Green Kephitith

Impressee: R'nar (Roganar)

Name: Kephitith

Colour: Green

Kephitith is a sturdy, bulky green.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Green Knight Egg rocked slowly, as if taking its time. Then, suddenly, as if with a burst of strength, the egg shattered outward in all directions. Once the egg shells cleared from the air, a sturdy, and rather bulky green was revealed to all. The green was somehow standing already, and began walking towards the candidates, more than a bit wobbly. The green wobbled to one side, then corrected its balance, then to the other side, and again corrected its balance. Eventually, after making a long and wobbly path, the green gently butted R'nar knee's. The dark lad smiled, looking down at the sturdy green. "We'll get you food, my darling Kephitith, don't you worry."

Egg Name: The Green Knight Egg
Egg Description: At first glance this egg appears simple, uncomplicated, with a coat of even toned hunter green across its smooth surface. However, on closer inspection, one can see that the egg is actually covered in a spindly entaglement of thin, pathway like lines, in nearly every shade of green imaginable. Each of the lines intersects at least two others, showing the complicated nature of even the simplest of choices.
Egg Inspiration: Gawain, based on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Egg Credit: Stonewall

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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