Chill Out Man Bronze Kazanth

Impressee: N'im (Nimridian)

Name: Kazanth
Pronounciation: kah-zaan-th
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: dbc085
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 42.5' wingspan of 77'


From the moment Chill Out Man Bronze hatches, you can tell that he isn’t really showing everyone his full potential. Despite his long legs, he never does stand up perfectly straight, so you really can’t tell just how tall he really is. His long wings aren’t seen much as he wraps them over the top of his back in a haphazard fashion. It’s not pretty but it does keep them out of the way and from dragging along in the ground. Speaking of dragging, Chill Out Man Bronze never picks his feet up off the ground. There’s always a toe or two dragging along in the ground, and likewise for his tail as it skirts and daisy-cuts right along with his feet. You might think that this is all fatigue from having to break out of the shell, or maybe he’s still drowsy from sleeping for long hours after eating large meals, but that is far from the truth.

Chill Out Man Bronze always moves with an oddly graceful kind of lethargy. His pace is slow and his gait is more of an amble than anything else. Even with all of his toe- and tail-dragging, he almost appears to float in his movements. Sometimes with extra side-to-side swaying if he’s in the mood to really move himself a little more. He flies in similar style, always languidly flying as if there is no need to hurry or any danger for him to avoid. That is not to say that if he and his really were to be facing some kind of looming doom Chill Out Man Bronze wouldn’t be able to dart and dodge safely out of the way. When it’s necessary for him to do so, he can move with incredible speed. Merely, he just doesn’t see the need to do so all of the time, even if he is expected to be the biggest, or the strongest, or the fastest of the dragons. Perhaps he is simply a lazy dragon, this Chill Out Man Bronze.

That bad posture he had as a Weyrling is the very same posture he’ll retain as an adult. The habit of just sort of wrapping his wings or tossing them across his back isn’t liable to change either. Truth be told, Chill Out Man Bronze will have a disheveled look about him and it will never be from the fault of his Rider. He could have a twice daily bath and oil and still look like he just rolled off his stone couch after sleeping off a long Threadfall. That slouch of his doesn’t do the fellow any favors, either, and certainly not the way he lays his wings about like they’re just some sort of clothing tail or some such. It’s a shame, too, with such a lovely shade of bronze to his hide. It’s such a cool kind of hue, like a washed out and desaturated bronze statue might look. Occasionally you get a bit of sheen in the form of a green iridescence, but this is seldom seen unless he’s fresh from the water or recently oiled. If anything, you might say that Chill Out Man Bronze looks like he’s musty and dusty so much of the time.

He is a well-built bronze, with a wide and impressive wingspan, lending him to gliding as his greatest skill. This really seems to fit in with his whole general style and attitude. If he wanted to put forth the effort, he might even be a good distance flier. Unfortunately, as he isn't quite so interested in doing more than is absolutely necessary you'll find Chill Out Man Bronze will just barely make it through the longer, more trying Threadfalls. He will be a great source of frustration to the Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders as they try to bring out all that 'wasted' potential of his, not that Chill Out Man Bronze will ever really care.

For a dragon of his color, Chill Out Man Bronze is entirely atypical. You’d expect his kind of personality to come more from a Blue rather than a Bronze, and yet alas you will find that rather than an ambitious go-getter you have something quite contrary.

You’ll find that Chill Out Man Bronze is in some of denial about being hatched a leading dragon. He’s reluctant to take the lead over others, giving half-hearted orders and directions when he must. Why should he have to be the first to go? Why must he be at the head of the Wing? Does he really have to tell everyone what to do? Are you sure he’s a bronze dragon and not just some new color that no one has ever seen before that doesn’t actually have to do anything? If Chill Out Man Bronze can shunt his duties on someone else and get away with it, he’ll do so, oh but he won’t do it in a cold-hearted fashion. He’ll make sure to give back something in return at some point in time. Maybe give some tips or feedback on some performance or help someone out as an extra member on a team for some sport. He can roll rocks like nobody’s business, believe it or not.

A laid-back dragon straight out of the shell, Chill Out Man Bronze doesn’t let a whole lot get to him. In fact you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that might get this fellow riled up. He’s so easy going that while half the Weyr might be running and screaming about during some catastrophe, Chill Out Man Bronze will be sitting placidly in the thick of it as if it were just another ordinary day. Not even an insult or a challenge is going to strike a fire up in his belly, taking all in stride and replying with a shrug and relatively non-committal response. If you want to break him out of his general neutrality, it would take a very selective amount of pressure. Pain, for one, will get a reaction out of him although it will be muted in vast comparison to others. He’ll be entirely sarcastic and maybe even a little cleverly satirical in response. Causing some kind of harm or damage to a person or thing he has some affections for will raise his ire and irk Chill Out Man Bronze enough to call him to action.

