by a narrow, lip-like bulge of extra tissue along its edges. A deep wrinkle grooves each corner of his maw. His orbital bones are a bit too protruberant, giving his eyes a sunken look that is only partially countered by the dark lines edging his eyes. His head knobs are spiky and short.

The Magnifico Bronze will more than compensate for his unprepossessing conformation with the flamboyant confidence of his style of movement. He will be well-coordinated compared to his age-mates from the moment he breaks shell, an ability that will not decrease once he has reached adulthood. The Magnifico Bronze does not merely stand still, he strikes a pose. He does not walk, he struts. Even when he is just lounging about, he has an eye-catching presence. He is an agile creature both in the air and on the ground, and what he lacks in brute strength he makes up for in quickness and maneuverability. The Magnifico Bronze will never equal his green sisters in these abilities, of course, but he will be one of the best at speed and agility among the Weyr's bronzes. His endurance is excellent as well - he can last an entire Fall easily enough.

From the moment Juboroth breaks shell, it will be obvious that he adores the spotlight. Nothing makes him happier than acclaim, regardless of whether it comes from his fellow dragons or from humans. Mere respect is not enough to satisfy - Juboroth desires admiration. Starting early on in his life, he will spend a good deal of time and effort on working out which poses and moves show him in the best possible light. He will not go about his practicing in public however, as perfection is supposed to be effortless. Instead, he will depend on J'syn alone to critique his efforts. He has no such qualms about his demands for frequent baths and oilings. Once he has reached adulthood, in fact, he will want other humans to assist his rider in grooming him so they, too, can admire his shininess. Juboroth will always love to 'perform' in front of humans and other dragons; he'll show off at the slightest hint of interest.

Juboroth has an unusually strong love of music for a dragon. He prefers loud, drum-heavy tunes, but slow ballads can also please him. He doesn't go in so much for the intellectual instrumentals or the dry Teaching Songs, but any piece that stirs the passions will win his approval. 

Another trait that will manifest early is Juboroth's propensity for excess. Left to his own devices, he will gorge himself sick - not just once or a few times, but in bouts throughout his life. He'll swear he has learned his lesson after each and every incident, but once the draconic memory fades he'll be right back to his old bad habit. J'syn will always have to monitor Juboroth's food intake. Similarly, Juboroth will tend to push himself too hard in activities that promise to bring him admiration or other pleasures, or which he sees as supporting the achievement of Thread-fighting skill. As a weyrling, he will throw himself with great enthusiasm into lessons pertaining to "real dragon" subjects like hunting, flying, and flaming. On the other hand, Juboroth will extend himself as little as possible in activities he considers boring or pointless. If possible, he will try to avoid them altogether.

Juboroth has a temper and will toss the occasional fit, but his ire fades quickly. As he grows toward adulthood, J'syn will notice a calculated quality in certain of Juboroth's outbursts, as the bronze is not at all averse to using anger to get what he wants. There are other times, however, when Juboroth just gets mad and blows up, usually over a perceived or actual lack of respect on the part of the entity he's angry with.

As he approaches adulthood, Juboroth will want to stay up until the wee hours, preferably surrounded by a merry group of admirers, then sleep until noon before beginning his day. As with Juboroth's other tendencies to excess, it will be down to J'syn to manage his dragon such that they both remain healthy and functional.

Over time, it will become obvious to J'syn that Juboroth really cares only for himself and his rider. He likes to surround himself with an entourage of blues, greens, and the occasional brown. He can be magnanimous and charming to these lesser colors when they admire and lionize him, but will be quick to turn on them if they are at all critical. He will come to view most of his fellow bronzes as rivals for the attentions he alone deserves. At best, Juboroth will treat them with cool civility. At worst, he will end up engaging in long-running feuds with those bronzes he sees as most threatening.

To Juboroth, female dragons exist only to make him look good, and so he can catch them in mating flights. He will tend to resent golds because they can compel him; he considers most of them too pushy and too stuck-up to associate with under normal circumstances. The only use he has for a gold is when she rises to mate, at which point she becomes the ultimate object of desire, whom he will do anything to have. Once he has caught a gold, though, he'll have no further interest in her. Similarly, Juboroth's only interest in any clutches he sires will be to brag about his prowess. Juboroth has no respect for greens, either, but will turn on the charm in order to keep himself surrounded by a bevy of lovelies. But he's no romantic - once he catches a green in her mating flight, he'll leave her afterward as soon as he can. He will disparage any female he fails to catch, at least until he inevitably forgets the loss.

As for J'syn having relationships with other humans, Juboroth will tend to be tolerant of whatever his rider wants. He won't view any human other than J'syn himself as all that important, however, regardless of how dear J'syn may hold them. He won't exert himself to protect them or befriend them, but he won't reject them, either. J'syn is the only being on all Pern that Juboroth truly values. The one exception is that J'syn should always be accorded the same outsized respect as Juboroth demands for himself. He will often egg J'syn on: Don't let him talk to you like that! Tell him what you really think of him!

