The Upstanding Stateman Brown Kuikahith

Impressee: Gi'al

Name: Kuikahith
Pronunciation: COO-E-KA-HEE-TH
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: C08E2A; highlight B63D28
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth, Late Autumn P8 T21
Final Size: 40' length, wingpsan of 66'


Physical Description: THE UPSTANDING STATESMAN BROWN KUIKAHITH is not as dark a brown as a good number of his peers. Instead he seems to have an almost golden orange hue to his hide, broken up with streaks of yellow-brown. His face his a bit long and his headknobs are widely spaced on his narrow head; angled out and large. On his chest, worn seemingly like a badge, is a dark brown circle that seems to carry the silhouette of a man. He has long legs and a long tail; making him - in the grand scheme of things - on the larger size of the brown spectrum. He is not as broad or muscular as other browns but, rather, narrow chested. He is wiry and built more speed and agility. Like his mother, Ceocayeth, is wings are fairly special. Where the leading edges of her wings resemble carnation petals his ripple and dip like the fins of Reef fish.

THE UPSTANDING STATESMAN BROWN KUIKAHITH is a genial sort. He enjoys speaking with others and laughing. He seems to embody the best of his parents as he's given to singing the occasional song that he might pick up - his deep baritone voice keeping tune pretty well - as well as a deep passion that fuels his beliefs. He enjoys play as much as he enjoys trying to right the wrongs of his world. In his free time he's like to be seen speaking with people and dragons Turns older than him - seeking their knowledge and wisdom. He firmly believes that everyone has something to learn from the other and that all should have a voice.

He can be sly with his words, sometimes, and speak only partial truths if he thinks it will get him to a conclusion faster. He doesn't mean any malice in doing this but he truly thinks that 'other facts' will just cloud the over-arching truth. His end goal is always meant with the best intentions. His slyness and way with words comes out when joking with friends as well and he has a subtle sassiness to him.

Once he finds The One - the Green who has stolen his heart - he will happily settle down and be with her until fate drives them Between. But, if he fathers a clutch before that happens he will be the most proud father and very attentive to the needs of his children. Speaking of children - he will regard his bonded, Gimal, as a sort of surrogate child. As he will constantly be working to keep him out of dangerous predicaments. Using his tail to block him from accidentally walking off a ledge, latching on to his shirt collar with his teeth and pulling him away from the tunnelsnake he didn't see. His bonded will be a true test of his patience and people will learn quickly that he is a deep well of it.

Inspiration: Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize 2009
Dragon Credit: Sigyn

Egg Name: The Unsolved Phenomenon Egg
Egg Description: Because of its matte black shell this egg blends seamlessly into the surrounding sand, making it hard to gauge its actual size. Its only markings are a string of five lights in a loose V formation; the lights have a slight reddish-orange tint and it’s unclear whether they are orbs or triangles. The lights have an almost gaseous look, that doesn’t spill out or shine, and are clearly unlike any other lights on Pern. Sometimes the lights appear to shift, especially when Ceocayath turns the egg in the sands some of the lights always seem to face up, but people will disagree on whether they move independently of each other or as a single object.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: The egg seems to project a blanket of silence with a radius of a couple of feet from its center, which engulfs anyone who comes within range. Some people when they get close claim to see a further four lights, making a total of nine lights in the V formation. The feeling when you touch this egg is astonishing and a little frightening. There’s a feeling that the lights mean something or hide a bigger object. An intense urge to look up may leave some people with a renewed fascination of the night sky and the feeling that there’s something big out there - watching all of Pern. This leaves some people with an odd species of hope, while others feel crushingly small and insignificant. It’s an unsettling egg, and whether it holds an equally unsettling life inside remains…unsolved.
Egg Inspiration: The Pheonix Lights
Egg Credit: Sola

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)

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