Impressed to brown Graboith

Name: K'mon (Kestermon)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: P8T2
Birth Place: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Apprentice Baker

Kestermon is a short, squat boy with bulbous blue eyes and messy black hair. He grew up in the Weyr – his mother is a drudge and his father is presumed to be a dragon rider. Kestermon is a greedy boy with a voracious appetite which led to his desire to apprentice in the Weyr kitchens while he waited to come of Impressable age. His life in the Weyr has convinced him that dragonriders get the choicest goodies and so he’s determined to get his own slice of the pie. However his presence in the kitchens is more a hindrance than a help as he’s constantly snacking on the dishes he creates. Kestermon seems simple but hides a surprisingly sharp mind behind his dull exterior and is capable of great loyalty to his friends – as long as that loyalty doesn’t involve minding their desserts.

Mini-Biography Credit: Michelle

Relatives: None

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption

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