Sister of Spring Green Kaseith

Impressee: Aridana

Name: Kaseith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 00FF7F
Final Size: 26.4' length with a wingspan of 46'


"Utterly charming" is the thought that springs unbidden into the minds of all who see this young dragon. She is slender, with the awkward feet and wings of every hatchling. Somehow, she avoids ever looking ridiculous and is simply adorable. Even hardened Mathonite Holders can’t help but soften toward this appealing young thing. When she moves, she has a joyful spring in her step, and her motion can be described more as prancing than walking.

A soft spring green, this hatchling’s color is both beautiful and soothing to the eye. Her leading edges, toes, tail tips, and head knobs are a shimmering silvery-green. This color extends from the base of the knobs down each side of her neck in a single line that meets in a point on her chest.

While she is completely average in length, with only slightly longer than normal wings, Kaseith’s appearance is anything but average. “Utterly charming” may have applied to her as a weyrling, but this green matures into a stunningly beautiful specimen of her color. The first thing that anyone notices is the youthful aura about her, aided by the fresh, soft green of her hide. The only variances in her color lie in the almost silver leading edges of her wings, toes, and tail tips. Her head knobs are the same silvery-green that shimmers in the sunlight, and from the base of the knobs a silver line trails down her neck on each side, coming to a point on the front of her chest.

Kaseith’s legs are neatly gathered under her lithe body, and end in unusually long-taloned feet. Her neck and tail are slim and muscular. Perhaps the most beautiful part of this already beautiful dragon is her head, which is finely molded and has a delicate curve to the bridge of her long nose. Her teeth, like her talons, are unusually long, but are usually concealed in a closed maw. She moves as though she is dancing, with joy in her step and a sensual flip to her tail.


During Weyrlinghood, Kaseith practically oozes charm and innocence. She takes a childlike delight in learning new things, and is full of curiosity. That curiosity sometimes gets her into trouble, because she lacks the common sense that she will acquire with time. She cannot resist a challenge, and will be the happiest green in the world if she wins. If she doesn't win, prepare for a sulking green until she has been distracted by another game or flirtation. She is particularly fond of gazing lovingly at the males in her class, and makes a big deal of snuggling up and being cute toward older male dragons. She likes the males to know that she, Kaseith, is there to support them and love them (and flirt with them as she gets older). She has a lot of fun with her sisters, too, particularly with gossip, but she’d rather be friends with the males than the females.

Behind this joyful mask, however, lurks a cunning mind. Especially as she ages, Kaseith will look for opportunities to get special treatment or to be ranked above the other dragons in some way. She doesn’t want actual responsibility, but she does want to be treated with respect and adoration. She deliberately chose Aridana over the other Candidates, not just because Aridana was clearly her soul mate, but also because Aridana carried herself in a regal manner and unconsciously projected her rank. It is only right and fitting that such a proud girl should ride a dragon as wonderful as Kaseith. The gossip with her sisters will grow more and more malicious, cloaked behind the green’s sweet face, and may cause problems later in Weyrlinghood. The fact that her rider outranks the other riders will be a fact that Kaseith throws into the face of the other dragons time and again.

By the time she could be expected to graduate, the Weyrlingmasters will either be glad to see the back of her or sad to see her go. There most likely won’t be anyone who doesn’t feel strongly one way or the other. It really depends on if Kaseith has deemed them worthy of her fickle friendship, or not.

Kaseith will mature into a jaw-droppingly beautiful dragon, and the only problem with that is that she knows it. Her confidence knows no bounds, and she accepts praise as her due. She is still a very happy dragon, and she loves to take time to have fun, but underlying that is her need to be the center of attention. She would like to be in control of those around her, but knows that she wouldn’t be a good leader. She is self-aware enough that she doesn’t delude herself on that point, but her selfishness has grown to the point that she almost craves adoring company. She will lie, manipulate, and coerce others into being her friends.

A study in contradictions at all times, this incredibly selfish green will truly believe that she has the best interests of all of her acquaintances and her rider at heart. Everything that she does is to provide more pleasure for herself, her friends, or Aridana. She lacks the ability to see that her actions have consequences, and the way that she acts hurts other dragons and people. If confronted about her malicious gossip or manipulative ways, she will be genuinely shocked and amazed that others view her in such a negative way. She is almost childlike in the naivete that she possesses, despite her frequent nastiness and disregard for others’ feelings.

It may be difficult for Aridana to keep other greenriders as friends, because Kaseith is unlikely to tolerate the other females unless they are suitably sycophantic or she deems them unattractive enough that they aren’t a threat. If she ever encounters Niyath, for example, she will take pity on the dragon that she considers “unfortunate-looking,” and will likely become great friends with the other dragon if Niyath (or whichever green) is able to ignore her condescension. Just as she avoids pretty females that might be competition, Kaseith seeks out handsome males and encourages them to pay court to her. She doesn’t necessarily want them all to be her mates, but she likes the attention and the padding of her ego. She enjoys playing little games with them that prove her to be the cleverest of them all, not that she necessarily is- she just likes to appear that way.

