Blue Kesnylaerth

Impressee: Y'shrin (Yeshrin)

Name: Kesnylaerth
Pronunciation: Kehs-nee-lair-th
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 4876FF
Final Size: 32.5' length with a wingspan of 60'

Kesnylaerth is an average sized dragon as far as length goes, with nothing particularly interesting about his overall build. However, he has excessively large wings in comparison to his body, and when folded, the tips of the wings are nearly as far back as the end of his tail. As a weyrling, he will have trouble maneuvering with his large wings, and they will often drag on the ground causing him to trip over them all the time. But by the time he has learned to fly, he will start to gradually gain more coordination with his wings and although clusmy and awkward in the air at first, he will eventually learn how to use them to his advantage — mostly to show off to the ladies. His hide is a deep sky blue, with very distinct golden sheen, first on his head knobs, and then on his wing membranes that make them look as though his wings are a royal cloak draped across his back.

Kesnylaerth is a very self-conscious dragon, always worried about his appearance and how he behaves around others. He always wants to look his best, and likewise expects that his rider look just as good too, because he doesn't want others to think that he is surrounded by — much less impressed — an inadequate rider. He is not above giving his rider advice on how to dress or act. The only problem is that Kesnylaerth is very gullible, and he will often believe what others tell him despite his attempts to prove that he is an intelligent dragon. He will also jump on the bandwagon, so if the majority believes that something is amazing, then he would look like a fool not to agree. When he finds out later on that he had been fooled, Kesnylaerth will stubbornly try to play it off as if he had known all the time and he was only doing it so the others didn't look stupid. Then he'll privately rant to his rider, complaining about how they dared to make him look like a fool! Fortunately he's all bark and no bite, so after a day or so of silent fuming — or not so silent towards his rider — he will quickly forget the slight and move on. Likewise he is a very boastful dragon, always bragging about how great he is and how great his rider, and how great of a pair they make; if you ask him why, he will simply brush it off and say that such greatness does not need to explain themselves.

Inspiration: Emperor's New Clothes
(Name from Danish title, Kejserens nye Klæder.)

Hatching/Impression Message:
There was no subtlety when the Star of Prussia Egg started to hatch, shaking every which way until it toppled over. But that was not the end as it rolled about the sands, knocking into a few of the remaining eggs, before finally all the cracks ended up bursting into hundreds of fragments like a shower of sparkles. The blue hatchling uncurled itself, and as if noticing all the shells and sand stuck onto himself, starting to shake and groom dramatically as if trying to look more presentable. But he only managed to remove most of it, and finally he looked around with stubborn confidence. He stood and flared his large wings, flaunting the sand-specked limb as if he had purposely decorated himself to look like a spotted dragon. He strut forward, but stumbled when he stepped on his own wings, accidentally knocking the Timbenana Egg over with his tail, and eventually causing himself to tumble in front of Yeshrin. But he stood up quickly, and brushed off the embarrassing fall as if it had been intentional, and looked up expectantly at his new rider. "You are definitely the most fashionable dragon, Kesnylaerth," the young man — now Y'shrin — agreed, glancing around as if daring anyone to make fun of his blue. Then the two strut off the sands together with absolute arrogance.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Star of Prussia Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a beautifully deep, rich blue in color. It is about average in size for the clutch, and has the distinction of being one of the most perfectly formed eggs of the bunch. There is a small cluster of white dots speckling the top, with a six-pointed squiggle that could almost be a star.
Egg Inspiration: Midnight Blue (formerly Prussian Blue)
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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