Green Kristauth

Impressee: H'resh (Halloresh)

Name: Kristauth
Pronunciation: Krist-awth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 4ec4b1
Final Size: 50' wingspan of 30' length

She is large for a green, though comes off as all legs and wings. Her hide is a curious shade somewhere between blue and green, with markings akin to unruly hair between her headknobs and extending down her neck in a darker green. She will often have smudges of dirt on her, or firestone ash no matter H'resh's attempts at keeping her clean. Kristauth feels physical appearance is far too wordly a concern for someone like her.

Kristauth is certainly not your garden variety green. She behaves more akin to a blue, and is not bothered at all about flirtations and dalliances as some other greens. Kristauth can not abide by such silly chatter and will remove herself to the other side of the class should she find herself caught amongst it. For a green she is considered to have a bright intelligence, which sets her further apart from her green sisters. She will be most happy in the company of her brothers, dragons she feels she can relate to.Although this does not extend to flights. She will no rise as often as some of her green sisters, and even then it may seem to be with some reluctance, a time when her body's urges overwhelm what the mind wants. Kristuath will do her best to engage others in conversation, no matter how senior they may be in comparison to her. Further, she idealises her father, Vesuvath, and aspires to be in a Wing with him when she reaches maturity.

Inspiration: Queen Christina of Sweden (Kristina Augusta)

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Raspberry Rum Egg looked forlorn as it lay unmoving amongst the shards of its companions. It was like a young debutante, resplendent in its finery, waiting patiently for a date that seemed unlikely to arrive. Under the weight of the mutterings around the Sands, the egg finally started to twitch, as if trying to edge away from the taunts of dud. The rocking was slow and methodical, until the cracks started to appear.

Right at the very top of the egg a head popped out, only to be followed by the rest of the dragon; this was certainly no dud. The colour of its hide was peculiar, somewhere between a green and a blue, though on careful inspection one could say with confidence that it fell closer to green than blue on the spectrum. She ran over to the female Candidates clumsily, toppling over and landing at the feet of Piaraz. Looking up at the girl she shook her head, no this was not the right path for her. Picking herself up she changed directions, charging on recklessly towards the boys. One look was all she needed, and in a mess of limbs she toppled over Halloresh. I thought I could Impress her but I couldn't. It is now obvious to me that you are my true calling H'resh. Thank you for saving me. And with that, the final Impression was made, H'resh leading the green away quickly, feeling akward under the weight of so many envious eyes from his fellow Candidates.

Dragon Credit: Pavlova

Egg Name: Raspberry Rum Egg
Egg Description: This is a beautiful egg, mostly shades of blue dotted with specks of orange. The base color is a very dark blue, especially so at the top and bottom. Most of its color is at its equator, almost like a cloud of bright blue forming a ring around the middle of the egg like a belt. There is also a dispersal of neon orange strewn throughout this belt, mostly random but more visibly along the areas where the blue is not as bright. But there is an odd sensation to this egg that you can only feel if you approach it close enough. At first you smell it, but it's a strange mixture of a fruity alcohol. Closer still you finally taste something akin to raspberry on your tongue?!
Egg Inspiration: Sagittarius B2
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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