Kaseith will rise early and often. Unlike most greens, she is at her most cheerful and kind just before and after her Flights. She anticipates them with glee, and cannot find it in herself to be distempered during such an exciting time. She loves the fact that during her Flights, she is the undisputed center of attention. She will flirt outrageously and push herself to the very limits of her endurance during her mating dance, and her goal is to find a partner that shares her joy in Flight and sensuality. Extremely violent and possessive males will almost never win her Flights, because clearly they are paying more attention to the competition than to her, the prize. She does enjoy playing the possessive ones off of each other, but her underlying desire to be romanced will usually win out.

She is very unlikely to become violent during a Flight, unless by some chance another female is rising. Kaseith cannot tolerate the thought that another might share her spotlight. The green will do her best to sabotage her rival’s Flight, up to and including savaging the other dragon. But without a rival, she is the sweetest of lovers, and her exultant trills and roars will fill the skies.

Two quirks of Kaseith’s will show up in her choice of mates. She is attracted to influence, power, and charisma, and therefore is likely to choose bronzes more than any other color. She also forms close bonds with her clutchmates, and will choose them over other dragons if all other qualifications are the same.

While she will gamely and bravely fly against Thread, Kaseith is not a dragon that really likes to fly Fall. The main reason is that she isn’t much of a team player, and being in a Wing is too anonymous for her taste. She loves the act of flying, and she revels in her ability to protect her rider against the airborne menace, but she is always glad when her Wingleader signals for her to drop out of the fight. Her average size means that she can last about half a Fall, and she will prefer to be in the first squad of greens so that she has longer to preen after her work is done. She is agile and quick, like every green, but has an uncanny ability to avoid being scored or charred. Her rider and her own beauty must be preserved above all else, so her selfishness is actually a benefit in maintaining the blemish-free state of both of their hides.

Inspiration: Queen Katherine Howard (5th wife of Henry VIII), and Queen Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones

Kaseith's voice settles into a rich, vibrant contralto. She always sounds vaguely amused, and you can tell that it's often at the expense of others. Her tone invites you to share in the joke. When speaking to almost any male, her voice is extremely flirtatious without sounding desperate; she has the assured tone of a dragon who knows that she can have any of the males without even trying. This confidence comes through as very attractive.

Hatching Message:
With a shiver and a shake, The Fallen Staregg drew attention to itself. A few small cracks here and there announced the imminent arrival of another hatchling, but the dragon within didn't seem terribly eager to make its appearance. After a few minutes of little activity, an explosive crack sounded from the egg, and the shell split along one of the lines on the side. Reminiscent of a shooting star, the crack scattered fragments in a widening line until the egg finally shattered completely.

With a happy chirp, the Sister of Spring Green bounced to her feet and shook herself to be rid of shell fragments. She preened and flipped her wings around to help dry them before settling them neatly to her back. The green posed prettily before springing joyfully, and somewhat alarmingly, toward the Candidates. When she was halfway to them, the Sister of Spring Green stopped to preen again. She simply must look her best before choosing her life mate!

Public Impression Message:
Now that she was satisfied with her appearance, the Sister of Spring Green was ready to start perusing her choices. She knew what kind of person she wanted, but there just didn't seem to be too many of them on the Sands. Her clutchmates had stolen all of the type she was after, that was it! She fumed prettily and sat down next to Rystan in a huff. Her silver-tipped tail flicked around her legs and tapped his a few times, but she didn't look up at him. He seemed like the type that would admire her, so she would allow him the opportunity while she regained her composure.

That was enough of that. Being irritated was so boring, and there were so many more games to be played and people to admire her! The Sister of Spring Green pranced away from her temporary companion, and made her way down the line of male Candidates. They definitely weren't the right kind of person for her. She needed someone who could truly understand her, and who would help to get them both the recognition they surely deserved. The type of person for her, then, was clearly a female. The Sister of Spring Green stopped before the small clutch of girls on the Sands, and looked them over carefully. One of them was right for her, she just knew it.

By the Egg, some of these girls were really quite wonderful! The Sister of Spring Green was finding it a bit more difficult to make her decision than she had expected. She tossed her elegant head in denial of her own inability to choose, and looked penetratingly at the last few girls. From among these young women she would find her partner, she knew, and at last she locked rainbowed eyes with the right one. The blonde girl had the right amount of intelligence, the right amount of beauty, and the proper rank for one such as the Sister of Spring Green to Impress. They were sure to go places together!

Personal Impression Message:
As you watch the lovely silver-accented green make her way inexorably toward you, you begin to feel hints and stirrings of a deep joy within your heart. It seems inevitable that the Sister of Spring Green should stop at your feet, and stop she does. She locks eyes with you, and the facets swirl in gleeful rainbow hues. Oh yes, Aridana, the youthful green says, you are just exactly the right girl for me. The Weyr is sure to kneel before us: Aridana and Kaseith, united in beauty and power!

Dragon Credit: Rachel
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: The Fallen Staregg
Egg Description: This egg is bright and metallic with flashes of silvery-blue and fiery red-gold, even dashes of burnished-bronze. Some might have the hope that this is yet another Gold egg, but no Gold could possibly hatch from so small an egg. It is ovoid in shape and the surface is rough to the touch with many pock mocks of varying depths. Most surprising about this egg is how it feels almost cold to the touch despite the bright and flashy colors and the great heat of the Hatching Sands.
Egg Inspiration: Meteoroid
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber) of gold Iridith (Niru) and bronze Fienth (F'gon)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din) of gold Iridith (Niru) and bronze Midath (C'rian)

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