Green Little x Bronze Raphael P8 T18

Flight - Off camera in Winter, T18, 8th Pass
Clutching - Mid Winter, T18, 8th Pass | Clutch - Mid Winter, T18, 8th Pass
Hatching - Late Winter, T18, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Little (Shelacula)
Sire: Bronze Raphael (Shouriko)
Totals: 6
Brown: 1
Blue: 1
Green: 4

PC Fire-lizards

Warm and Worn Brown to Narene (notomys)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 15" length, 23" wingspan

Physical Description:
The Warm and Worn Brown is a big boy but it’s all rounded and soft edges instead of hard muscle. His wings and tail are a little stubby but it just gives his a strong, stout look when coupled with his equally squat legs and bulky body. Somehow, he always looks tired no matter how excited he might be, with half-closed eyes and a slightly droopy look around his short snout. The Warm and Worn Brown’s hide is exceptionally soft and the base color is a reddish chestnut with intermittent blocks and stripes a few shades lighter across the length of his body. His headknobs and all of his joints look much like weathered cloth, paler and more textured than the rest of him, like an old blanket.

All the Warm and Worn Brown wants to do is relax and make sure his bonded does, too. Right from the start, he’ll enjoy curling up on Narene’s lap or behind her neck and humming just a little as he sleeps. He’s an especially warm and comfortable nap-mate and more than willing to act as a pillow whenever necessary, finding another firelizard or three to cuddle with when Narene is busy.

That isn’t the say this burly brown is opposed to hard work, though! Once he’s given a task, he’ll commit to it wholeheartedly, lumbering through it with a slow, plodding sort of determination. The Warm and Worn Brown will be delightfully easy to train and laid-back enough that he isn’t easily distracted. He’ll be surprisingly useful in the Infirmary, where he’s quiet enough to not disturb the patients and gentle enough to comfort the ones who need it most.

While he enjoys a good chase, what the Warm and Worn Brown really loves is his children – should he ever sire a clutch, to either a green or a gold, he’ll be an unusually involved parent. Should a green abandon a clutch he’s sired, he’ll happily tend to it himself and keep careful watch over his hatchlings for the rest of their lives.

Inspiration: Flannel

Egg: littleegg3sm_by_shelacula-db8lqgc.png

Old Reliable Blue to Niazlar (Rhee)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12.5" length, 20" wingspan

Physical Description:
Even fresh out of the shell and covered in egg goop, the Old Reliable Blue just looks old. He’s gangly, with knobby joints and a slow, ambling way of moving that only exaggerates the looseness of his skin over his bones. For all his other peculiarities though, his hide a lovely shade of dark, weathered blue with pale fold-like patterns around every crease and joint. With age, these will grow even more pronounced to make him look far older and more careworn than he really is, no matter how frequently Niazlar oils him.

If the Old Reliable Blue looks old, then he certainly acts it too! He could generously be described as ‘grumpy’ but it’s a good-natured sort of grump where he’ll huff and grumble and then secretly leave a stolen sweet by someone’s pillow. Most days he just prefers to rest his creaky bones in a warm, comfortable patch of sunlight until someone needs him, at which point he’ll lift himself with a groan and a sour-side eye.

Even so, anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable blue anywhere on Pern. Maybe he’s not particularly bright but the Old Reliable Blue is a hard worker, willing to get his talons dirty with any task others might turn up their noses at. For all his grumbling and complaining, he really isn’t happy unless he’s hard at work and can quickly become bored if not given a job to accomplish. He really isn’t the most affectionate creature but he shows his devotion to his bonded in subtle ways – cleaning Niazlar’s space or bringing him food when he’s busy.

The Old Reliable Blue just isn’t really interested in mating Flights. He’ll chase late and infrequently, likely aging out of them entirely before long. It isn’t that he doesn’t like the occasional pretty green or gold, he’d just rather cuddle up with them in the sun than twine tails in some dramatic and hectic Flight.

