A History of Lord Holders

Ketrin Lord Holders

Period Lord Lady Legitimate Children Notes
?? - I7 T177 Darl Alisa Darylawn, Rorik, Kenjohn, Fidlar, Akess, G'ren, Lolay, Fina.
I7 T177 - Mid Winter P8 T8 Darylawn Erihime Darish, Bandere, Aridana. As well as legitimate children, Darylawn sired a whole clutch of bastards. On his deathbed, Darylawn named his grandson, Renaire, as heir.
Mid Winter P8 T8 - Mid Winter P8 T12 Bandere Erihime Renaire, Ebinne. Erihime and Bandere were named as the regents, to run the hold until their son, Renaire, came of age. Bandere later died, leaving Erihime with the sole responsibility.
Mid Winter P8 T12 - Late Winter P8 T16 Master Harper Ternary Not relevant Not relevant The Conclave of Lord Holders decides to place Master Harper Ternary as Lord Regent for young Renaire, displacing Erihime.
Late Winter P8 T16 - Present None Erihime Renaire, Ebinne. Ternary's death puts Erihime in charge once again.

Mathon Lord Holders

Period Lord Lady Legitimate Children Notes
?? - Mid Summer P8 T3 Teron Unnamed Tremol, Lamoran, Prentek. Teron was Lord Holder at Mathon for the start of the 8th Pass. A disagreement with the Weyr over the right of women to be Searched led to a temporary withdrawing of Weyr protection. Teron was killed during the ensuing Threadfall.
Mid Summer P8 T3 - Present Tremol Annalise Revalise, Mollise, Remona. Tremol became Lord Holder after his father's death. He has tried to improve relationships with the Weyr, though not all Mathonites support this action.

Ver Lord Holders

Period Lord Lady Legitimate Children Notes
Early Spring P8 T9 - Present Darish Arisime Cersia, Rishar. Darish, the former heir of Ketrin Hold, founds Ver Hold along with his wife, Arihime. Darish later goes missing in P8 T15.
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