The Snake in a Suit Green Leiguith

Impressee: Zaeyla

Name: Leiguith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 255E3E
Final Size: 26.7' length with a wingspan of 49.1'

Unhindered by her curiously sinuous build, the Snake in a Suit Green moves with an easy grace. Her movements are languid and deliberate, emphasized by the seemingly perpetual flicking of her remarkably long tail. Although less gaudy than many of her siblings, the Snake in a Suit Green has a bewitching presence. While she will make every effort to lure the unwary close to her, many will sense that the Snake in a Suit Green is a beauty best admired from afar. There is something cold about this dragon's appearance that is difficult to place - a primal sense of predatory danger. 

Even as a young dragon, the Snake in a Suit Green has a curious ability to remain remarkably still for lengthy periods of time. While her classmates fidget, the Snake in a Suit Green will sit back with half-closed eyes. Despite her tranquil appearance, like all dragons, her eyes will betray her true mood - Snake in a Suit Green's eyes are usually seen swirling with mischievous excitement. No matter how relaxed she may appear, she's always ready to strike. Although more movements are usually slow, the Snake in a Suit Green is capable of moving impressively fast when the mood strikes her. This is especially apparent when she is hunting. 

Although unremarkable in terms of sheer length, the Snake in a Suit Green has an unusual build. Her neck and tail are long and thin, appearing to extend far beyond what is typical for a dragon. Her elongated appearance is emphasized by her compact body and delicate limbs. She has an oval-shaped head, which is emphasized by her blunted snout and head-knobs, which are a bit shorter than normal and lay close to her head. Her wings are long and narrow - sharing the oddly elongated appearance of the rest of her body. She has a habit of flicking them open and closed when she is irritated. 

Although the coloration of the Snake in a Suit Green is not especially vivid, she has striking markings. The majority of her body and her wings are a dark teal-green, which grows markedly darker and glossier after oiling. This coloration ends abruptly on her collarbones and wrists, where it is interrupted by a sharp swath of pale sea-foam. Her serpentine neck and tail are paler her main body, but darker than the markings along her neck and wrists. 

Although far more subtle than many of her siblings, there is no doubt that Leiguith is an ambitious creature. Leiguith has an intuitive understanding of the power structure within the Weyr, and throughout her life will strive to figure out the best way to use this system to advance both her and rider. At an early age, this will manifest itself by an intense obsession in rules. Whenever presented with a new rule, Leiguith will seek to understand it from all possible angles - Why is that so? is a phrase that Zaeyla can expect to hear frequently during Weyrlinghood. 

Although very interested in the minutiae of the rules, this green isn't especially concerned with actually following them. While she isn't especially prone to breaking the rules, Leiguith will always be very interested in testing their boundaries - Don't go another step deeper? This isn't a step, this is half a step. Zaeyla is likely to learn at a very early stage of her training that Leiguith doesn't really put a lot of stock into the opinions of other dragons, much less other humans. For better or for worse, she will heavily depend on Zaeyla as a moral compass. Without the input of her rider, she is unlikely to ever develop true empathy for her fellow dragons. 

When it comes to material possesions, Leiguith likes to believe that she has a good sense of the finer things. She has an eye for things that she believes are expensive or valuable, especially if they are shiny. As a young dragon, you can expect her to develop a small cache of carefully guarded trinkets and coins. Her tastes are likely to become more abstract as she grows older, and she will typically attribute the value of the object with it's owner's reluctance to part with it. If she happens to be in Ketrin, Zaeyla would be advised against informing Leiguith of the Hold's prize runners - as Leiguith is of the opinion that the most delicious things in life are expensive. When she has her eyes on something, she's willing to go to great lengths in order to procure it. 

Beware attempting to deceive this dragon, as Leiguith has an uncanny ability to get to the truth behind a situation. Undoubtedly, the primary reason she is so adept at detecting lies is her own fondness for bending the truth. While no dragon is truly a skilled liar, Leiguith does very well for the limitations of her species. Despite her typically low opinion about the intelligence of other dragons, Leiguith is a social creature. Although she has little trouble flitting between a wide range of social circles, she prefers the company of the elite. Unless you're powerful, beautiful, or have something that she's interested in obtaining, Leiguith will want nothing to do with you. Expect her too coolly shun the more socially awkward members of her class, while putting on elaborate facades to appease those that hold more social mobility - Get out of my way Fysikith, I'm trying to admire how shiny Juboroth is this morning. Naturally, she doesn't actually believe many of these compliments, and will likely be constantly making snide private comments to her rider - What do you believe is smaller, Fysikith's social abilities or Juboroth's brains?