Inspiration: Denim

Egg: littleegg4sm_by_shelacula-db8lqgd.png

Fringe and Tassels Green to Terrin (Lady Bread)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10" length, 16" wingspan

Physical Description:
The Fringe and Tassels Green is a little slow. She’s thin as a rail and looks like she ought to be fast and athletic but it’s really mostly just skin and bone – instead, she moves a bit like she’s always trying to force her way through treacle, slow and unsteady on her bony feet. There’s something about her face that makes it look like she’s always grinning… or always confused. It’s hard to tell. Her hide is uniformly a dark, forest green but it catches the light strangely, somehow at once matte but equally reflective in spots. Her hide is just as strange to the touch, so soft it almost feels fuzzy but remarkably tough and resilient.

Politely put, the Fringe and Tassels Green is a dreamer. To be impolite, she’s an airhead. It’s a good thing she’s sturdier than she looks because this green has an interesting habit of drifting into walls, doorways, or even the odd unfortunate person. It isn’t so much that she’s dumb, as she just has so many thoughts going on at once that it’s difficult for her to focus on anything! She actually quite brilliant and learns easily, particularly for her color, but whether or not she ever uses that knowledge is another matter entirely.

To say the Fringe and Tassels Green is friendly is like saying water is wet. Never will you find a more generous or loving creature on the face of Pern, willing to share anything and everything she finds with Terrin, other firelizards, random strangers, indiscriminate wild animals… She’s not especially picky but it sure is adorable when she wanders over with her slightly dazed look and offers up a scrap of fabric or a button she’s found somewhere.

In mating Flights, the Fringe and Tassels Green will be just as free with her love. She’ll rise frequently and run through every flitter in the Weyr, never settling on just one. Afterwards, she’s just as happy to cuddle with her entire array of suitors as the winner – and she’s just too disorganized to ever remember where her clutches are.

Inspiration: Suede

Egg: littleegg5m_by_shelacula-dbawsdb.png

The Proud Vintage Green Twilla to Awaihos (Dragonblossom)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:
This large green seems to think she’s actually gold! Ever proper, the Proud Vintage Green always carries herself with a sense of poise and grace, with nary a talon or wing out of place. She’s a bit brawnier than she’d like but with delicate limbs and a long, pointed face to match her graceful posture. From a distance, her hide appears to be smooth, olive green but closer inspection reveals faint mottling and rough texture. Fortunately for such a fastidious creature, grime will slide away from her hide like water off oil… Which is equally fortunate for Awaihos since the Proud Vintage Green will [i]never[/i] allow herself to be caught as anything less than utterly pristine.

You had better believe that the Proud Vintage Green is the definition of refinement and class – and even if you don’t, she’ll be sure to remind you of it! She expects nothing less than the best out of herself and the people around her, Awaihos included. While she is far too dignified to shout and scold, she is certainly not above a disapproving scowl or a quelling talon on the hand to get her point across.

To those she deems worthy of her attention, she will be a steadfast and loyal friend. Though she is exacting in her standards, the Proud Vintage Green is actually quite a sociable creature, well-mannered and thoughtful in her interactions. She will attempt to gather quite a following of like-minded individuals with which to spend her time, mingling like the high-society lady she thinks she is. There’s nothing shy or retiring about this green and she has no qualms about daintily landing on a stranger and politely demanding their attention when they have something she wants.

Mating Flights for the Proud Vintage Green will be a matter of courtship and ritual. Only males who earn her favor will win her over and she expects all the correct rules and protocols to be followed exactingly! Unfortunately, she is a bit of a disinterested parent and she is less likely to forget about her clutches as simply leave them aside for someone else to take care of.

