Peace for All Pern Blue Loquanth

Impressee: V'zat (Edverzat)

Name: Loquanth
Pronounciation: low - KWANTH
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 38B0DE
Hatching: Gold Euliath x Bronze Aquarith, Late Autumn P8 T17
Final Size: 33' length with wingspan of 55'


Mini Bio:
Loquanth is a beautiful mid blue, as pure as summer skies. Were it not for the clouds of darker blue lingering on his legs and belly, he would be entirely one hue, but as it is, his hide is not one perfect shade. In size he is slightly larger than average for his colour, offering him endurance and enough manoeuvrability to make him an asset to any Wing.

He'll be a peaceful sort from the beginning, desiring everyone to be friends. As a Weyrling, that will start with the barracks; then he'll set his sights on the whole Weyr being friends; and, eventually, all of Pern. It's a big desire, but Loquanth is a firm believer in getting along and not fighting. Expect him to be the first to wade in with a gentle word to try and stop an argument.

Thread-fighting itself is a form of anger Loquanth will never be particularly fond of, and he'll see it as a sadly necessary duty. The pain and death Thread causes will hurt this blue deeply, but he will turn such sorrow into a desire to do his duty to Pern and defend innocents from the mindless destruction of Thread.

He'll have a head full of ideas, some sensible, and others a little…unusual. These more bizarre ideas may earn him mockery and disdain from others, but Loquanth will stick to his guns. Loquanth will also love to travel far and wide, visiting new places and meeting new people. When it comes to greens, Loquanth definitely favours brains over beauty, enjoying witty conversation rather than flirting. He'll be dedicated to those he admires, though that notoriously short draconic memory will let him down if he does catch a green, for the event will soon enough be forgotten.

Inspiration: Loquanth is inspired by Linus Pauling, a scientist who was one of the founders of quantum chemistry and molecular biology. He is one of only two people to win Nobel Prizes in more than one field, and one of only four to win multiple Nobel Prizes.
Dragon Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Aquarith (Xer'zyn)

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