Green Kayath

Impressee: N'ru (Narrurru)

Name: Keeper of the Hearth Green Kayath
Pronounciation: Kie-yath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 1A3300
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 27' wingspan of 40'

Description: A rather small green, Kayath doesn’t have the poise some of her other clutchmates possess; she lolls and lounges without affectation and as long as she gets from place to place she doesn’t mind if she stumbles while getting there. She’s a round lump of dragonhide, a rich, mossy green that deepens gradually as it goes down, until the dark brown of verdant soil graces her rotund belly and stubby legs. She always seems just slightly lopsided, her headknobs not exactly matched and one wing larger than the other when fully extended. It might be expected that she would grow out of such awkward inconsistencies, but she never will.

Kayath is a practical, down-to-earth dragon that doesn’t put much stock in appearances or fancy words. She much prefers substance. But what do you mean? she’ll be constantly asking those more verbose dragons until they break down and distill it for her. She herself speaks simply, using the least amount of words needed to get her point across.

Kayath has a deep, motherly concern for the well-being of those around her; she will freely give of whatever she has, be it time, effort, or belongings, whenever needed. The good of her community is far more important than she is; humble to a fault, she will need to be prompted, sometimes quite strongly, to think of her own needs. That same concern means that she’s a meddler, however; if she sees someone, especially a beloved friend, doing something that she believes is not in their best interest, they are sure to get a thorough lecture.

She will be a steady, reliable worker, eager to contribute to the protection of others during Threadfall. Her wingmates are those she’s most likely to dote on and they will find themselves the subject of both her adoration and chiding. She hates eating alone and will insist on group hunting or at least being kept company by her rider as she eats.

In her early flights, she may have several suitors that she prefers, but she seeks stability, looking to settle down with a weyrmate as pragmatic as she is.

Inspiration: Historic Hopi Serving Bowl
Dragon Credit: Corgi

Hatching Message: The Golden Orb of Eggselence shook itself into several false starts as the rest of the clutch hatched. Just when it seemed that its time had come, it would pause and let one of the other eggs go first. When a significant lull fell a cluster of cracks finally appeared along The Golden Orb of Eggselence’s side, growing wider and wider, connecting more and more of those tiny green dots with each tap from within.

Finally a pudgy little green poured out, wings covered in tiny egg fragments. She pushed herself up until she sat on her haunches and blinked a moment, orienting herself to this new world. The Keeper of the Hearth Green stumbled forward on wobbly legs, collecting sand on her still moist wings as she dragged them along. None of that slowed her, though; she went right up to a nearby candidate and placed her sand-sticky paw on his knee. "Yes, Kayath," Narrurru, now N'ru, said to the rounded green, shock and surprise writ across his face. "I am your rider now."

Egg Name: Golden Orb of Eggselence.
Egg Description: This egg is rather large, and very round at it's peak. It's color is a bright yellow, tinted with a very slight green shade and there are tiny, slightly green dots at random, but fairly uniform spots all over this egg. The lower side of the egg seems to taper somewhat, just enough to make people think that it may hatch an upside down dragon.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Delicious Apple
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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