Blue Leswinth

Impressee: Cal'in (Calihadrin)

Name: Seagoing Explorer Blue Leswinth
Pronounciation: lez - winth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 041529
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 33' wingspan of 52'

Description: Leswinth will be an average size and build for his color, the only thing diverging from the expected form being his muzzle, too thick and stubby to really be called ordinary. His hide varies from the usual mid-range blue hues, however, a mixture of marine blues from navy to a murky teal, the pattern closely resembling a deep sea tossed by storm. He even has the foamy white of wave crests along the trailing edge of his wings.

Leswinth has a hearty curiosity about the world. As a hatchling it begins with a desire to know about himself and dragonkind; wings will fascinate him, as will all the variations in size. But shortly that interest turns outward and he's inspecting birds, bugs, and beasts with just as much eagerness. He doesn't just want to see these things, he wants to document his knowledge, and that's where Cal'in will come in. Leswinth will teach his rider exactly how to notate his observations and will become testy if they aren't done to his specifications.

Precise and punctual, Leswinth will be reliable. To a certain extent, that is. He also happens to be easily distracted by novelty. Lessons may take a back seat to that curiously colored vtol flying by and he might keep his rider out past curfew just to see what type of bird roosts along the terraces. Faranth help Cal'in if Leswinth gets wind of those shipfish rumors, he will have them searching the sea every chance they get. All for the sake of knowledge gained.

Threadfighting is a duty taken very seriously by Leswinth; it protects not only the people of Pern, but the multitude of plant and animal species as well. There is always a shred of trepidation when he rises to meet the threat, however, a niggling little doubt that makes him wonder if Thread too is alive and therefore worth studying. But the protection of what he already knows always wins by leaps and bounds and he flames with vigor when the time comes.

Mating flights are a footnote for Leswinth and he won't rise too often. The greens that happen to catch his fancy are those that are in some way unique, appealingly different from their peers. His desire to know her will push him skyward and he will chase to the best of his abilities, expressing a desire for her familiarity and affection rather than volleying empty, flowered compliments.

Inspiration: Ship's Chronometer from HMS Beagle
Dragon Credit: Corgi

Hatching Message: Goldfinch Egg jiggled and jounced, seeming to hop like a tiny bird as it moved inch by inch across the sands. The sound of inquisitory peeps and exploratory tapping could be heard from inside, each one creating another star-shaped crack along the yellow shell. Eventually, a dark blue muzzle peeked through and a set of draconic eyes appeared, taking it all in. Such a wide new world!

After a moment of observation, the hatchling pried himself free with some effort, talons scrabbling at the edges of the shell. Once free, Seagoing Explorer Blue gave himself a mighty shake and glanced around him, only to become entranced by one of his own wings, thrown open by the motion. He stared, entranced. In an attempt to get a closer look, he turned, but that only brought the wing further from his gaze. He remained like that, circling slowly in pursuit of his own wing, until frustration elicited a sudden grunt. He must be content to return to that subject in due time, more pressing matters must be attended to.

Overcoming the gangly tendencies of walking for the first time, Seagoing Explorer Blue moved outward into the throng of waiting candidates. Each one he passed got an assessing sniff and perhaps a prod with his stout muzzle. He browsed right behind Alexia and Lanissa and gave them a once over, though his attentions were more on their hair than the girls themselves. He glanced between them with open fascination before gnawing hunger got the better of him once again and he was forced to press onward.

Impression Message: These sands were a fascinating place! So many new lifeforms, Seagoing Explorer Blue could hardly focus on his quest for Impression. Every time he was about to approach a candidate, he would get distracted by a shift of dragonwings overhead – they were so large, and so high up! – or a daring firelizard flitting across the cavern – they were so tiny, and so fast!

Kimessa became the next object of interest, the wave-colored blue fixated on the contrast between her skin and the white fabric of her robe. He whuffed and snuffed at the garment, nudging his nose into her armpit and down around her knees. Just when it seemed he had chosen a lifemate, however, he turned to gather more information about these candidate creatures.

A particularly exceptional specimen suddenly stood above the rest. Quite literally. Seagoing Explorer Blue ambled up to the very tall, broad man and grabbed at the hem of his robe, yanking experimentally. A booming laugh rang out over the candidates. "It's just a robe, Leswinth. Nothing special. Man, are you hungry. What's say we get you something for that?" The rainbow-eyed blue aquiesced and followed Cal'in off the sands.

Egg Name: Goldfinch Egg
Egg Description: What a fine little egg! Although diminutive in size, it has a certain jaunty air about it that draws the eye closer. Unlike most of it’s siblings, who nestle cozily into the sands, this fellow gives the impression of being perched upon them. One might get the impression that walking too quickly towards it would cause the egg itself to sprout wings and flutter away! The majority of this egg is a bold canary yellow, capped with a triangle of pure black on it’s top, and a “v” of alternating black and white along one side. As hatching day approaches, this egg will be one of the more active ones in the bunch, twitching and peeping with impressive vigor.
Egg Inspiration: American Goldfinch
Egg Credit: Noto

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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