Green Lagerth

Impressee: R'bel (Robelshy)

Name: The Maiden of the Battlefield Green Lagerth
Pronounciation: Lah-gerth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 7FA182
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 48' wingspan of 29'

Description: Lagerth is strong but streamlined. While her shoulders are broad and well-muscled, the rest of her tapers, her legs slim and toned, her tail whip-like. As a weyrling she will be average in size, but she will quickly grow long and fearsome, one of the largest of her clutch. Her face is somewhat severe, with browridges drawn low into a perpetual frown and her headknobs, which curve outward slightly before continuing up and back, sharply pointed. She is washed in a simple grey-green, her long talons silvered like cold steel.

From her very earliest hour, Lagerth will be rough and tumble, ready for a challenge. As a weyrling, she will not take to sitting still very kindly, pushing her rider to constantly be in action. This will be quite a challenge when it comes to lectures; R'bel will have to find ways to keep her otherwise occupied while he listens or else be constantly interrupted.

Every dragon has fighting in their blood, but in Lagerth’s veins it flows hotter and quicker. She is fierce in flight, unyielding in Threadfall. It’s a good thing that her stockier build gives her more stamina than the average green, because she’d be pushing herself to endure regardless. She loves everything about Threadfall, including the hearty camaraderie of her wing, and feels that every successful ‘fall brings honor to her name. Fallen wingmates are attended to closely, an expression of solidarity.

Loyalty is something she values highly. Her rider and her clutchmates are beloved from the very beginning; they and anyone else she accepts into her inner circle of friends and family are treated warmly and defended ruthlessly. Of course, those accepted may be few and far between; her interactions with those not in her inner circle are not usually very welcoming, clipped and cold until they’ve proven their constancy. Deception in particular is seen contemptible and unforgiveable, a sign of weakness.

In flights too, she prefers those who have proven their steadfastness in the past, those who have won their way into her good graces. But she also wants to see her suitors display epic feats of strength in her name. She loves as passionately as she fights and her flights are usually long and exhausting.

Inspiration: New Valkyrie Pendant
Dragon Credit: Corgi

Hatching Message: The Golden Gore Egg cleaves in two neat pieces, a grey-green hatchling bursting forth from the nearly equal halves. From the very beginning, The Maiden of the Battlefield Green[/font] looks angry, tail swishing back and forth with vigor, her creel high-pitched and demanding. She stood, elevated as she was on her egg’s sand mound, surveying the gathered host that met her. Suddenly, she charged into the throng of white-robed infantry, barreling her way through without concern for the feet and legs that happened to get in her way.

Halfway across the sandy cavern, her rampage slowed. She was close, very close to what she sought. She sniffed suddenly and her head turned to look at Sealy. She contemplated her for a long moment head canting slowly this way, then that. A sudden derisive snort was all the warning the red-headed candidate would get that she wasn't this green's chosen. The Maiden of the Battlefield Green[/font] all but shoved her way past, not hesitant to give the girl a hearty head-butt with those wickedly pointed headknobs of hers if she didn't move out of the way fast enough.

There. Her rider stood there, just behind that girl. Her loud cry assaulted the candidates’ ears once again as she Impressed to Robelshy. "Lagerth," he announced trying out the new name on his tongue. He crouched down to lovingly embrace her, but she pushed him with her nose, nearly sprawling him across the sands. "Feast?" R'bel asked, confused, as he recovered his balance. "Oh, the meat. Yes, let's go. This way."

Egg Name: The Golden Gore Egg
Egg Description: The color of this egg stands out the most, it looks like a powdered gold, almost as if someone had taken the time to collect a million gold eggs shell, reduce them to a powder, and glued it all over this egg. There are a few things different about this egg that make the naysayers agree that this egg contains no gold. The first is the size of this egg, it's on the small end of this clutch. The second thing would be that the gold coloring almost seems to rub off whenever this egg is rotated. As the eggs mature on the sands, less and less gold coloring will remain on this egg, leaving it a bland tan color as the hatching nears.
Egg Inspiration: Goldfinger, James Bond Movie Villan who leaves his murder victims painted gold.
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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