Sit and Wait Green Kisseyth

Impressee: Y'ory (Yunoory)

Name: Kisseyth
Pronounciation: Kiss-EE-ith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 95e369
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: 23' length of 35' wingspan


Mini bio:
At hatching this green is tiny, pudgy and more ball shaped than dragon shape. Even her wings seem overly small for the size of her body to the point some may worry she’ll never fly. Though small she is a pretty green with bold blotches of color and spots covering most of her pale bright green hide. Dark reddish brown markings form large splotches along her neck, body and wings. Similar markings are around her eyes and running along the sides of her muzzle. At the base of her tail is a rough ring. The reddish brown markings are also speckled with a sandy blue-white color giving her the appearance of having actual sand stuck on her hide. Two toned perfectly round spots cover her hide as well, a very pale green almost invisible against her normal hide color with a dark green inner spot. The paler ring is far easier to see when Kisseyth is in the shade or when she’s showing her mating colors. Finally, she has bright orange trimming along her wing edges and all her toes and tail tips. Upon reaching adulthood Kisseyth will always look podgy but her wings will no longer look incapable of carrying her weight. She will be one lazy green however, preferring to sit and wait for things to come to her than flying about with her clutchmates. In fact she will rather be alone with her bonded, not liking the company of other dragons at all. The only time she starts showing interest in other dragons, particularly the males, will be when she is about to rise to mate. Males she will hang around with but any females, especially greens, she will snub or even chase off if they are near her favourite males. Her flights will be fast, with plenty of short bursts of speed as she darts about the sky. After mating occurs she’ll chase off the male who caught her, no longer interested in having him around.

Inspiration: Warty Frogfish
Dragon Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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