Fuelled Like Fire Brown Kordath

Impressee: I'threm (Inissthrem)

Name: Kordath
Pronounciation: korr - dath
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 593d16
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith, P8 T16
Final Size: 37' wingspan of 62'


Handsome and undeniably masculine, the Fuelled Like Fire Brown is proportioned exactly as a brown dragon should be. He is barrel chested, tapering to a trim waist, with muscled legs and powerful wings. His snout is more square than triangular, with a strongly defined jaw and relatively short headknobs. He has no need to show off his strength and masculinity; it's there for all to see, unmistakeable.

As he grows older, this only becomes more pronounced. He's not the type to draw attention to himself at all, and nor is he a prideful dragon - but the Fuelled Like Fire Brown is hard to miss. His posture and gait are both strong; he moves with purpose, not the type that minces around. Though in size, he falls right on average for a brown, his presence makes him seem bigger than he is.

His colour is a warm mid-brown, appearing somewhat gritty rather than smooth. His wingsails are only slightly paler in colour. His markings aren't the flashy, showy type either. A simple series of orangey-coloured dots run down his side, meeting at his chest; they appear almost like he hatched with a riding harness already in place. His headknobs are also brilliant orange, distinctive even from a distance.

In flight, the Fuelled Like Fire Brown displays the very best qualities his colour is known for. He is enduring, rivalling the bronzes with his staying power. Agility isn't his strongest suit but he certainly isn't a slacker; and with his strong wings he's capable of surprising speed when he needs it.


Kordath hatches knowing exactly what he's meant to do; fight Thread. From the first moment he will strive towards this goal, working towards the day he gets to face his ancient enemy in battle. But as a hatchling, he's easily distracted. The world is so big, and so new to him; he wants to learn all he can. Human things are particularly fascinating, and Kordath struggles to understand the intricacies of his rider's life. Why can't you just do it here? he'll ask I'threm when his rider insists on returning to the barracks to change clothes instead of stripping off in the open. He will be completely baffled by the human need for privacy.

The older he gets, the more sure of himself Kordath becomes. He stops asking so many questions and his curiosity turns more to silent contemplation of things he doesn't understand. As an adult, Kordath isn't a huge talker. He's a straight-to-the-point kind of dragon, and he gets impatient with those who chatter inanely. When frustrated, he tends to lapse into sharp wit. Don't get me wrong, T'gal, I'm all for conversation, but maybe you could shut up for a moment? When he does speak, he tends towards cynical comments and sarcasm. Really, Dezooth? You couldn't be a bit more discreet?

A dragon of action rather than words, Kordath isn't the type that's happy to sit around. He's happy to take charge if others look to him, and he's not a bad leader; he's an honourable and honest sort, and others tend to like him even if he's not real keen on them. The problem with this, of course, is that Kordath will always do what he thinks is right - not what authority says. It's not that he's rebellious, he just knows better and has little respect for those who haven't proven themselves honourable leaders in his eyes. Vesuvath, Vesuvath, any idea when you're going to be getting to the point? We haven't got all day.

Physically strong, Kordath is capable of lashing out when threatened and he does tend towards solving arguments with action rather than negotiation. You wanna play it hard? Let's play it hard. That said, he's not unnecessarily violent. He'll only react in defence of himself or others - he's very protective. This makes him an excellent Threadfighter - he'll give his all in protection of Pern. He has quick reactions and is capable of handling rapidly changing situations during 'fall; he'll be in the right place just when he's needed.

His protectiveness especially extends to the females of the Weyr; green, gold and human. Though he understands greens must fight, he regrets the necessity of them risking their lives and will always keep an eye on the greens during Threadfall - going as far as putting himself in danger to prevent injury to the females. He doesn't understand I'threm's revulsion when it comes to women; surely women are like female dragons, precious beings to be loved and protected?

