Blue Kevereth

Impressee: N'ree (Novemree)

Name: Kevereth

Colour: Blue

Kevereth is a light coloured blue with speckles of darker colour.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Archer Egg all but exploded, and the blue inside stepped out with his head held high and chest puffed out. Here was a proud dragon, right from birth. He didn’t give the female candidates so much as a look, choosing to pair himself with the quiet, self-conscious Novemree. The cleaner-turned-candidate looked stunned by his good fortune. “K-k-kevereth? Why’d you choose me?” The light-coloured blue, with speckles of darker colours, was having no arguments though, and was leading the way towards the meat already.

Egg Name: Archer Egg
Egg Description: This egg is entirely green, a pretty shade the color of summertime leaves. Running diagonal across it is a brown band, to which, on one side, a patch of browns and tans that looks almost like a quiver full of arrows is attached. It stands almost heroically where it was laid, if eggs can be heroic, bringing all manner of speculation as to the dragon that remains hidden within
Egg Inspiration: The comic opera Robin Hood by Reginald De Koven
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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