Whenever their are disagreements brewing between two dragons, one can almost always count on finding Leiguith nearby - Arguing, my dear Zaeyla, is the highest form of conversation. She's more than happy to argue on the behalf of somebody else, regardless of her own opinions on the disagreement. This is especially true if she feels that the other dragon has something to give her. For the right price - the best bathing spot on the beach, a choice cut of meat - Leiguith will argue almost anything, regardless of how unsavory it's implications might be - Just because you say something doesn't mean that you actually believe it.

As Leiguith grows older, she will slowly learn who she needs to impress, and who can be used and cast aside. As a result of this, different dragons are likely to view her in very different ways. Those who view her favorably will see her as being resourceful, clever and efficient - while those who view her negatively tend to see her as being cutthroat, cruel, and unnecessarily cold. Leiguith will grow to have a better understanding of abstract concepts than most other dragons, and has no qualms about using her above-average intelligent to try and manipulate others. She's an opportunist, and isn't above resorting to base tactics in order to gain an advantage over others. 

When it comes to problems involving humans, Leiguith will expect Zaeyla to act as her mouthpiece. If Zaeyla resists, Leiguith will first attempt guilt - But Zaeylamine, I have done so much for you. It's not much to ask, is it? but if that fails, she's not above speaking to people other than Zaeyla. This is especially when it relates to issues that effect her rider directly. Although Leiguith will never truly understand the arbitrary lines that separate human genders, she will pick up, and attempt to spread her rider's political beliefs. 

Leiguith's success or failure in a Wing will depend largely on matching her with the right personalities. Leiguith can spot weakness from a mile away, especially in leaders. If she feels that leader - especially if they are a brown dragon - is somehow unsuited for his task, she will waste a lot of energy attempting to point out these weaknesses to others. While she is instinctively driven to follow the adult bronzes of the Weyr, she will do her best work under strong and experienced leadership. Physically speaking, she is about average for a green. Like most greens, Leiguith favors agility over endurance, however she should be able to persist through an entire 'Fall in most conditions. When matched with the right leadership personalities, Leiguith is best able to utilize her intelligence in a productive manor. Leiguith will quickly become a key player within the Wing. SShe will likely express a keen interest in advancing to the higher Wings.

Given the probing nature of Leiguith's mind, it should come to no surprise that she's rather talented at picking out potential candidates. Despite her obvious abilities, she will not be the most scrupulous searchdragon. If Zaeyla has any preferences concerning who should and who should not be searched, Leiguith is glad to act upon them - selecting individuals her rider favors over more eligible candidates. Although Leiguith will enjoy collecting candidates for the Weyr's golds (and rocks, in the case of Iridith) she's not particularly interested in the queens and their clutches. Once she's matured, she'll want little to do with younger dragons. 

Leiguith's first Flight is very liable to catch Zaeyla completely off guard. This green is not one to make a huge fuss about rising and considers the whole process rather annoying. The changes to her appearance and temperament are extremely subtle, and she will attempt to downplay them as much as possible in the days preceding her Flights - I was just flirting because I hoped he'd share that herdbeast with me, it was nothing serious.. Fortunately for her rider, once she's fully matured, Leiguith will rise on a very regular schedule. 

As she does with most things, Leiguith will consider her flights as opportunities to advance herself. Her flights are typically fairly short, but intense affairs. She will typically try end them before she is completely exhausted, so that she has the final say in who will catch her. Power is her aphrodisiac, and sweet words will do little to gain this green's favor. Her tastes in males are likely to set Zaeyla up for many awkward "morning afters" with members of the Weyr's leadership. Leiguith isn't the type of dragon to become emotionally attached to her mate, and her attitude towards the dragon that catches her is likely to be directly related to his rank. She'll lavish attention on ranking browns and bronzes for days afterwards, but is likely to chase her Wingmates away after a few hours of half-hearted cuddling.

