Lady in the Garden Green Liath

Impressee: Kisenia

Name: Liath
Name Inspiration: Liath's name comes from Elizabeth Bennet, the main character of one of Jane Austen's most famous works, Pride and Prejudice.

Colour: Lady in the Garden Green
Hex Code: 63AB62
Final Size: 23.2 feet long; 40 foot wingspan
This dragon is noticeably one of the very smallest of the clutch, and the difference in size between her and her fellows will only become more apparent as she grows. She is petite in every sense, slim and feminine and delicate, but perfectly proportioned. She is the colour of summer greenery, the sun shining onto fresh leaves and dew-damp grass, giving her light-hued hide a slightly iridescent look. Her slender face holds small eyes and perfectly formed headknobs, with a brow less pronounced than most dragon's, giving her a softer appearance. Her wings are held politely to her back at most times, and she always moves with perfect grace, trotting about like a true lady. Her wingsails are a pleasant yellow-green, like autumn leaves, and when outstretched appear as thin and ethereal as fine lace. Even her talons, the mark of a predatory creature, seem somehow conservative and refined, a light cream at the end of her small feet.

As a young dragon, Liath will demonstrate a remarkable perception of the world around her. While she won't be a tomboy dragon, off running around getting mucky and exploring everything, she'll be curious about the world that she occupies. She'll have an innate desire to learn, and will be asking questions from the beginning of her life outside of the shell. They won't be incessant, and will definitely calm down as she grows older. Still, learning will be her greatest desire as a weyrling, and lessons in particular will be something she loves. Troublemakers in the barracks will irritate her, as she has no time for pranks and japes, preferring to be somewhat more serious about education. //These lessons are a privilege. Why are they behaving like uncouth children, when we are meant to learn and mature? //

As she matures, Liath will show more facets of her personality. Her ability to adapt to new situations will shine through, and she'll be at ease socialising in any group of dragons. Other greens? They're her sisters, facing the same futures and difficulties in life. Bronzes and golds? Though she has that innate draconic sense of hierarchy that tells her they're 'above' her, she is happy to engage them in polite conversation if they are so inclined. Conversation will be her favourite thing to do, and she'll really shine, with a charming manner of speech and a sharp sense of humour. She'll enjoy social commentary, sharing her thoughts on the current state of the world. She'll take a great interest in the younger generations in particular, and would make a fantastic assistant weyrlingmaster. Sharing wisdom is one thing she enjoys, and you'll find that she's a natural story-teller. She may even be inclined to bespeak human children, adoring their fascination with dragons, particularly those at the Hold and Hall who haven't grown up around dragons. Dancing will also be a great love of hers, and she'll happily attend Gathers if only to admire the swirling dresses and tapping of shoes as people dance together.

At the beginning, Liath will be unsure of how she can fight Thread – I am so small, Kisenia. How am I to match up with the blues, browns, bronzes? Perhaps it would be better if I were to stay here, guard the little ones and keep them safe. With age she'll come to discover the innate desire to fight Thread, thankfully, though she won't be as violent as some in expressing her desire to rid Pern of its enemy. She'll not talk of it much, only when prompted to discuss it by others, and then unwillingly, as though it's not a part of polite conversation. During Thread she'll be one of the most graceful greens you'll see on the wing, pulling tricks with ease and seeming to be everywhere at once with her fantastic response times. Her endurance lacks, sadly, though she'll be grateful to rest when she's worn herself out being an asset to her wing. After a 'fall she'll prefer to keep a stiff upper lip and not discuss the event, even if pushed to. She'd rather leave the past in the past and move on to a better future.

Romance! Oh, romance! Poor Liath, when she becomes proddy, will suddenly find herself attracted to the more brooding, dark males. They're enigmas, so dashing and mysterious. She'll sigh over whatever male's caught her eye until she rises, at which point she doesn't care who chases her! She'll delight in the male attention, pulling tricks that will make her a demon to actually catch, teasing them all the while with her poetic words. Whatever male does make a catch of her will find her an exciting dragon who'll want to extend the flight for as long as possible. She'll curl up with him for as long as possible on her ledge, too, and perhaps even follow him around for a few days, as though they're now partners. It's true love! Until that draconic memory kicks in and the flight begins to fade from her mind, after which she'll be back to treating males as friends rather than love interests.

Inspiration: Jane Austen is Liath's over-arching theme. Her description is inspired by the beautiful gardens and greenery in Hampshire, where Austen lived, with some touches of the New Forest (one such image that helped inspire her description can be found here.
Her personality is inspired by Jane Austen, though with a lot of artistic licence.

Hers is the voice of an orator, every word chosen to suit the context within which it's used. There's no 'um'ing and 'ah'ing for Liath – her speech springs fully formed into her mind, and is passed on with a pleasant warmth. At times her speech can seem a little dry; her sentences overly long but lovingly descriptive. Her voice is soft and very feminine, but with a strength behind her words; a confidence about what she's saying that makes her a pleasure to listen to. Creams and rich greens are the predominant colours that whirl around her words. She has a passion for mental imagery too, particularly places, painting them in her mind's eye with loving attention to detail.

Hatching Message: The Oven Egg gave a final shake, more a shiver than anything else, and the cracks on its shell grew large enough that it fell apart. Amongst the dull grey wreckage lay the tiny, perfectly formed Lady of the Garden Green, her eyes closed. Slowly the hatchling got to her feet, her eyes opening to get her first look at her new world. Her wings were drooping at her sides, heavy with wetness from her egg, so she opened them to dry them off, giving the crowd a good view of their beautiful 'sails in the process. Finding her balance, she folded them slightly before setting off at a slow pace, tiny feet pattering along the sands.

Public Impression Message:
The Lady in the Garden Green pattered near to the end of the row of candidates and huffed a dainty sigh. Where was hers? Surely they had to be here somewhere. Turning gracefully, pulling her wings close to her body to readjust the way they sat, she looked curiously at a few of the candidates near to her. Oh! That girl, the one with the caramel eyes. She was just the right one! Crooning a sweet note of delight, the dragonet practically danced on tip-toe across the remaining area of sand to reach the dark-skinned girl.

Personal Impression Message:
Ah! Kisenia! Her voice enters your mind with the greatest of ease, so filled with warmth it's almost overwhelming at first. Love swells in behind in, and a fantastic sense of pride that you are here and receptive to her. My name is Liath. I was looking for you here there and everywhere, wandering these hot sands in the hope that I'd found you. And now I have! Shall we find some food now, perhaps, my love? And even as she says that, you can feel the hunger in your own stomach – her hunger, shared with you now as all emotions will be in your lifetimes together.

Dragon Credit: Emma

Egg Name: Oven Egg
Egg Description: Covered in what seems to be a flat, almost iron grey, the egg doesn't shine at all and is instead a very flat, uninteresting colour. Not hidden, it is simply there, unmoving and with very little going on to look at. Darker lines of black shade the shell, sketching out the shape of a door almost, dotted around the edges. The top is a semi-cirlce, leaving a square base to it. There is what could be a small grill near the top of the 'door', and a peek of orange in the gaps.
Egg Inspiration: Once upon a time a very poor woodcutter lived in a tiny cottage in the forest with his two children, Hansel and Gretel…
Egg Credit: Lark

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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