Spritely Two-Tone Green Khath

Impressee: Varabelle

Name: Khath

Name Inspiration: Khath, pronounced 'kath', is drawn from the place of Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s work, Arkham Asylum. You wanted a very short name for Varabelle’s dragon, so hopefully this fits the bill! I also liked the staccato nature of the name in contrast to Varabelle’s longer name.

Colour: Spritely Two-Tone Green

Final Size: 25.5 feet

Description: Small and lithe is this green dragon, though with a subtle curvaceousness that makes her figure womanly. Her head is pointed, her large eyes ringed with dark sylvan as though she's wearing a mask; the rest of her face is a pale aurora colour. Her headknobs seem to curve down and out a little, being slightly over long, while the edge of her mouth is a darker colour. Her neck is the colour of emerald, while around its base is a splash of palest green, almost white. Her body is almost patterned: her front right leg is deepest forest green, almost black, with a smattering of avocado near the shoulder, while the front left and the rest of her torso is a medium hue. Her back right leg is also lighter than her back left, with speckles of dark green on the former, light green on the latter, on the outside thigh and inside ankle.

From the very beginning, Khath will be a bubbly presence with an interest in everything. No different to any other dragonet, one might think, but no; Khath is literally into everything. She's a naive young green too, oblivious to many things in life. Varabelle will no doubt be bombarded with questions, ranging from the easily explained (Why do we have to go to sleep so early?) to the more tricky ones (Why are you spending so much time with that boy? Why can't I spend time with him too?). Life with Khath will be an interesting adjustment. She'll be full of energy, bouncing from one thing to the other, interest caught as quickly as it's lost. Sadly, she suffers from a green's stereotypical poor memory, and will revisit things often as if they're new. If she sees a pretty thing, she'll take it. While this will cause no problems when it comes to shiny stones and shells on the beach or around the Weyr, in the barracks it may manifest as her moving other weyrlings' things to her couch if she takes a liking to them. Khath won't understand the concept of stealing; she merely believes that if she sees something nice, why shouldn't she have? There's no malice behind it, just a sort of feminine desire to have trinkets. The physical part of weyrling training will be easy for her, though her stamina may need work on, as will her concentration.

Khath will mature as she grows, in a sense. Her bubbly nature will not so much disappear, but will be tempered by the arrival of another facet to her personality. She'll become more wise; more able to think things through. She's got a brain, it'll just be a case of getting her to use it. She'll become a creature of the night too, preferring to venture out under cover of darkness and explore the Weyr. If she's not allowed to go out, she'll sit on her ledge and sulk, watching the goings on and providing a running commentary on them. She will notice things, for all her short attention span. One thing Khath will do is show off to others, human, dragon, or otherwise. Her natural agility and flexibility will be put to good use so that she can show off in the air or on the ground. Khath is constantly trying to prove her worth; to prove that she's tough and capable of doing anything she wants to do. She won't always be able to succeed, at which point she'll go running to Varabelle for sympathy and reassurance, confidence knocked for the moment. Nicknames will also be applied to her friends - she's got quite the imagination. Some will be obvious (a petite blue might be 'Tiny') while others more obscure (that bronze she's made friends with? He's 'Skipper'). It's all a part of her quirky nature.

On the wing, Khath shows her true abilities. She'll be a confident and accurate flier, always knowing exactly what she wants to do and just pulling it off, as simple as that. All sorts of stunts and fancy tricks will be at her disposal, and she'll use them to great effect. Her stamina isn't as good as bigger dragons, but she more than makes up for this with her sheer determination to fly brilliantly. The thought of fighting Thread will excite her and bring out a slightly feral side to her, and she'll approach actual Thread-fighting with incredible ferocity, an alarming side to the bubbly green emerging in her quest to protect Pern and flame as much Thread as she can.

Ah, love. Khath will be one of those greens who, when proddy, becomes extremely flirtatious. No male dragon is safe from her wiles - she'll hound a male for days, flicking her tail just so and trying out her most alluring eyes. However, the males that will get the majority of her attention will be the 'bad boy' dragons - the arrogant ones, the naughty ones, the aloof ones, the slightly evil ones. Khath is just instantly attracted to them, and will sigh over them for days. She becomes obsessed almost, and it will be up to Varabelle to try and get her away from them, especially if they're not a shining example of a good dragon.

