Brown Lesgeth

Impressee: L'styl (Listyl)

Name: Lesgeth
Pronunciation: Lez-geth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 8B1A1A
Final Size: 38' length of 63' wingspan

Lesgeth is a stanchion of uprightness, a veritable paragon of strong and noble dragon-hood. Although he's only of average size for a brown, Lesgeth has such stately build and colouring that he cuts a grand figure among his clutchmates. His hide is a deep shade of burgundy, like a glass of red-wine in golden afternoon sunlight. It polishes to a subtle shine more like velvet than gloss. With the way Lesgeth always holds himself chest out and chin up, the single pale, nearly white marking on his neck stands out; it's something like a bib, a ruffled triangle with its point at the fold between his chin and neck. Although he is perfectly proportioned, Lesgeth's rigidity betrays him in the air, and while he will work to have the technical skills, natural and fluid, elegant flight isn't one of his gifts.

Lesgeth hatched aloof, and it's his lot in life to come off as snobbish and cold to most everybody he meets. Even as a hatchling, Lesgeth doesn't see the value in 'chit-chat' or 'fun' - he's got to be a lean, mean, Threadfighting machine one day, and he's going to be the best he can. Possibly, the best ever - perfect, if he can help it. From day one, he'll be skeptically questioning everything that happens around him; {L'styl, it seems absurd that my clutchmates can't grasp the concept of chewing. Do they truly fail to understand the benefits of not choking on their first meal?}

He's not likely to garner favour with his more playful clutchmates during Weyrlinghood, because Lesgeth is a complete stick-in-the-mud. He will, without hesitation, tattle on any transgression of the rules, regardless of the reason or the culprit. His desire to win and be the best won't ebb as he ages, but Lesgeth isn't motivated by praise or recognition - he shies away from the limelight, and will shrug off praise because, {I am only doing as the situation requires, as we all should}. While he's not likely to make many friends with such an attitude, Lesgeth won't show that he's lonely - or that he's feeling much else, ever. Emotions are a weakness, and only those that are very close to him will be able to pick up the signs that Lesgeth's emotions (which he feels very deep indeed) are in turmoil.

His rider will need to be good at smoothing ruffled feathers. Lesgeth always has a plan in his mind of how things will go - he's always prepared - and if events take a turn towards the unexpected it can easily send him into a tailspin. When Lesgeth fails to do something to his own exacting standard, he'll obsess over it, thinking it over and over…unless his rider can provide much needed reassurance. Of his rider, Lesgeth is incredibly protective, and will be excessively fretful - about how his rider's grades are, or if his rider trips he will insist, {No! You SHALL go to the Infirmary immediately! I will press the importance of this upon Fienth himself if I must!}.

Growing older, Lesgeth's sense of right and wrong will become much, much stronger, but far less black-and-white. He'll retain his youthful self-confidence, but be far more interested in considering the situation rather than bashing it over the head with "by-the-book". Lesgeth's sense of right will also compell him to help out those in trouble, and always pay back a debt - although in a way that won't be noticed or pinned on him, preferably. When it comes to the attentions of females, Lesgeth's stern manner might win him a few admirers, but he will remain completely oblivious, and be embarassed by flirtations.

Inspiration: Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney
Dragon Credit: Jey

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Stern Father Egg sat steady in its stand wallow, without any of the needless commotion of the other eggs. After a such a long, long period of stillness, the earthily-toned egg gave a little wobble.
Then it stopped…almost as if the hatchling within was embarrassed by the ungainly process. Minutes ticked by, and all the while other hatchlings cracked their shells and flopped lumberingly onto the sands, all sticky with egg goo and devoid of dignity.
Finally a deep brown snout punched through the speckled side of the egg. It withdrew carefully into the darkness again…a flash of gleaming red facets showed where the hatchling moved to peer out at the wide world. Nothing more could be seen of the hatchling for a further span of minutes…
Crack! The Stern Father Egg split perfectly in two, falling away from the burgundy brown hatchling who sat with his head tucked proudly to his neck. He spread his damp wings, hide shining velvetly with the quickly drying remnants of egg glair. Elegantly, the hatchling rose to his feet and marched across the black sands.
He paused before each boy in the line of candidates with a tilt of his head, but none of them met the criteria of his silent appraisal. If hatchlings could scowl, the brown dragonet seemed to be doing so, for with each new boy that failed to pass muster he snorted impatiently. Past Malik he drifted with a disapproving growl. Not until he stopped at Listyl's feet did the brown hatchling linger more than a moment.
A gleam started in his eyes, slow at first but suddenly blazing into the rainbow whirl of Impression as he gazed lovingly up at the tall young Journeyman.
"Lesgeth! I am ready to work hard…yes, eating now is sensible," L'styl agreed wonderingly. Something the hatchling said suddenly wiped the dreamy smile from his expression, only to be replaced by an amused smile that the boy attempted to suppress as the hatchling marched briskly away towards the food.


Egg Name: The Stern Father Egg
Egg Description: This egg is of average size and shape. It is a swirl of tan and olive tones with speckles of black throughout. When you look at this egg or come close to it a feeling of not living up to your potential overwhelms you. You feel as if you're being judged and found unworthy. You may also have a sense of the egg being displeased in any thought or decision you may make now or in the future. It truly has high expectations and so far you're not living up to them!
Egg Inspiration: High Expectations Asian Father Meme
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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