Ketrin Hold Lordship
IC Start Date: Date
Organiser: Shouriko
With Lord Renaire not yet of age to lead Ketrin, his mother Erihime has been Lady Regent. The Conclave then sent Lord Ternary to be Regent of Ketrin, causing tension at the Hold.
Getting Involved
Your character might support Erihime as Lady of Ketrin, or think that a man should be doing the job. Perhaps they are a relative of Lord Darylawn who thinks they have a better claim on Ketrin? Contact Shouriko to bounce ideas around!

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T12 Late Spring To the new Regent, You Will Report! Lord Regent Ternary meets with Raulette, a niece of Lord Ruatha recently arrived at Ketrin.
P8 T14 Mid Winter Curfew! Attention! Lord Regent Ternary enacts a curfew at Ketrin in light of the terrible flooding.
P8 T14 Early Spring So, What's the Situation? Lord Regent Ternary meets with Lady Erihime to take stock of Ketrin's situation.
P8 T15 Late Spring A Plan on Paper Lord Regent Ternary, his wife, and Lady Erihime clash over issues of running Ketrin.
P8 T16 Late Winter Can't Possibly Be Good Lord Regent Ternary is gravely ill.
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