Brown Kharvaath

Impressee: R'kesh (Rakesh)

Name: The Wind Carried Legacy Brown Kharvaath
Pronounciation: har - RR - vaah - TH
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: c3834c
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 41.5' wingspan of 52'


The Wind Carried Legacy Brown breaks out the shell like some kind of gangly newborn runner or herdbeast calf. He's all tail and neck and wings, surprisingly not at all legs. It's as if there's no substance to him at all! Now, he does have quite the head on him. It's triangular and sharp, almost like a shovel, but as for the rest of him, he's just so thin! It's almost impossible to believe that this little guy is a brown. Indeed, he is a brown, there is no denying it by his coloring, it's just a shame that he looks as lightly built and as delicate as he does. Why his wings are nearly as wide as he is long! They drag after him as he struggles to fold them and carry them out of the way. His feet might be sturdy, but those little legs of him are as thin as sticks and so short! Even so, The Wind Carried Legacy Brown moves well for a youngster and although the control over his wings might be lacking, he finds his feet faster than the rest of his clutch does.

Although there is hope that The Wind Carried Legacy Brown might grow out of his tiny frame and bulk up, as he grows there becomes a lack of hope for him. He will forever be the lithe and sinewy brown he was hatched to be. His long body is lean with muscle and there is no unnecessary mass on his body. Even his legs are short and compact, easier to tuck in tight against his body. They look thin and frail, but do not be deceived for they are pure muscles and carry him well. He can run as fast, if not faster than the rest of them, and he swims like the dolphins in the seas. His incredible athleticism is his redeeming physical feature.

The Wind Carried Legacy Brown is a brown built for speed and there are none who can compare to his capability to sprint and to build up speed. His performance in the air is quite remarkable if speed were all there was to it. You might expect with his light build and long body that he'd be as agile as the blues and greens, but there is where you will be disappointed. He is not at all adept for the sharp turns or showy aerial maneuvers of his smaller brethren. At the speeds he achieves, he simply cannot manage to control his flight well enough, only when he is at casual cruising speed might be capable to spin and twirl with any real semblance of control. As such, you'll find that The Wind Carried Legacy Brown doesn't even bother with such movements, instead exercising his use of Betweening techniques when it is necessary to turn about quickly or to dodge something that speeding directly ahead cannot escape. Sadly, he lacks the classic endurance and strength that those of his color are best known for. If not for his great skill, efficiency, and accuracy as both a flamer and traveler of Between he might never ever see the end of a Threadfall.

As sporting as The Wind Carried Legacy Brown is, he is still remarkable to look at. He is a brown of various coloring that is difficult to truly describe, seeing him for yourself is definitely best. You could say that he has a sort of marbling about his brown coloring with browns that are warm and orange and browns that are cold and gray. He has browns that are near to black and browns that are rusty and red, flecking across him like granite or appearing like striations. There's no clear and obvious pattern to them, but he does have a sort of worn, weathered, or even chipped stone look to him all across his hide despite just how smooth and polished his hide actually feels beneath your hands.


He'll always be a bit faster than all the others, Kharvaath just can't help that. As fleet as he is on foot and on the wing, he is just as quick in the mind. He is a bright dragon, curious and inquisitive about the world around him, with many witty things to say. Kharvaath goes places not just because it's fun and enjoyable to explore, but because he wants to experience and learn things first hand. This especially true of him as a youngster. He learns just as quickly as he moves and his speech often comes just as hastily, like he is fearful of missing something if he doesn't get everything all out at once. He can be a little excitable and certainly talkative from time to time. His speech can be just one gigantic flurry of words that can be hard to catch with his guttural voice.

This fellow can get bored easily and be depressed if he isn't able to run about and explore as he likes. It just isn't any fun not to be going anywhere! Kharvaath is not a dragon who values the path he travels on, he definitely values the destination most of all. Perhaps that is why he saw nothing wrong in picking you out from a completely different crowd! Or why when he's rushing along, he doesn't look at everything he is racing past, instead so intensely focused on the goal that is straight ahead of him.

