The Beauty Queen Blue Lobobeth

Impressee: Dr'keld (Drarakeld)

Name: Lobobeth
Pronounciation: Lob-obh-eth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: B8C1D4
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: 32' length of 55' wingspan


Mini bio:
The Beauty Queen Blue could be consider aesthetically challenged. He's one of the bulkiest in his clutch, and it certainly doesn't look like muscle. Nor exactly is it folds of baby fat, more like someone has set a layer of jelly under his hide. His shape is a soft one, but firm; all rounded edges, something which is especially apparent on his face and tail. On the ground his movements will one serve to accentuate his blobby physique, but in the air and in the water it will be a different matter. The Beauty Queen Blue will be able to fly higher and dive deeper than the most of the rest of his colour despite his very average size.

In terms of colour, The Beauty Queen Blue could be mistake for a cloud, a soft grey blue covers his whole hide, with only a slightly darker mottling along his back ridges and tail.

A deeply lazy dragon, The Beauty Queen Blue is the sort who will instantly lay down regardless of activity, only raising or moving himself when he actually has to. 'Why expend energy when it is not needed?' will be his philosophy in life. If it's possible to hunt passively The Beauty Queen Blue will find a way!

Despite his aesthetic and energetic challenges The Beauty Queen Blue will find a way to worm himself, not only in to the heart of his lifemate, but also into the heart of his classmates, his teachers, his wingmates, any greens he chooses to chase, and any humans he chooses to Search or speak with. Maybe it's the slightly sad cast to his features which makes you want to hug him or maybe it's his wobbly walk that has you rooting for him from the sidelines; whatever it is The Beauty Queen Blue will gather friends and followers much to Dr'keld's delight.

Inspiration: Blobfish
Dragon Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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