Inspiration: Tweed

Egg: littleegg2m_by_shelacula-dbawsd4.png

Delicately Woven Green Dentelle to Barien (Kitya)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 18"

Physical Description:
With her pointed features and tiny limbs, everything about the Delicately Woven Green just screams ‘fragile’ and it’s an unfortunately accurate description. Lovely as she is, her fine bones are prone to breaking and even the most innocuous accident can leave her with unsightly bumps and blemishes. Her hide is a deep, emerald green shot through with a pale latticework of lines and patterns across her entire body and each bruise she receives will seem to leave a little, dark ‘hole’ in the pattern until it heals. The thin membranes of her wings carry the same markings and, when spread wide against the sun, they cast a captivating lace shadow as she flies.

Though she looks every bit the part of a sweet and gentle little flitter, the Delicately Woven Green is actually a shrewd mind with a bold personality. She refuses to be held back by her physical limitations, though she prefers to use her wit to circumnavigate obstacles rather rush in headlong and unnecessarily hurt herself. She’s particularly intelligent, especially for a green, with a biting edge that can make her unpleasant to deal with when upset.

Despite how tempting it may be to help such a pretty, fragile creature, the Delicately Woven Green is intensely proud and more likely to resent attempts at coddling than appreciate them. This, combined with her intellect, means she’s easy to train but difficult to command – oh, she may very well understand the directions she’s given but if she’s offended, you can guarantee she won’t obey any time soon. It’s a good thing she’s so fond of Barien and tends to be indulgent of his requests in a… well, not exactly motherly sort of way, but perhaps an ‘elder sister’ sort of way. In the same vein, the Delicately Woven Green will be extremely protective and affectionate with ‘her boy’, even straight out of the shell.

The Delicately Woven Green will be coldly calculating in her mating Flights, a trait born of necessity from her frail constitution. Rough or aggressive males will be immediately and firmly rebuffed, leaving her to most often be caught by gentle blues or browns. While she is far too clever to forget her clutches, neither does the Delicately Woven Green have any interest in them. Her usual habit will be laying her eggs somewhere public and leaving them to someone else.

Inspiration: Needle Lace

Egg: littleegg1m_by_shelacula-dbawsd0.png

The Tight Laced Green Leizu to N'im (Corgi)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:
There are just so many striking things about the Tight Laced Green that it’s difficult to pick something to look at first! Her hide is a blinding seafoam green covered with intricate patterns that almost seem to flash with metallic color in the sun. When properly oiled and maintained, her color may very well stand out even next to many golds! There’s something equally eye-catching about her figure – when viewed from the side, the Tight Laced Green has a very distinctive wasp shape, with a deep chest and a peculiar narrow waist that may have some people criticizing N’im for starving the poor thing, no matter how well cared for she may be. With her large wings swept back, she even looks like she has a fancy, fashionable bustle trailing out beside her tail.

She’s delicate! And fragile! At least, that’s what the Tight Laced Green will attempt to convince everyone of. She’ll swoon dramatically at the faintest confrontation, collapsing weakly to fan herself with a sad little cheep of despair. Really, she just wants everyone to know that she requires a certain amount of pampering and spoiling and if she has to pretend to be a little breathless and delicate, then so be it.

In truth, the Tight Laced Green is an earnest, if slightly bumbling creature. She cares deeply for N’im and her own group of green friends and may even be willing to sacrifice some of her feminine persona if it means helping them out. She’s not very bright, every bit the stereotypical flighty green, and she’s definitely not willing to do anything that might get her pretty hide dirty, but she’ll take any other task N’im gives her and carry it out exactingly. To the letter. This can be either a boon or a hilarious mishap, depending on how clear those instructions are.

Mating Flights – and really boys in general – are somewhat mystifying and frightening to the Tight Laced Green. It almost seems like she has no idea what to do with herself or how these things work, no matter how many times instinct drives her to rise. Any clutch she lays will be the object of great confusion, and she’s as likely to be startled by her own eggs as to forget about them entirely.

Inspiration: Silk Brocade

Egg: littleegg6sm_by_shelacula-db8lqgg.png

Credits: Shelacula

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