Kharvaath is a very athletic fellow, not just in his build. He is happiest when he is doing something. He loves to run and swim and fly and nothing makes him feel more euphoric than when he is speeding along somewhere, anywhere. Competing with his fellows in a foot race to see who is fastest or a test of skills is a delightful way to spend his time. This brown's second favorite activity is hunting and tracking. There's just something about the thrill of the chase and the competition between prey and predator that delights him. Fair-chase is the best and most honorable way to take down a meal, so when Kharvaath is first honing his skills, he'll be sorely disappointed and thoroughly melancholic about having his beast tied up and constrained. It just isn't right! If Kharvaath is going to take the life of another and consume it, he should put in the appropriate amount of effort even if it might be harder or more dangerous for him. The point is all about being a good sport!

You'll find that Kharvaath will never do anything half way. Never ever. It's all or none, going all out and giving his all in a single moment and burst of energy. He puts his heart and soul into every action, so much so that he may quickly exhaust himself. This is a troubling case with him in his Weyrling Turns, as he hasn't learned how to be efficient with his actions. He is just too hasty and eager. This means that Kharvaath is the kind of dragon who takes frequent catnaps. Little breaks where he just plops right down where he is or curls up on a warm stone to rest up and rejuvenate himself. He has a tendency to completely forget what he was doing after a nap, almost like someone hit the restart button on a game. Don't worry, from your memory he'll remember soon enough. Then he'll be right back at it and shoot off like an arrow from a bowstring in eagerness to finish what he had started. He might forget what it was that made him tired or why it was he got tired to begin with, but Kharvaath will hardly worry about it, he'll be too busy trying to learn or conquer that something new. Even as an older dragon, he'll be fond of napping between any and all of his strenuous activities, and you'll come to learn that all of his activities will be strenuous.

This brown looks forward to fighting Thread with enthusiasm. He isn't frightened of the silver menace in it's tangled clumps or single shimmering tendrils. If anything, Kharvaath seizes upon the moment to combat this age old enemy with gusto! It's just another excuse for him to hunt and to flame as he likes and although there is no real competition in place, he likes to think he can out-flame the others. His flames comes out in thin streams and he is incredibly accurate at hitting his target, no matter how small or how fast he or his target might be moving, he always flames as he intends. Kharvaath is a skillful Threadfighter, unfortunately he is often too quick and too hasty to last an entire Threadfall. As a younger dragon this will be all too true as he leaves before the end comes, exhausting himself in his short sprinting movements along his strong desire to take out the enemy. It will be a very disappoint facet of his life that he will always forget about after a bath, an oiling, and a well-earned nap.

When it comes to flights, Kharvaath isn't picky. If there's a lady dragon rising and seeking a mate, Kharvaath will be right there in the sky with her. He'll launch after her like a rocket and, sharp movements aside, be right alongside her every part of the way. There might be a moment or two where a quick turn will catch him off-guard and he'll have to quickly Between in order to avoid a collision, sending back to the tail end of the pack. All the same, Kharvaath will pour his heart and soul into that flight until he either wins in an exultation victory or a bitter and disappointing defeat. Either way, he'll fall into a pleasant sleep and nap his way to oblivion, forgetting all about why it was so important for him to woo and win that green or gold. That being said, Kharvaath will never make any strong attachments to anyone beyond his own Rider. He simply forgets the girls too quickly to bother trying to memorize them! His emotions are so fleeting, that even if Kharvaath were to sire a clutch, he'd have to be pressed by the gold to attend to her and her needs.

The key things to remember as the rider of Kharvaath are very simple. He is a fast-paced dragon, albeit a little hasty. He is competitive and athletic, but insistent about being fair. Hunting is a favorite activity that you will both share. He will always give 100% if not well more than that to the point of total burnout. Never be too concerned about Kharvaath, he always just needs a nap and he'll recuperate from any and all activities with renewed vigor. He is an avid flamer of Thread. He loves the ladies, but won't keep to any of them. You will have to be the one with the good memory, because he'll never have one. Beyond that, hold on there R'kesh, you're in for one wild and super-sonic ride!

