Bronze Kefparath

Impressee: D'yer (Dryergen)

Name: Kefparath
Pronunciation: Kehf-PA-roth
Colour: Bronze
Hatching - Mid Autumn, Turn 12, 8th Pass
Hex Colour Code: E5BC3B
Final Size: 40' length of 70' wingspan

Kefparath is a sight to behold. Some would say his appearance is odd, others don't seem to notice the strangness of the pattern upon his hide. The majority of Kefparath's hide is a gleaming, rich medium bronze. He's sleak and streamlined. Some would describe him as thin and while he's a hatchling/dragonet there will be some concern that he may be too thin for a bronze. Yet, he'll grown into a fine, wiry adult. Kefparath's face down to his jaw line is a much paler, almost white coloration. He has pointed headknobs that point more upward than back behind his head. Around his eyes and lining his mouth his hide turns a rich copper-red. The marking around his mouth makes it look like Kefparath is wearing lip gloss. The markings around his eyes resemble eye liner but one that has dripped down in streaks. Around Kefparath's neck where it meets his chest are rays of copper-red stripes. His feet from the ankles down turn into the same pale white-ish bronze of his face so that it looks like he's wearing gloves. Kefparath's tail from the base downward have long copper-red stripes just the ones around his neck. The back side of Kefparath's wings are also the copper-red shade making it look like he wears a red cloak.

Kefparath was trouble from the start. Once he smashed forth from his shell, Kefparath wanted nothing more than to find his bonded no matter who or what was in his way. Kefparath's bonded will need to be very strong willed and set in his convictions to be able to control this short-tempered bronze. No other dragon, not even golds will be viewed as superior to Kefparath. All dragons are lowly simpletons in his eyes. No one is as dedicated, focused or motivated as he is!
Kefparath has no remorse especially for Thread. As a hatchling and dragonet all Kefparath will want is to learn to fly and flame so he can single handedly erradicate all forms of Thread from the skies and earth of Pern. When he's an adult and Threadfall is eminant, Kefparath will become highly tempermental, impatient and edgy. The littlest mistake or quip and Kefparath will lash out at the offender in a verbal assault.
Kefparath is also very narcissistic. If there's a relfective surface in his range he will have to take a look at himself and make sure everything is in order. His riding gear must be always in tip-top, pristine condition. So will his rider! He will not abide messiness. Kefparath will want to bathe after every meal he has as he doesn't want the blood and gore to mar his gorgeous hide. He hunts and eats like a hatchling even when a full adult. He find his food an amusing plaything and loves to tease and torment the beasts before finally killing and eating them. Some times Kefparath will even take a souvenir, like a horn, antler or hoof. He also likes to collect the wool from woolies when he has a chance to eat them. He'll have a special part of his ledge to display and arrange his 'toys' and the wool he collects are gathered into pillow-like piles on his couch.
Kefparath is very flamboyant during mating flight. He will perform soliloquies during flight and taunt the other contenders. He nevers feels as if any other dragon in the flight is worth his thought, time or energy as they are no match for him! So when he loses, Kefparath will be enraged and tend to take it out by going to destroy a piece of wilderness.
Kefparath won't have many friends, especially among other bronzes. He'll tend to gather 'lackeys' to himself of blue and brown dragons that are more submissive in nature. He'll be very demanding and unforgiving if given control of a Wing and won't be satisfied if he's in any other position even a wingsecond position.

Inspiration: Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy 6)
Dragon Credit: Dragonblossom

Hatching/Impression Message: The Masked Grump Egg had been rocking and shaking since the humming of the dragons had begun. It seemed to be struggling, no rocking in a manner as if the dragon inside was pitching a fit. Then, with a final shake, The Masked Grump Egg cracked wide open. A wiry bronze spilled forth. He took no time standing and then spent a good minute decimating his egg shell, making sure to smash every last piece into dust before hissing and lashing his tail in annoyance at the egg that had confined it. The wiry bronze makes his way towards the Candidates head low and tail lashing. For a moment some may think he would just dive into the line and begin attacking Candidates without a care, but he holds off as he stops in front of Dryergen. Those who watch notice that the boy makes no outcry or show of emotion. He just steps forward and begins to walk off the sands. When asked by Bvarett the name of his dragon, D'yer responds simply, "His name is Kefparath."

Egg Name: The Masked Grump
Egg Description: This egg stands a little further away from the rest of the clutch. It is long and more elliptical than spherical in shape, as though the egg was lounging around when suddenly it popped into existence. It’s a little bumpy in places- not exactly the smoothest shell around- and doesn't have any particularly striking features. It boasts two distinct shades of colour: white and a very pale, nondescript grey. The various splodges on its shell make it seem as though this egg is wearing a dark mask with pale contours. Little hints of blue can be detected when looking very closely.
Egg Inspiration: Grumpy Cat
Egg Credit: Sym

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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