Impressed to Blue Obreith

Name: K'reis (Kasareis)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T189
Former Rank: Apprentice Mason

Kasareis took a long time to decide what he wanted to do with his life. He has dabbled in many professions, and finally settled on masonry as something he enjoyed and was good at. He has been called upon to carve cusom mantelpieces for lords and riders despite his apprentice status. The burly young man was shocked when, covered in stone dust, the blue whose Weyr he was detailing informed his rider that Kas belonged to Solaria. He is cautiously optimistic about his chances of Impression. Point of interest: Kas was born on the day of the Hatching that produced female riders.

Mini-Biography Credit: NA

Issar — [Mik]
Sinara of green Esmeraith — [Anahira]

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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