Milk It For All It's Worth Blue Loureth

Impressee: Brie

Name: Loureth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 63DEED
Hatching: Gold Euliath x Bronze Aquarith, Late Autumn P8 T17
Final Size: 36' wingspan of 60'


The Milk It For All It's Worth Blue is certainly a handsome fellow. Just out of the shell he is bound to draw attention; a bright, flawless, baby blue hide that might camouflage him in the sky contrasts sharply against the dark sands. His hide is not perfectly uniform - toward his extremities, his coloring gradually darkens, leaving the very tips of his wings, snout, headknobs, and tail a shade of deep cerulean - but it is unmarred by any blotches or stripes of color. This is a point of vanity for him: he will work diligently to keep himself clean and free of scarring, to avoid sullying his lovely coloration.

Despite the cheerful color of his hide, the Milk It For All It's Worth Blue will make a rather imposing figure. By nature, he is a bulky dragon, with a little more meat on his bones than he may like. A little hard work and diligent exercise will transform that bulk into the heavy musculature more commonly seen in browns. As a hatchling, overlarge wings (held carefully so they will not drag on the ground, of course) will hint to the Milk It For All It's Worth Blue's eventual size. Growth spurt after growth spurt will have him surpass most of his brother blues and some smaller browns as he grows into the long wingspan. Near the end of his maturation, a final growth spurt will (funnily enough) leave his wings just a little too short in proportion to the rest of his frame. While not a terribly noticeable flaw, it will be an insecurity the wise will not poke at.

It appears as if every move the Milk It For All It's Worth Blue makes is considered in depth before it is made. There are pauses in between every motion, making his movements choppy and disjointed. Because of this, he lacks the grace that some dragons possess on land and in the water. In the air, however, there is a fluidity seen nowhere else, with no movement wasted and every wingbeat aiming him toward his goal. Due to his shorter wingspan and a rather stubby tail, this blue doesn't have much natural agility; he will have to work in the air to be able to out-maneuver his fellow blues, using his potential for power to get ahead.

Brie will learn one lesson from this blue, and she will learn it incredibly fast: no amount of talent or natural gifts will make up for good old fashioned hard work and preparation. Granted, the Milk It For All It's Worth Blue's tactics may be a little less than traditional - underhanded will be a term that more hidebound clutchmates will use - but perhaps it is a bit unfair to mention the blue's desire to stack the deck in his favor without also mentioning his many positive attributes. His tireless and dogged effort in all things he does is one of them. Even when he fails to dodge a weyrlingmaster's painted ropes, or swerve close enough for a thrown firestone sack, everyone will know that is was not from any lack of effort.

He too, has a great capacity for love, and his affection for his bonded will be undeniable. Of course, this is mostly the case with any rider pair, but will become readily apparent when Brie catches her first cold. The Milk It For All It's Worth Blue will not abide by this. He will be intensely concerned for her - even a little uncharacteristically neurotic as he tends to her ills and try to reason out why it is that runny noses and sneezing plagues humans so. "Germs," might be a word that enters his vocabulary then, and he'll become ardent about cleanliness and hygiene; there will not be a night that his Impressee will get away without a bath or brushing her teeth. While his clutchmates and fellow barracks residents may grow a tad annoyed by this behavior and his meticulous care for everyone's health, it is important to remember that it is rooted out of a place of concern and care.

Of course, the majority of this concern is reserved for his Brie - the partners in crime that they will be. He'll share her passion for advancement and push the pair of them to the top of their class, even if that means stacking the deck in their favor. Certainly he'll pick the more ethical means to start, such as surrounding himself with classmates and associates that fill in the gaps where his own talents fail him, but when push comes to shove, he'll be the one to throw them under the cart in order to elevate himself and secure the glory for himself. He could even be quite bold and fearless in his dealings, bending rules in order to achieve his desired results. This is a habit he'll carry with him right through Weyrlinghood and into the Wings. Are new recruits required to fly sweeps for him? Certainly not, but they don't have to know that.

Praise is best bestowed upon others when it is he who is doling it out. This among other reasons will make him a good teacher when he is so inclined. He has a marked soft spot for young ones, children and hatchlings alike, and can be found splashing about with them in the lake or simply acting as a sounding board for their naive questions and wonderment. This will be doubly true if he senses a certain 'spark' in young one as he'll relish shaping and molding them. You see, every successive clutch represents the future of the Weyr, and it has such a potential to be a bright one if only guided in the right direction. The Milk It For All It's Worth Blue of course will feel that he is the one for the job.

