Bronze Laprth

Impressee: T'ni (Toranni)

Name: Laprth

Colour: Bronze
Hatching - Mid Winter, Turn 3, 8th Pass

Laprth knocked numerous people out of his way to get to T'ni on the sands.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Three strikes and you're golden Egg had shaken on and off through the hatching. Stopping for a moment it almost seemed to gather energy before giving one last huge rock, cracking the delicate looking surface. From this one crack, more spread out until the shell was a network of cracks. The top of the egg bulged once, twice, three times and a dark wet head appeared. Snorting indignantly at the giggles he knew were directed at his predicament, then bronze inside the egg stretched his wings and opened up the rest of the egg. Flapping his wings as best he could, he cleared off as much eggshell as he could before stepping out to find his. No hesitation here, straight to his chosen he went, knocking a few unfortunates that tried to stand in front of him over. Silly, they shouldn’t try and get in his way! Half tripping, half running, he made it to his chosen, and Toranni, now T’ni dropped to his knees to clutch the wet head with the angry whirling eyes. “Don’t worry Laprth, they won’t get in your way anymore, I’m here, I’ll stop them.”

Egg Name: Three strikes and you're golden Egg
Egg Description: One of the larger eggs of the clutch, this egg could easily be a bronze, but the hints of gold flashed across it could just as easily point to a gold. A warm honey tone suffuses this egg, with the light seeming to refract off it in a way that leads the eye to believe the shell is translucent. No amount of examining can put the mind at rest as to whether it is or not, but either way, something hints at the hatchling inside. Perhaps markings on the egg itself, or perhaps the shell is thin enough to allow light to shine through it's delicate surface. Sparkles and hints of gold shimmer at seemingly different depths and lend an air of looking deep into a glass of liquid with particles of gold hanging in it.
Egg Inspiration: Gold Strike, a cinnamon liquor by Bols.
Egg Credit: Mayhem

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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