Impressed to Green Naralleth

Name: K'len (Klen)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T184/185
Former Rank: Kitchen Worker

Born to cook Kresk and weaver Liden, little Klen's upbringing was one of observable modesty. He was a mild-mannered, bright little boy who had inherited his mother's deep sense of compassion. Although quite gifted musically, Klen's incorrigible shyness prevented him from ever playing before Harpers, thus ruining his chance of becoming an apprentice. Instead of entering a craft Klen found his niche alongside his father in the kitchens. When the interval ended and Thread began to fall once more, Weyrlife as a whole changed. Though Klen's work remained more or less the same, seeing 'Fall for the first time finally persuaded him to start Standing for clutches.

Mini-Biography Credit: NA


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption! Former PC, please check prior history!

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