Green Libraith

Impressee: T'sen (Thysen)

Name: Libraith
Pronunciation: Lye-buh-wraith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 627f0d
Final Size: 30.5' length with a wingspan of 52'

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this green is long. Her neck is long. Her tail is long. Her fore- and hind-legs are long. And they look all the longer in comparison to her short body and wings. She is incredibly thin and bony enough to give the Weyrlingmaster cause for concern but that is just how she is built. There is something distinctly beak-ish about her face and she somehow always manages to look cross. Libraith is by no means a flashy green. Her color tilts towards a relatively boring light brownish-green. The only visible markings she has is along the back tips of her wings where the green gradually fades to an almost worn, hide-color like that of the old hides at the back of the records room.

Libraith is a very fussy green. She has to have everything just so otherwise it haunts her thoughts until it is fixed. If she notices that something is out of place after she has already settled into her stone couch for the night eventually she will just have to get up (or make T’sen get up) and put it right otherwise she won’t be able to get a wink of sleep. She is obsessed with keeping everything in its proper order and doing things right the first time instead of cutting corners to get it done quicker. Libraith tries to encourage her rider and clutch-mates to be the same but often she gets irritated when they don’t do things the way she likes them to be done so she ends up redoing them her way.

While not necessarily a quiet green, Libraith has the strange habit of speaking in whispers as if she was standing near someone’s sickbed. She doesn’t hold for any goofing off in her rider or her clutch-mates especially during lessons. She has no problem hissing at the other dragons or even sometimes the other riders to be quiet if she feels they are being disruptive. They have an important job to be doing after all and there’s no time for mucking about! Libraith seems to have a strangely omniscient quality when it comes to trouble-making. She always appears right when someone is doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing and she’s always prepared to give them the sharp side of her tongue which doesn’t exactly endear her to other dragons.

Libraith always insists on being well-groomed and even when she is full-grown T’sen might find himself talked into giving her daily oilings. She always has to present a prim and proper face after all! She will also insist that he keep their riding straps in tip-top shape. She will constantly be nagging T’sen to trim his hair, wash his clothes, wash himself…and nor is her nagging kept to just her rider. She is happy to point out spots that her clutch-mate’s riders have missed during oilings or unevenly cut riding straps. Her constant nitpicking hasn’t made her the most popular of greens even though she isn’t intentionally being mean; she is just trying to be helpful. It won’t be easy for her to make friends but she is like to have a few close friends amongst her clutch-mates and her T’sen of course. He knows that her heart is in the right place.

Libraith doesn’t know how to “let her hair down” so to speak. No matter how many times T’sen tells her to lighten up and enjoy herself it will always be a struggle for her. She knows that when she is sitting quietly at T’sen’s side there is a million other productive things they could be doing while they are supposedly “relaxing”. This will probably make her one of the Weyrlingmaster’s top pupils although her single-minded dedication to learning often exasperates her rider. It will be a happy day for T’sen when he is finally able to kindle some amusement in his strict, no-nonsense green. She will probably be the late riser of the group and will be rather shy about the whole flight affair although she’ll be a bit more adventurous once she gets into the swing of things.

Inspiration: Librarian
Name Inspiration: (Libra)r(i)an

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Top Secret Documents Egg had been mostly still since the hatching began. If you were lucky and looked at the egg at just the right moment, you might catch it trembling delicately against the Sands before falling still once more. By the time the egg finally did crack neatly in two, most eyes had already been averted to the more interesting eggs on the Sands so no one at first noticed the duller green standing up from the ruins of her shell. She was seen soon enough though when she moved with brisk purpose from her egg towards the candidates and after perusing through the line of available candidates once, twice, three times she came back to stand in front of Thysen. "Yes, yes…I will feed and oil you right away Libraith!" T'sen responded as he reached out and rested his hand on his green's head before leading her off the Sands.

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Top Secret Documents Egg
Egg Description: A quick first glance might cause one to write this egg off as boring - really boring. Plain, mid-grey, it's nothing special to look at. However, look at it a bit longer and the slight sheen to it becomes obvious, almost as if it's been crafted from metal. There are thin lines running horizontally across the egg at regular intervals - four of them in total, seeming to splice the egg into five equal sections. In the centre of each section is a smaller rectangle of white, black mark almost like writing visible on them. And below each of these, a horizontal bar of lighter grey.
Egg Inspiration: Filing cabinets! Okay, sort of an office supply I guess. Egg name's inspired by a line in Catch-22, forgive me the indulgence.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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