The Enticing Horror Brown Lophyth

Impressee: K'ad (Koissad)

Name: Lopyth
Pronounciation: LOAF-ith
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 793e10
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: 35' length of 60' wingspan


Mini bio:
When he first hatches, The Enticing Horror Brown could easily be mistaken for an oddly colored blue, despite his blatantly brown hide. He's really just that small and gangly, like a baby herdbeast! He'll start out thin and sickly looking but with committed care from his lifemate, Lophyth will grow into his spindly limbs and fill out with a solid, thick body that nearly borders on too round, though he'll never be much longer than the largest blues. His hide, originally a smooth and even reddish brown, will begin to develop faint patterning in early Weyrlinghood, eventually darkening into intricate, bold slashes down his back and sides by the time he graduates. Despite his pretty coloring, Lophyth's face is a study in peculiarity, with eyes too small and beady for his body and a bizarrely prominent underbite.

For the first few months of his life, The Enticing Horror Brown will have difficulty eating - a combination of clumsiness and the awkwardness of his jaw structure. Once he figures it out though, he'll be a voracious hunter, one of the first in his class to gleefully pounce on herdbeasts and pull them apart. He is highly food driven but between meals he'll be something of a lazy lump, gliding and meandering here and there without any real motivation or direction save finding his next meal or, more importantly, a mate. This apathy follows him into the air, where he'll eventually be a lackluster and ambivalent member of the Wings.

Lophyth is oddly fixated on females, preferring to spend all his time with the greens and golds of the Weyr and acting entirely indifferent towards his clutch brothers. The Enticing Horror Brown will absolutely be one of the first of his class to chase, even before some of his blue siblings. At first, he'll chase anything that takes to the air and he'll do so with a single-minded relentlessness that's hard to match. If he loses, Lopyth will take it hard, moping his way around the Weyr for days or even several sevendays afterwards. Eventually, though, he'll settle on one female, particularly if he happens to catch a gold, and will be utterly besotted and devoted to her for the rest of his days… even if she doesn't feel the same in return.

Inspiration: Striped anglerfish
Dragon Credit: Shelacula

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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