Thankfully, her proddiness will be short-lived; soon enough she will rise and lead the males on a merry chase. In the air she'll be a demon, putting her size and natural agility to good use to put their flying skills to the test. It'll be good luck if even one can remain in the flight to catch her! She will be spiteful, too, in flight, and any males who dares get too close will feel the wrath of those talons of hers. But she'll tire quickly, burning up all her energy to put on a show. That's when the males will be able to strike, when the feisty female can no longer put up a fight. She'll be grateful to be caught at first, but by the time the flight lust has worn off, more often than not she'll want that male off my ledge right now! What's he think he's up to, takin' advantage of a girl's restin' space?. And within the sevenday, the flight will be completely forgotten. Such is love!

Voice: Khath's voice has a higher pitch than most, with a distinctive twang to it. It's a variable one, too, prone to different tones and speeds. Usually it's a steadily paced voice, words coming with strength behind them, lashing of shadows and splashes of blood red liberally applied. Then in other moments it can rise in pitch, speeding up, making her sound like an excited teenager trying to articulate their thoughts at speed. In these instances, bright lights accompany her words, darting about like a child's play things. Her voice is always enthusiastic though, bubbly and full of vibrancy as she makes use of a full vocabulary of words. Imagery doesn't spring forth as easily as words or colours, her mind too active to focus on finer details.

Inspiration: Khath is based on Harley Quinn (also known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel), a supervillainess from the Batman series. A psychiatrist, Harleen worked at Arkham Asylum, where the Joker was her patient. Harleen fell in love with him and re-imagined herself as Harley Quinn. She returned to Arkham to break him out, and from then committed crimes to impress him. She spent time in and out of Arkham due to her off-kilter personality. She is also close friends with Poison Ivy, another of Gotham's super villains.
Her description is based mostly on Harley Quinn's slim costume with its two-colour pattern and white neck area, with touches of Gotham's seemingly ever-present mist.
I chose Harley Quinn to base Varabelle's dragon on because I thought she would create an interesting and unusual dragon, with qualities that both complimented Varabelle (her fight for recognition as a female who's as good as any male, and her strong will) and also contradict her (her slight naivety).

Hatching Message: The Pink Cloud Egg wobbled again, seeming to almost give a little hop. Another energetic shake and then a crack formed on it, cutting through the pink of the egg's shell. With a sudden snapping noise the shell fair burst apart, a fluid-covered green half fell, half sprang from the shattered wreckage. And…faceplanted. Graceful. She got to her feet quickly though, feet digging in to the sands as she pulled off a pose for her admiring audience. They'd better be admiring her, anyway!

Public Impression Message: The Spritely Two-Tone Green continued on her happy way around the candidates, snorting at one particularly nervous boy and making him jump. Springing away, she gave a warbling noise almost like a laugh. Her wobbly legs gave out on her then and she landed belly down in the sand before rolling over onto her back. Upside down, she looked over and saw - her! After scrabbling urgently to her feet, the green ran-skipped towards the girl with the long reddish hair, letting out a sharp bugle of delight as her rainbow-hued eyes met the girl's green ones. Impression!

Personal Impression Message: Gotcha! All sounds seem dull compared to that joyous outburst, a voice so loud it's almost painful as it bursts into your mind. But it's no foreign voice: it's a familiar one, as though it's been there all your life and its presence would leave you empty. It's full of love, too; a love so deep it's almost painful. Sparks of light flash into brilliance in your mind as the green dragonet in front of you puts it heads on one side, jaw dropped in a draconic grin. S'pose I should be introducing myself! I'm Khath! And I think we're gonna have a lot of fun! And just like that, the mental link is fully formed, a bubbly presence taking root in your head and making itself very much at home. And then there's the hunger, twisting like a knife in your stomach, and the voice comes back, sounding a little wistful. Now where's the food?

Dragon Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Pink Cloud Egg
Egg Description: This egg is…pink! A first glance makes it seem as though it's a solid colour, but a second look shows that in fact it's covered in swirly, curly lines of light pink, layered over one another until the overall effect is of an entirely pink shell. The centre of the egg's shell is a darker pink, as though a 'core', the colour paling outwards from there.
Egg Inspiration: Candy floss, or cotton candy, is a popular treat at funfairs. Who knew spun sugar could be so delicious?
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori) of Gold Ieheth (Arlena) by Bronze Jlath (V’wet)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T’niel) of Gold Ieheth (Arlena) by Bronze Genorth (F’ronl)

Clutching Order: 5/18
Hatching Order: 2/18

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