Name: Lollan
Pronunciation: ???
Owner: Simostell
Colour: Blue
Hatching - Early Autumn, P8 T2
Final Size: ???' length of ???' wingspan
Lollan is a about three shades darker than his really light colored brother. He is an even coloring all over, belly and all. He is average for a brown fire lizard and his wings are only slightly large for him.

Lollan is a little trickster. He loves to hunt tunnel snakes. He will even leave a few dead ones on his pet’s cot, sort of a ‘Did I do good?’ type of thing. He is a very active little fire lizard, always on the move. He only will stay still to eat, sleep, bath and oiling. And then he’s off again. He will get easily agitated should anyone threaten or use an angry tone with his pet. He’s all hissing and snapping anger. He won’t attack unless someone tries to hit his. And then he comes unglued with a vengeance.

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