Green Lady x Bronze Vicious

Flight - Off camera - Mid Winter, T19, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off camera - Early Spring, T19, 8th Pass
Hatching - 3rd January 2018/Mid Spring, T19, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Lady
Sire: Bronze Vicious
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

Hocus Pocus Brown Midnight to K'shad (Ren)
Colour: Brown #4d2600
Adult Size: 15' length x 25' wingspan

Physical Description:
The HOCUS POCUS BROWN is a nice, nearly solid dark brown. The brown is a dark, rich chocolate brown, almost borderlining on black. He has a lighter spot of brown on his chest, just one small, tiny spot. He Is a bulky, large brown, some might even think he’s overweight, but it’s all muscles baby. He’s well proportioned, with legs, wings, and a tail that fits his body well.

The HOCUS POCUS BROWN is a sweet, loving brown to his owner. He may seem distant, but he cares deeply about his bonded and hates being separated too long from them. The HOCUS POCUS BROWN is rather territorial. Those in his fair are alright though he’ll still tend to fight them from time to time-especially the younger ones-but anyone outside his family had better watch out. He’s not really good at fighting, and will likely lose more than he wins, but he will make very loud, angry noises-sometimes almost sounding like he got hurt.

The HOCUS POCUS BROWN likes his sleep, but prefers to sleep all day and sometimes most of the night. He’s not very playful, preferring to be in peace; however, he loved being touched and petted. When it comes to kids, the HOCUS POCUS BROWN is actually very tolerant, sometimes to a little too tolerant. Pull his headknobs, tails, poke his eye, he’ll tolerate it all, though he may make some noisy protests. He adores his owner’s kids, and will often snuggle and love on them, preferring to sleep with them.

While the HOCUS POCUS BROWN will participate in flights and do his best, he won’t chase just anyone. He’ll have a few favorites that he’ll chase, but that’s really it.

Inspiration: Binx (A Bombay cat)
Credit: Written by Kati; art by Meginkdragon and Kati


The Calico Traveller Blue One to Eph'rim (Shelacula)
Colour: Blue #6982BA
Adult Size: 14' length x 26' wingspan

Physical Description:
THE CALICO TRAVELER BLUE is a rather lanky flit. He will look very awkward for the first turn of his life before finally evening out. He will end up being very handsome to some, though maybe not quite so handsome to others. His fur is a range of colors from a whitish blue to a sea-green color. His nose, jaw, stomach, and legs are a white-blue, while the best of his body is a calico of blue, grey-blue, green-blue, and sky blue. His tail is also these colors, but stripped rather than a camo pattern.
He is large for a blue, even as a hatchling. Because of this, he isn’t the fastest flier, but he makes up for it with his smarts. His legs are long and his body is thin, sometimes almost looking too thin. However, THE CALICO TRAVELER BLUE is a perfectly healthy flit.

THE CALICO TRAVELER BLUE is a very smart flit, in fact, it could be argued he’s as smart as any bronze or gold-but maybe that’s just a little bragging on his owners part. THE CALICO TRAVELER BLUE isn’t one for being trained, however, preferring to do what he wants, but he is very helpful and will enjoying doing things that please his owner-but only if there’s some extra food in it for him. Tit for tat is this blue’s motto.
Whenever his owner is sad or upset, this blue seems to know it before he does and will be right there for cuddles. THE CALICO TRAVELER BLUE is a quiet flit, not really trilling much save for when he’s hungry. He hardly ever gets into trouble, but will be the first to notice another doing wrong. When this is noticed, he will run right back to his owner with the news, the better the news the better the treat had better be.
THE CALICO BLUE isn’t really one for flights. He will chase, like any good firelizard, but he will really only chase a handful of greens and the occasional gold. He may use sneaky tactics to win, rather than trying to rely on speed.

Inspiration: Gypsy (A Calico Cat)
Credit: Written by Kati; art by Meginkdragon and Kati


The Hemingway Blue ?? to Aridana (Tina)
Colour: Blue #B2ADCB
Adult Size: 13' length x 22' wingspan

Physical Description:
The HEMINGWAY BLUE is a large flit. He's well built, and despite looking rather fat, is solid. He could easily get fat and flabby if his appetite isn't watched and is allowed to eat whatever he wants. His tail is long for his body, as his his neck, but it doesn't make him look ugly at all, rather it seems to add to his beauty.
He's a nearly solid, white-blue color. While he is still truly blue, he looks storm-gray. A closer look at his skin will reveal a pattern that almost looks like fur. Around his feet is a coloration that looks like he has an extra toe. However, this is mearly a trick, as he has the normal amount of toes.

Grumpy. This flit could easily out grump even the grumpiest of Pern. He's not a cheerful flit and prefers to be left alone-except of course, when he wants love and attention. The older he gets, the more alone time he will prefer. He loves to sleep and has a knack for sleeping in odd places. He also loves to be out in the sun and will eventually find the perfect spot to sunbath-and woe to any flitter who wants to take his spot.
When it comes to his owner, he will be less grumpy, but only a little bit. He will calm them down if they get upset, or love on them if he feels they need it. He will sleep with his owner every night-but might demand the absolute best spot. When it comes to flights, he will chase enthusiastically. He will really only have a small handful that he'll chase after. If he loses he will absolutely pout.