Actually, while we’re on the topic of people or things he has affection for…
Chill Out Man Bronze is very much attached to you and equally so with this one somewhat older rug that he seemingly found somewhere you just can’t recall. While he’s attached to you, he could very well be enamored with this rug. Shards, he goes about half the time talking all about how It really ties the room together. Stars above fall down to Pern if ever anything should happen to that rug, because he’ll be on a mission either to have it fixed back up or find a suitable replacement for it. That isn’t to say that Chill Out Man Bronze wouldn’t get upset if anything happened to you, because he would be terribly bereaved if you were harmed and obviously between from your loss, should you die before him. He just really likes that rug, man.

He has some really fantastic and vivid dreams for a dragon who does a whole lot of nothing most of the time. It won't take too much prompting on your part to get him to share them with you, provided you do so quickly enough so that he doesn't forget them. These dream sequences of his might even be strong enough to leak into your own some nights once your bond strengthens, filling your sleeping mind with vibrant colors and some fabulously ridiculous scenes.

You’ll find that Chill Out Man Bronze has a rather bohemian outlook on life, a bit like an old Terran hippie so to speak. He’s often defined as a slacker, but he’ll not correct those who call him such. He likes to just go with the flow and follow the current, allowing life to take him where it will with little to no direction from himself. He is fond of folk-style and eclectic music and will happily listen to young Harpers. Chill Out Man Bronze will shun popularity in just about any form it might come in and the more popular and brain-wormy a thing might be, the least likely he is to accept it warmly or even reject it outright in some kind of surprising outburst. Remember, Chill Out Man Bronze is far from your conventional bronze! He likes to sun himself frequently, float out in the lake, and enjoy the less traditional dragon delicacies, preferring to partake of milk and liquor beverages when he can manage to sneak them his way. They never need to be big glasses or great jugs of the stuff, little tiny shot glasses will satisfy him enough so long as can have another two or three or fifty.

Needless to say, he isn’t much of a fighter and even less so a chaser. He just isn't a very aggressive dragon overall. So although it might not be clear until he is two Turns old, out in the Wings, and only chased a couple of rising dragons, you'll know it soon enough. Everyone else will, too.

Chill Out Man Bronze fights and flames Thread alongside his fellows. The instinct and the desire to eliminate the silver menace is there, it just happens to have a diminished drive. He doesn’t flamer with vigor and he doesn’t try to either. When there’s Thread before him or Thread he is directed towards, he just opens his maw and lets the flame stream forth any which way it likes, usually forward and wide and a little wild. It makes for a lot of wasted flame, but so long as the Thread is turned to ash and char, what does it matter?

Flights, too, he has little passion for. It takes some persuading on the part of instinct and some oddly developed favor to get him to take flight. Chill Out Man Bronze won’t ever blood, that’s too much effort for something that might not even come out in his favor, and he doesn’t fly with his heart in the chase. Be that as it may, he’s far more likely to chase a gold than he ever will bother to chase a green. Those few greens he does follow skyward are likely to be especially quirky and incredibly strange. As for the golds, the instinct is the only reason he ever chases them with any consistency. Even if Chill Out Man Bronze should successfully catch a queen and sire a clutch, you’ll not see hide nor hair of the dragon. He’ll be about as hands-off a sire as you can get, actively avoiding the Hatching Grounds and shirking any duties the gold might want him to do. She’d have to command him if she wants Chill Out Man Bronze to be present and helpful and even then he’ll only do what he must with as little effort as he can get away with.

Now there’s just one last thing to know about Chill Out Man Bronze and it is this: I’m the Dude! Quite literally just that. You see, he has a name and it is a perfectly good name, too, but just because he has it doesn’t mean he has to use it. He much prefers being known as Dude, The Dude, Duder, His Dudeness, or even el Duderino. He’ll even correct you from time to time if you’re being too formal with him too often. Heck, the only time he really responds to his actual name is if he either is in trouble or is the trouble. Akin to when a parent adds in that middle name to make sure you know that you’ve got to answer for something.


Inspiration: Cult Classic Movies - The Big Lebowksi
More specifically the character: Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

He is never very clear in his speech, occasionally stuttering and sputtering in an effort to get his thoughts out into some form of coherent speech when in a hurry. All other times he speaks in a slow kind of rolling drawl. His manner of speaking may make it seem like Chill Out Man Bronze might not exactly be all there in the head. He also very frequently ends his sentences with man.

Hatching Message:
Whether out of order or not, the Cross Egg began to stir. It was nothing more than some slight, subtle movements but they were a sign that there was life inside. These gentle little shivers came and went irregularly and could easily be missed by scanning eyes of those further away. The Cross Egg was quiet, too, no scratching or clawing sounds because of the tender young life within trying to break through the shell. Silently it shook, barely moving, teasing the Candidates who had elected to stand nearer to the large golden brown egg in hopes of Impressing to the dragon within. Alas, they would be disappointed, the Cross Egg wasn't giving anything up that easily.

