Brown Kuulth

Impressee: R'thren (Rothanawathren)

Name: Kuulth

Colour: Brown
Hatching: Mid Winter T3, 8th Pass
Description: Kuulth is a rather pudgy, reddish brown.

Hatching/Impression Message: The Oatmeal Cookie Egg gave a mighty shudder. Even though this egg looked like it’d melt in your mouth it was so warm, here it was shivering like it’s been left out on a cold ledge in Telgar! Another forceful shake later and a white fissuring crack found its way across the milky shell. A hop, skip and a jump later, this cookie crumbled to reveal a warm, gooey brown on the sands. Bleck! The sentiment was obvious as the weyr’s newest edition picked himself up, looking quite displeased with all this stringy, wet mess dangling from his wings. He needed a rider to help clean him up! His mission set in his mind- it was already apparent what an industrious and stubborn brown he would be! –he made a beeline for the ring of candidates closest for him, his large head low almost like a hound dog searching for a scent. But oh! What was this? Hmm, he liked this smell. He liked it a lot indeed! This dark haired boy would do just fine.
“Huh wuh?” the candidate asked the rather pudgy, reddish brown, a quizzical look on his face. “R’th… R’th… You’re right, it is a bit awkward.” Oh my! It looks like the headwoman wasn’t the only one having trouble with pronouncing this candidate’s arduously long name. “R’thren? Does that sound good to you, Kuulth?”

Egg Name: The Oatmeal Cookie Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg is one overall color, all swirled together, and a slight sheen to it's shell is evident. It's color is a wonderful milky tan color, which holds hints of something more devious underneath it. The texture seems to be smooth all around, and with the deceptive creamy tan color, this egg could hold an unexpected punch. The color and texture of the egg seem to remind some people of home, with the rich smell of cookies wafting through the air.
Egg Inspiration: An Oatmeal cookie shot which is equal parts Jagermeister, Bailey's, Buttershots and Hotdamn. Packs quite a punch and tastes exactly like an oatmeal cookie!
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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