Name: Korvin
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T181/182
Location: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Journeyman Tanner

Mini-Biography: Heterosexual. Though he was born and raised at Solaria Weyr, Korvin was Searched for the first time in Turn 3. He had begun to think that he wouldn’t even get to Stand for Impression, let alone get to have a dragon, so he had taken up the Tannercraft. Strong and responsible, Korvin also adopted a rather upright and serious attitude to cope with being one of the few weyrbrats that doesn’t even get Searched. Nevertheless, he bounced around like a 14-Turn-old when he got the news. Unfortunately, he aged out without Impressing.
Mini-Biography Credit: None

Relatives: None

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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