The Hairy Marksman Brown Kashyth

Impressee: R'itt

Name: Kashyth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 8B4513
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth, Late Autumn P8 T20
Final Size: 41' length, wingspan of 65'


Mini Biography:
Take one look at The Hairy Marksman Brown, and you'd never be able to guess his dam and sire. This brown is huge, and he's no dainty thing either. His frame is bulky and brimming with muscle, evidence of a powerful beast. Out of the shell, he will be awkward and his lumbering movements will be slow. However, as he grows he will gain more confidence in his step. His hide is a chestnut brown, though it darkens to a near-black color on top of his head, on his flanks and down his forelegs. Strangely enough, from a distance he looks almost…furry? Patterns on his hide give him the illusion of having hair, even though his skin is just like any other dragon. As he grows to an old age, the hide under his jaw will become white and wispy, like a beard.

The Hairy Marksman Brown is temperamental, and subject to bouts of anger if slighted. He will be snappy and while he'll never likely rip a limb off, he'll certainly threaten it. When angered, he may enter a berserker rage, where he snaps at anything and everything. Needless to say, he is a very sore loser. Despite his appearance as a dumb brute, The Hairy Marksman Brown is actually quite intelligent, and a quick learner to boot. He greatly values morality, courage, compassion, and loyalty in himself and his fellow dragons. While distrustful of strangers, he will always be there for his friends and his bonded. He firmly believes in life debt and will always work to repay someone who has done a favor for him. He expects that others will fulfill an honorable lifestyle and lay down their lives for each other, and doesn't view death as such a terrifying thing.

The Hairy Marksman Brown has a few notable quirks that set him apart from his fellows, or that one might find unusual. For one, he is almost always growling, snorting or huffling. When he speaks to anyone, he will often emit low rumbles or whines at the same time. As a smaller hatchling, he will often run off to climb trees near the Weyr, and will even try to scale them as an adult; this may or may not result in knocked-over trees. The Hairy Marksman Brown is firmly against using his claws for anything other than climbing, and will refuse to use them to hunt. He is distasteful of hunting in general. He views grooming others as the highest compliment one could offer, and he may try to give one of these 'compliments' out of the blue to another dragon or human.

The Hairy Marksman Brown is a fierce competitor during mating flights. While he will never be considered monogamous, he will eventually have a group of females he will chase. He is ultimately affectionate and unyielding to them, whether gold or green, but he expects the same kind of loyalty from them as well. He is more likely to chase golds only because of the competitive nature of it; is he about to yield to some fancy bronze? Of course not!

Inspiration: Wookies from Star Wars
Dragon Credit: Esko

Egg Name: The Scentimental Egg
Egg Description: Even if it weren’t one of the largest in the clutch, this egg would be immediately eye-catching thanks to its striking colors – soft creamy whites and stark burgundy reds swirl together in rich contrast. Up close, obvious patterns on the surface of the shell become easily discernible as they spiral around from center points like the petals on a particularly large bloom. Even once it hardens on the Sands, the shell will feel velvety soft right up until the moment it hatches. For anyone who gets close enough, there’s a cloyingly sweet scent emanating from this egg… just be careful because Femaith might not appreciate you sniffing her clutch!
Egg Feeling/Emotions: If ever an egg felt as pleasant as it looked, it would be this one! There’s something soft and welcoming about standing nearby, just like walking into your granny’s cothold and being greeted with a batch of fresh, warm cookies. When touched, it offers a sense of balance and delicate dignity, as if the hatchling within is a soul far older than it ought to be. Candidates may find themselves wanting to linger, as much for the egg's floral perfume as its gentle reassurance!
Egg Inspiration: Scentimental Floribunda Rose
Egg Credit: Shelacula

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (T'than)

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