Inspiration: Stone arrowheads
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Voice: Kharvaath's voice is deep and guttural.
He might sound harsh and grating on the mind, but there is no lack of affection buried within the gravelly voice. His speech patterns are rather ordinary and at some times very simple and direct, even if that gruff voice is a bit jarring to hear. His moods come in different shades of brown where darker browns are those he feels very strongly about in a serious manner and the lighter browns are more lightly, affectionately shared.


Hatching Message: As beautiful and majestic as The Golden Eye Egg is, it was soon to become past tense. It was beautiful. The shivers of the egg betrayed the violent and drastic actions of the little dragonet within. The wallow it sat in was the only reason why The Golden Eye Egg hadn't fallen over yet. After the first cracks began, all them well hidden by the darker markings on the shell, the sand shifted. A loud crack sounded and immediately after the large egg toppled over onto it's side. With a burst of energy in mid-roll, a young dragon exploded out from the eye-like marking. The Wind Carried Legacy Brown had hatched and he announced his arrival in a loud and raucous creel. The brown teetered and trotted ahead of his shell, now rolling itself into shattered bits. He stopped, lags splayed out and wings dragging in the black sand to look back at where he had come from. The Golden Eye Egg was in pieces, so much for the past and now onto the future!

Public Impression Message: The Wind Carried Legacy Brown doesn't spend much time looking back at the egg he had spent so much time in. It was broken and in pieces and he had made it so. He seemed confused about how it happened to turn out that way, his head tilting one way and then another, as if he had forgotten that he was the one who had smashed it open in the first place. The Wind Carried Legacy Brown quickly turns his head, all in that one moment scanning the line of Candidates and creeling his dismay. He shakes his big head and snorts, clearly disgruntled about something, maybe even the Candidates themselves. He doesn't even bother to look at them again, indignantly snubbing the white-robed Candidates and instead locking his eyes elsewhere. He bugles in delight of what he finds there in the stands and after a brief moment in which The Wind Carried Legacy Brown tries in vain to collect his wings about him, he shows no inclination of hesitation of where he intends to go. The young brown bolts nimbly towards the stands with sure-footed strides, sending sprays of black sand in his wake. He chortles and bugles along the way, sprinting headlong with no signs of stopping. If anything, The Wind Carried Legacy Brown looks keen to leap up into the stands with a single bound and land cleanly in the lap of his target. A boy who was all too uncertain to stand where he ought to! With any luck, that same boy will meet him at the bottom first and save everyone, including himself, a whole heap of trouble.

Personal Impression Message: Hey! You! The voice is harsh and raspy as it enters your mind. It almost hurts with the strong, rough voice pushing its way through any barriers that might have been in its way and yet the vocal tone is light and bright. If you were to close your eyes, you'd see a golden sandstone brown as the thick voice rumbles on. Just couldn't come the whole of the way down here, huh? Just had to go and hide on me! The voice rambles on quickly, like tumbling gravel, a darker shade of brown beginning to mingle in. It's almost hard to decipher all the words so swiftly rattled off and yet you innately know just exactly what the voice said. Thought you could hide from me, eh, R'kesh? Well didn't you just underestimate me big time! I'm quite the hunter I'll have you know, maybe even better than you! There is a chuckle reverberating in your mind now and a myriad of browns flashing across your mind. This voice belongs to a dragon, your dragon, a dragon who is happy you are there even if he had to seek you out. You see now that the brown who so quickly left his egg in tatters is hastily shooting across the sands and heading directly to the stands. He's coming to get you, wings dragging alongside him, with eyes swirling with every and all colors imaginable. If that deep voice didn't fill you up and warm you to your toes, the sight of the brown coming towards you very well should. He gives you fair warning, so maybe you should take him at his next words, as swiftly spoken as they are, Come on, R'kesh! Don't make me come up there and fetch you. If I jump now, I bet I'll hit my target! I'm your Kharvaath and I never miss!

Egg Name: The Golden Eye
Egg Description: This egg is big, it is majestic, and it draws the eye. By it's very presence it demands attention. It is a golden brown in colour and is covered with a feathery pattern. On either side is a circle of gold-red with a darker point in the center; they look like eyes and they are watching. If you wish to touch this egg, you'd better hope it finds you worthy.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Eagle
Egg Credit: Kitya

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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