When it comes to mating, Kordath can be a bit picky. Though at first he's willing to fly for a number of females, what he really wants is a mate who will stick by him. He'll find a female he likes and fall rapidly in love with her, declaring her to be perfect. While she chooses him, he'll not chase anyone else. However not all of his decisions will be wise ones, and when the green in question moves on, he'll be heartbroken - until the next perfect green catches his eye. If he does happen to find a mate as loyal to him as he is to her, he'll be perfectly happy to settle down for the long term.

In flights themselves, Kordath isn't much of a sweet talker. He'll barge through to prove himself to his love, displaying his strength and masculinity. Should he succeed in catching a gold, his devotion will remain only with his mate. He has little desire to be a father and will only pay attention to his clutch if the gold asks him to.

The Fifth Element.
The majority of his inspiration comes from Korben Dallas- but there are elements of Leeloo as well (his orange headknobs and 'harness', his hatchling curiosity and value for life). From Korben he gets his masculinity, physical prowess and protectiveness - as well as his desire for love.
Dragon Credit: Kitya

Kordath has a gravelly sounding voice, though not unpleasant to listen to. It's reassuringly confident - he always seems to know what he's talking about. He's capable of inflecting his voice with noticeable sarcasm when wise-cracking - something he does fairly often.

Hatching Message:
The Baconator hadn't rocked much - in fact, it was barely moving. Therefore it would come as a complete surprise to the watching Weyrfolk when a brown forearm punched straight through the side of the banded shell. A moment later the shell shattered and fell away as the dragon within pounded with his tail. The hatchling revealed standing amongst the shards was no gangly and awkward baby; this dragonet stood in the remains of his eggshell as confident as anything. He looked around casually, taking in the sight of the hatching grounds, the stands, and the adult dragons watching from above. His head cocked with slight curiosity, as though he was trying to understand how he had ended up in such a situation.

Still standing unmoving, his gaze slowly turned to take in the candidates. He looked them over from a distance, but the Fuelled Like Fire Brown was in no apparent rush to head towards the waiting candidates. Instead, he turned his attention to his siblings and the eggs yet to hatch. He strode among them, stopping here and there to check all was well. He paused by the Poprocks Your Socks Off Egg and nudged it gently. He waited another moment then turned away, this time directing his gaze towards the candidates.

The Fuelled Like Fire Brown was looking at the candidates, but it was the girls who had his attention rather than the boys. His eyes whirled with concern at he stopped by Brie, peering at the swipes inflicted on her by his wayward sister. He looked up at the girl's face in worry, but whatever he saw there seemed to satisfy him; she would recover. Syaira was given a cursory inspection, too, but the healer-girl only had minor injuries and after a brief check, he moved on.
Public Impression Message:
Happy that all was under control, the Fuelled Like Fire Brown finally turned to the male candidates. This wasn't something he would delay; he knew exactly which boy was for him. He plowed straight through the boys, scattering them in his wake. Arriving at the feet of a tall, dark haired young man, the Fuelled Like Fire Brown looked up, his eyes alight with colour.
Personal Impression Message:
A mind touches yours, filling you with confidence, just as the brown dragon arrives at your feet. Inissthrem, a gravelly draconic voice speaks to you, the tone curious as he considers your name. So that whole thing's your name? Do you have a shorter one? I am Kordath. Your Kordath looks up at you, rainbows whirling in his eyes. How about I'threm?

Egg Name: The Baconator
Egg Description: This multicolour banded egg is a good robust egg a fair bit bigger than most of the eggs of this clutch. The darker areas look like well-cooked bovine meat, a nice delicious rusty brown broken by a lighter shade of the same brown. Lastly broken bands of off white work its way among the other two shades. Overall this egg looks quite delicious at least on the outside. There seems to be a savoury scent to this large egg and for those few who dare the Dam’s wrath by licking this egg there is definitely a salty taste to it.
Egg Inspiration: Bacon
Egg Credit:LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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