P8 T13 Kaseith's Flight
IC Start Date: Turnover, P8 T13
Organiser: Tina
Aridana's green Kaseith rises unexpectedly at the Turnover Gather at Mathon Hold. The effects of flightlust on the Gather revelers leads to numerous holdfolk ending up in bed together. This damages relationships between the Weyr and Hold even further.

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T13 Turnover Turnover - What a Party! Mathon Hold throws a Gather for Turnover, and unexpectedly, green Kaseith rises to mate.
P8 T13 Turnover Gather Regrets Aridana and L'vin wake up together and are horrified when the realise what happened.
P8 T13 Turnover The morning after Niriah and Murrin wake up together after the Gather.
P8 T13 Turnover Waking Up With A Dragonrider Ellandra and H'tera wake up together after the Gather.
P8 T13 Turnover Another One Bites the Dust Endail ends up in bed with a man after the Gather.
P8 T14 Early Summer Damaged relationships The Weyrleaders come to Mathon Hold to discuss the situation with the Lord Tremol and Lady Annalise.
P8 T14 Early Summer That's how you get Unwed Mothers Alista and Phyrra discuss the events at the Gather.
P8 T14 Mid Summer I'm going to have a (Flight) Baby Renna writes to her sister, Reyda, to confess to get pregnant at the Gather.
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