As part of a fighting Wing, Juboroth will be anything but a team player. He will work very hard at drills, but only up to the point that he himself thoroughly understands the formations. Once he has mastered a drill, he slacks off, as he sees no reason to rehearse it further. J'syn will have to play the good manager here, too, in order to keep their position in the Wing while forestalling tantrums from his dragon. During actual Threadfall, Juboroth will favor bold moves, showy flames, and displays of heroics, all meant to impress the audience of Holders below. No amount of explanation will convince Juboroth that humans can't see him during Threadfall because they are all hiding in tightly-shuttered structures. Nor can he be convinced that he is ever at too great an altitude to be watched easily from the ground.

If Juboroth should achieve a Wingleadership, he will wield power capriciously. He can go from treating those in his charge as boon companions to acting the tantrum-tossing brat in the space of a few breaths. Juboroth will expect his Wingseconds to handle the day-to-day tedium for the most part, so he can show up and Perform when it's time for Threadfall. Juboroth will expect his Wing to fully and seamlessly support his own star turn up in the skies, without stealing his spotlight.

Inspiration: Rock Star (with a special nod to Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler for appearance)
Name Inspiration: Song title: "(JU)ke (BO)x He(RO)" 

Juboroth's mind-voice is a raspy light tenor, flexible and expressive in both range and emotive quality. He has no preferred volume, but instead varies loudness and softness to suit his meaning. Like a skilled Harper, Juboroth utilizes his mind-voice to its fullest extent to make his thoughts known with intensity and dramatic flare - no careful restraint or stoicism for him! When it will help his communication, Juboroth likes to pick song lyrics out of J'syn's head and quote them, often even speak-singing them in the original rhythm. He is, however, primarily a devotee of the word, employing visual images only when they are essential to conveying meaning (e.g., jump coordinates).

In addition to his mind-voice, Juboroth frequently employs his actual, physical voice in all the myriad sounds a dragon can produce, from deep bass rumbles to treble ululations to aspirated hisses. Sometimes he will use his actual voice as emphasis to his mind-voice; other times, as when he is conveying pure emotion, he will use his actual voice in lieu of his mind-voice.

Hatching Message:
A pause came in the steady stream of hatchings, and in that pause the I'm a Star! Egg began to rock. It swayed, then rolled over onto its long axis. Another pause followed - just long enough to build tension - before the I'm a Starr! Egg exploded into a myriad of obnoxiously purple shards. A skinny dragon crouched in the space where the egg had rested; he rose to his feet, lifted his head, and snapped his long and narrow wings out to complete the dramatic pose. The Magnifico Bronze had arrived!

Another egg had hatched, another infant dragon occupied the Sands. But that dragon was insignificant - The Magnifico Bronze knew all eyes were on him! Now that the hot air was drying him, his hide was rapidly lightening into an eye-dazzling color. How could anyone notice anyone but his shiny self?

Ah, but there was something missing here. Something to do with the non-dragons that crowded the great cavern. The Magnifico Bronze crossed to stand before the greatest concentration of them, all up on some rocky shelves above his head, and struck his dramatic, spread-winged pose again. This time he added a tinny bugle for extra awesomeness.

But although the feeling that washed over him was exhilarating, it was not the missing thing. The Magnifico Bronze walked back and forth along the base of the Stands, slowly so as not to trip and fall in this new and enormous space. As he gained confidence in his own legs, the little bronze moved into something more akin to a strut. And yet the missing thing did not reveal itself. What could it be, if not admiration? Did he want somebody to love?

The Magnifico Bronze then noticed that some of the non-dragons were down on the Sands with him. Yes, promising! He strutted over to them, wings slightly flared. The females were not for him, but there were some males as well. The Magnifico Bronze circled them, looking for the something missing that would complete him. Did he need somebody to love? He'd better find somebody to love!

Public Impression Message:

The Magnifico Bronze knew there was one among these males in white who could truly admire him, who could be the Somebody to Love. He slowed as he went by one lad or another, in each case produing a questioning croon, but only stopped at the feet of a tall man, one with an interesting pattern of fur growing out of his face. Yes. This one.

Personal Impression Message:
The Magnifico Bronze stops at your feet and gazes up at you. He bursts out with a loud trill of joy as his eyes whirl into iridescence. You! You're the one who can take your Juboroth to the top! You and I will make beautiful music together, my J'syn!

And now that I have you, I need food. A lot of food. And you can get it for me!

Dragon Credit: Ivy
Dragon Picture Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: I'm a Star Egg!
Egg Description: The I’m a Star Egg’s massive size makes it look ready to burst at any minute. It is an obnoxious shade of purple that demands attention at every turn. The shell looks as if your fingers would slide right off it if you tried to touch it. Its glossy purple color is mostly consistent until you reach the very top of the egg. Here there appears to be several white splotches and upon closure inspection they begin to look like five stars clustered together in a ring around the top. It doesn’t matter where you are looking at the eggs from this egg always makes itself visible.
Egg Inspiration: Five Star Folders
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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