Inspiration: Tom Cottom Puttyfoot (A white Hemingway Cat)
Credit: Written by Kati; art by Meginkdragon and Kati


The Feline Stripes Green Melvi to Cersia (Neena)
Colour: Green #77C85A
Adult Size: 9' length x 11' wingspan

Physical Description:
THE FELINE STRIPES GREEN is a beautiful, delicate, green. She is a multitude of shades and almost looks like a stripped feline. Her maw and around her eyes are almost a white color. The rest of her body is a solid medium green, with a browinish-green tummy. All over her body is dark green stripes and around her neck is what looks like a thick choker.

THE FELINE STRIPES GREEN is a prime example of what a green should be, with everything just perfectly proportioned, save for her small stature. As a new Hatchling she will be very tiny, and her owner will need to take care not to be too rough with her. She will grow quickly, but never really have an awkward phase to her looks. She will reach her full size a few months before her first Turnday.

This flit never really seems to run out of energy and really only stops when she sleeps. THE FELINE STRIPES GREEN will run, fly, between, all in the name of play. When ever her owner is feeling sad or down, she is right there to distract them. Her owner better not expect to have alone time, THE FELINE STRIPES GREEN doesn’t know the meaning of the word. She will love to snuggle down with her owner, enjoying to sleep right by their face. THE FELINE STRIPES GREEN isn’t very territorial, and prefers to play rather than fight, but that doesn’t she won’t protect her owner. She will play with her food before eating it, and will enjoy hunting after anything.

Flights will be a game to THE FELINE STRIPES GREEN and the firelizard most likely to catch her will be the one having the most fun. She will rise often and without much warning. The day before she rises she will demand love and will be very, very noisy, especially at night.

Inspiration: Wilhelmina (Mina), A tabby cat
Credit: Written by Kati; Art by Meginkdragon and Wunderingmind


Dark as Night Green Lory to S'kel (Sola)
Colour: Green #01100B
Adult Size: 12’ length x 22' wingspan

Physical Description:
The DARK AS NIGHT GREEN is a very large green, in fact, she might be one of the largest at Solaria, at least once she reaches full maturity. When she’s first hatched she will be small, and will stay small until she’s nearly full grown. This will take a while however, not really reaching full maturity until around 14 months. She will go from small and tiny to suddenly gangly and awkward looking, with a long body and large wings, but short legs and neck. Eventually, she will even out. She will always be a long flit, however, but she won’t look so awkward.

She is a solid very dark green, almost a black color. She can easily hide at night because of this, and if her owner isn’t careful, she could easily be lost.

The DARK AS NIGHT GREEN is a shy, but very sweet flit. She will bond with not only her owner but also any family members that her bonded will have. She will be especially sweet towards any children her owner will have. She’ll enjoy curling up with her owner or playing with the children. At night she’ll be more likely to sleep with the kids, rather than her owner, wanting to protect them from any dangers. If anyone tries to hurt her family she will become vicious, fighting until she can’t fight anymore. Tunnelsnakes and VTOLs don’t stand a chance with the DARK AS NIGHT GREEN around. Any thing she does kill will be brought to her owner as a trophy of her hard work.

The DARK AS NIGHT GREEN will only rise occasionally, but will be more loving and needy as the time gets closer. Leading up to her flight she will be very clingy, not wanting to leave her family’s side. She will generally pick from flits she knows, rather than some stranger. Once she finds a flit she really likes, she’ll likely always pick them. Like all flits, she has a wide range of sounds-sounds she will always be happy to make. Sometimes it will even sound like she's singing a song.

Inspiration: Pasha (A Mainecoon)
Credit: Written by Kati; art by Meginkdragon and Kati


The Crazy, Lazy Green Sweetroll to W'ken (Esko)
Colour: Green #446828
Adult Size: 10' length x 20' wingspan

Physical Description:
THE CRAZY, LAZY GREEN is squat and fat, even fresh from her egg. Her wings are large, allowing her to fly despite the fatness. Most of her body is a pale green, but her head, tail, and a spot on her left front leg are a calico green. The green’s range from a dark forest green to a bright green. Her head, save for her jaw, has a camo pattern to it while her tail is stripped. On her left front leg is markings that almost look like a cupcake, with a lighter color on the bottom and a darker one on top.

She’s not the fastest flier and she’s not really a distance flyer either, but she is wonderful at finding food. In fact, she has a knack for it and if her owner doesn’t pay attention they will find food missing, no matter how locked down it might have been. Is this flit smart or dumb? It’s very hard to say. Sometimes she will fly right into a wall, and other times she’ll find open boxes tied up.

THE CRAZY, LAZY GREEN loves nothing more than to sleep out in the sun. She has a knack for finding just the perfect spot to sleep in and will gather several favorite spots. When it comes to flights, her owner will suffer for about a week before she actually takes flight. THE CRAZY, LAZY GREEN will be loud and annoying, needing a lot of food and a lot of attention. Thankfully, this green doesn’t rise nearly as often as other greens.

Inspiration: Sister (A Calico Cat)
Credit: Written by Kati; art by Meginkdragon and Kati

Notes: Clutch theme: Kati's cats!

Credit: Kati, Wunderingmind

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