Inspiration: Leiguith is based off of the idea of an ambitious and cut-throat lawyer.
Name Inspiration: Lex is the latin word for law, and anguis is the latin word for snake: we combined them to get Le(i)guith. 

Leiguith's voice has a curiously fluid quality to it. It ebbs and flows depending on the situation. As she ages, she will learn how to adjust her speaking mannerisms in order to convey a certain persona. Despite the conscious thought that goes into her speech, her voice never sounds forces or artificial. During arguments, as a careful countermeasure against sounding shrill, Leiguith has a tendency to speak more slowly. Few other than Zaeyla will ever experience her natural mind-voice, which is dark and smooth as tinted glass. 

Hatching Message:
The small twitches and nudges that had marked The Devil Incarnegg in recent days only grew more frantic as the dragons of the Weyr began to hum. Although the creature inside seemed obviously eager to begin life, the glossy shell of it's egg held firm. With a surprisingly violent twitch, the egg rolled out of the divot that had formerly contained it's movement and crashed into a nearby rock. The impact caused the smooth surface of the shell to become spidered with visible cracks. With a final heave, the Snake in a Suit Green spilled onto the sands in a tangled heap. Now that she had been freed from the confines of her eggshell, this hatchling seemed to be in no great hurry. She took a few moments to make sense of her surroundings, before she slowly set to work untangling her limbs. She remained still as she looked around, almost lazily, around her. 

It was time to begin narrowing down her options. Although the Snake in a Suit Green knew it was important not to rush important choices, the sense of her own incompleteness was beginning to weigh her down. The Snake in a Suit Green knew if she hoped to get what she wanted, she'd have to take it. She gave the male candidates one last glance before she began to slowly stalk towards the female candidates. As she neared, she began to carefully scan the hopeful minds of the nearest girls. She knew exactly what she wanted, it was just a matter of finding it. 

The Snake in a Suit Green moved with an oddly languid grace through the girls. She paused between a timid pale girl and her taller friend. She lazily looked at the first girl, before turning her glance back at the other. Once she was certain that she had their attention, with a mischievous flick of her tail, she looked back and forth between the two again. It was the most curious thing, the Snake in a Suit Green could sense the bond between these two girls - was it possible that either of them had room to bond with her? 

The Snake in a Suit Green was jolted from her game by the sudden stumble of one of her green sister's into one of the other candidates. Just as the Snake in a Suit Green was about to return her attention to the two friends, she noticed the concerned Where the Heart is Gold approaching the fallen candidate. 

Given how slowly and deliberately the Snake in a Suit Green had been moving, her sudden surge of movement towards the Where the Heart is Gold would have caught anybody off guard. Unfortunately, the Snake in a Suit Green didn't anticipate that Phyrra wouldn't be quick enough to get out of her way. She barely lost any speed as she trampled over the poor girl. Whatever the Where the Heart is Gold was far more interesting than a candidate with the wind knocked out of her!

Public Impression Message:
The Snake in a Suit Green hissed with displeasure as she skidded to a halt next to the golden hatchling. Her eyes were swirling angrily as she nudged the larger hatchling out of the way. Any tension between the two hatchlings dissipated quickly as the Snake in a Suit Green's eyes burst into a myriad of beautiful colors. There was no reason for the Where the Heart is Gold to be such as busybody! She was more than capable of taking care of the girl in need of an alibi.

Personal Impression Message:
The Snake in a Suit Green hissed with displeasure as she skidded to a halt next to the golden hatchling. Her eyes were swirling angrily as she nudged the larger hatchling out of the way. Before the tension escalates, you feel a strange tendril of mischief creep into your head, Your Leiguith was simply having fun with those other two. I don't need anybody else to defend my Zaeyla, especially that busybody..

Dragon Credit: Meltain and Notomys
Dragon Picture Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: The Devil Incarnegg
Egg Description: Such an innocent-seeming egg should not be capable of the level of mischievous anticipation that this one gives off. A black semi-gloss coats the large shell, along with random square patches of blue, yellow, and magenta. Long striations run from crown to base. This egg may be more prone to internal movement as it develops.
Egg Inspiration: Toner cartridges
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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