Green Kyorith

Impressee: I'roh

Name: Silence Is Silver Green Kyorith
Pronounciation: key - YO - rith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: Background: 4D6B50 Colour=F0FFF0
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 26' length of 42' wingspan

Description: Stout and agile- Kyorith is unknowingly eye-catching. She exudes feline grace, and carries herself with poise both on the ground and in the air. She is not a delicate dragon, and the wiry muscle she acquires will be well-defined. Kyorith is a compact, stocky Green who subconsciously knows how to move. Her colouring is quite distinct- for the most part, she is a very pale shade of silvery, mint green. Dark, forest-green streaks zigzag across her back, like the stripes of an earthen tiger. Her tail is also banded, and her eyes are lined with dark green that spills from the corners like tears.

Personality: During her first few months, Kyorith will be withdrawn and sullen. This will be a time for her to explore her deeply-seated principles: fairness, respect for life and awareness of others. Throughout her life she will cling to these values- rare is a more steadfast dragon than her. She will need time to understand her more extroverted brethren, but once she does, she'll be drawn to them like a moth to flame. Somewhat moody and quiet, it will occasionally be difficult to understand the reason for her aloofness. Kyorith is not always the most straight-forward dragon, and her reasoning is often eccentric, seated in her emotional perception of situations. It isn't that she's upset or angry, but she suffers a lack of self-confidence that takes away from the strength of her opinions, drawing her away from companionship until she is sure of herself. It'll take gentle care in her early life to help her through her reservations- whether it be in relationships or in lessons. When she opens up, she will become positively chatty, and laughter will come easily to her. She has a great sense of humour and enjoys light jokes- provided no harm is done. Once she matures, she'll blossom into a wonderful young dragon- full of genial warmth and kindness. She regards her own kind as honourable, and the rest of the animal kingdom is treated with unfailing respect. She pays careful consideration to her those that become her meals- which she sees as a necessary evil, but appreciates them for their value. Threadfall evokes a deeply thoughtful side that may have appeared during lessons, but there is a manifestation of subtle anger that shows in her posture and determination to last an entire Fall. Flights are something of a mystery, even to her, and she will rarely settle on a single mate. She is drawn to acts of strength, as well as more buoyant personalities. Kyorith is a dragon made of subtleties, respectful of life and graceful in manner.

Inspiration: Byakko
Dragon Credit: Symmetry

Hatching/Impression Message: The Dreaming Dancer Egg was still after it had been bumped by its neighbour. It shivered once or twice, and then it began to rock gently, drawing eyes away from the wandering dragons. First, a claw burst from the centre, then a snout poked its way out of the side… bit by bit, piece by piece, the egg was breaking. Long, silvery green wings suddenly burst from the shell, and Silence Is Silver Green tumbled forwards. The rest of the shell splintered, and it took only a moment of struggling for the Green to free herself. Eggshell covered her head like a hat, and she peered at the crowd from beneath its brim.

There were so many people! She knew a moment of fear and creeled in distress, but the minds of candidates offered succor. She turned to the rows of white-robed folk and made up her mind quickly. There was majesty in her movements as she crept forwards, and soon an older fellow was kneeling to embrace her, picking off the remaining eggshell. "Of course, Kyorith. I will do my best to protect you. You have my word."

Egg Name: Dreaming Dancer
Egg Description: A medium sized egg the Dreaming Dancer is a deep black coated in soft shades of green, blue and yellow. They seem to dance over the surface and blend perfectly from one color to another only showing the true velvet blackness in a few spots. Here and there are spots of color that are not blended in, but stand out like buttons on a vest. These range in color from yellow to red and blue. The texture of this egg is just as soft as the color promise with no bumps or wrinkles on it.
Egg Inspiration: Pleiades
Egg Credit: WunderingMind

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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