How long had it been making those slow rocking motions now? The Cross Egg was finally livening up the hatching process, steadily increasing in the intensity of movement. There were sounds, too, loud and long drag sounds that coincided with the rocking motion of the egg. It was more frequent, too, not just stronger motions, but it was now a constant movement. Finally! A crack! The Cross Egg seemingly sliced open, other pieces falling away, and out tumbled a sticky pale mess of a hatchling dragon. The little one just laid there all icky and gooey, sprawled out on the black sands with tiny sand grains and bits of shell stuck to it. Slowly the dragonet looked up, swinging his head one way and then another before plopping it back down with a huff. This little one was a bit tired, the Chill Out Man Bronze gave a final glance at some of the Candidates and closed his eyes.

Public Impression Message:
Chill Out Man Bronze was quite content to stay right where he was. The person he was looking for wasn't going anywhere in a hurry, or so he had noticed. What was the rush then? The hatchling bronze gave his long wings a shake and then flopped them onto the warm sand just like the rest. Sprawled out looking for all the world like he could be flying or swimming or in some kind of stride, Chill Out Man Bronze didn't care much for what the others thought of him. He yawned, itched the tip of his nose, and scanned the Candidates once more. He had already made his choice, but he did want to get another look at the lot of hopefuls.

For all those boys who were holding their breath waiting for Chill Out Man Bronze to get up to his feet and waltz on over to them, they had best get used to disappointment. As the bronze actually lifted himself to his feet, slouching and bent in the knees, there was an audible sound of gasps and the sucking in of breath. He swung his head around and eyed a few of those who had made the loudest sounds, cocking his head a little as he gave them a look of 'oh really? only to turn away from tell. Chill Out Man Bronze flopped backwards to sit on his rump, his wings left out to hang with nary a care at his sides. There he sat, scratching his belly a moment, before taking one wing and wrapping it around himself and then doing the same with the other, his forearms over top and crossed over his chest. Oh yes, Chill Out Man Bronze was going to keep watching this Hatching thing that was going on.

Huh. Funny how antsy some of those Candidates got watching and waiting on his fellow hatchlings. There was always a whole lot of something going on up in the crowd. A whole lot of chatter went up in those stone steps area up above them, Chill Out Man Bronze noticed, and sometimes a bunch of the white-robbed Candidates would dart out of the way, or try to, when a little dragon got close. He could conjecture what all the fuss was about, but why bother. Chill Out Man Bronze moved from his lazy seated position and hefted himself back to his feet. He quite literally tossed his wings over his back one by one as he stood relaxed. The hatchling made another sweeping look at the Candidates before he slumped his way towards the line, his movement a strange toe-dragging amble. Ri~ight, there was the boy again! He almost missed him being the unassuming fellow that he is. Chill Out Man Bronze looks up at the young man with all his non-descriptness: white robe, sandals, brown hair; There it is, the array of rainbow colors dancing across his half-lidded multi-facted eyes, the proof of Impression.

Personal Impression Message:
Hey man. The mellow voice sinks in along with a slowly spreading warmth of affection. The weather-worn bronze looks up at you, his eyes filled with a dazzling array of colors. You can almost see him smiling back at you as he speaks to you, I'm the Dude, N'im. He strides over closer to you, leaning heavily at your side, a wing dragging on the ground. He stands with bad posture, not even bothering to try and stand up properly. You can tell he'd be a much taller fellow if he just straightened up his stance some, raising his head and holding it higher. Clearly he doesn't appear to care about such things. Enh, my name is Kazanth, but really everyone calls me the Dude. Dude. Duder. His Dudeness. The young dragon gives a shrug. El Duderino. He looks around, his line of sight moving out towards the exit. There's something out there that has caught his attention. That's when the niggling feeling of hungry begins to implant itself into you, make even your own stomach rumble and gurgle along with your dragon's own. I've the munchies, man, we go get a bite?

Egg Name: Cross Egg
Egg Description: This is a large egg, definitely in the group for largest of the clutch. When touched this egg seems to have a crusty surface, just like some of the bread that the bakers turn out in the morning. Just like that bread there is a gentle warmth that radiates from the egg creating a very homey feeling, especially for those used to being in or around the kitchens.
This egg is a variety of brown shades swirled together as if the shell had been layered and folded over on itself before being rolled out and into an egg shape. The swirls don't follow the shape of the egg though, they just swirl over the surface in varying shades of brown.
Egg Inspiration: Croissant
Egg Credit: WunderingMind

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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