Being such a forward thinking blue, it should be no surprise that he sees beyond the most obvious threat to Pern: Thread. Oh sure, he understands the terrible menace that it is, and he'll fight as hard as anyone come time for 'fall, but he also sees the need for more holistic solutions for Pern's problems. Nonetheless, his prowess in the skies will not be lacking. As a large blue, he'll have all the stamina and strength for the job, not to mention no qualms about taking charge of the situation in Threadfall! He'll be quick to alert others of wayward clumps, or advise the blues and greens and others to fill in empty gaps. Fostered correctly, this forwardness can be crafted into leadership that will propel him and his rider up in the Wings.

Careful consideration, and deliberate action are trademarks of all aspects of this dragon's life, and that also applies to even the most personal of parts. The Milk It For All It's Worth Blue will not be a prude by any means, but don't expect him to throw himself at any green that goes up into the sky. He thinks about his mates before he picks them, but since the matters of love and lust are not as clean cut as he would like, he often finds himself absolutely taken with a female more than his stodgy outsides would make it appear.

Dragon Credit: Michi and Van

No matter the topic, Loureth's voice will always have a gruff quality to it. Likely, those he is close to will find it comforting- the scratchy tones of a familiar blanket. He doesn't bother with flowery speech, preferring to be direct and brief. Those unfamiliar with his mannerisms could easy see it as unwelcoming.

Hatching Message:
The Pour Some Sugar On Me Egg rocked once, twice, three times. Unless candidates were paying close attention, they would likely miss the splitting of the egg as it broke apart without fanfare. One moment the egg was whole; the next it was in pieces, and the Milk It For All It's Worth Blue was carefully picking his way out of the remnants. He completely ignored his clutchsiblings wandering the Sands around him, as well as the Candidates watching him. All his attention was focused on moving, very slowly, away from the shards of his egg to a clean patch of sand. When one wingtip caught on another piece of shell, the blue cautiously lifted both overlarge wings just enough to keep them off the ground, and continued his journey.

Public Impression Message:
That hair. He had noticed it once, but the Milk It For All It's Worth Blue decided to push it out of mind, trotting around still among the boys, before taking his march slowly over towards the girls, not even a hint of concern playing on his looks. This was a discerning blue after all, but he was confident that among those gathered there was one for him. He started snuffing around the feet of Alexia, but the redhead wasn't for him and he continued on his way until the upset hiccups of a girl once passed over caught his eye again.

Butting a couple of others out of his way with a bulldozing saunter, he came up to the slip of a thing, eyeing her critically - was he second guessing himself again here? No, this one was the one. He used his nose to flick the young woman's hands away, and chin up so that she could properly see the rainbow colors in his eyes. Yes, really… he was Impressing.

Personal Impression Message:
Who was so flippant as to touch you!? Couldn't they see that you were grieving!? The loss of a gold… that silly thing sauntering off to turn her judgmental eye on some other girl. Ohhh it was enough to make most women's blood boil, but regardless of that, something was still touching you, and considering the dangers posed by the sands, it was probably worth it to open your eyes and look. After pressing them closed so long it seems impossible to do, but they crack open eventually, and your sights are filled with a rainbow swirl all framed by a fresh, beautiful blue.

The feeling of relief is truly stupefying. But more than that, it is comforting, supportive, and strangely… familiar. Like the missing pice of a puzzle, the new mind just fits perfectly, and in an instant you know everything about him and he in turn knows knows everything that it is that he needs to know about you.

When he huffs disappointedly you know why. It has nothing to do with food. That is a concern of the most basic dragons, and somehow the magic of Impression told you that he was not just another dragon, I guess I will have to make the introductions… puffing a his chest a bit he finally divulges his name, I am Loureth, and I'm going to need you to keep your head up if you're going to join me in my plans. We can discuss it over a meal. Let's go.

Egg Name: Pour Some Sugar On Me
Egg Description: This medium sized egg looks like something sweet and delicious, a bright coloured flower against the black sands of the Hatching Grounds. The top is a bright golden yellow with markings that gives it a furry look. Forming rough triangular shapes are bright pink markings which, upon closer inspection also look soft and with faint lines reminiscent of a Flutterby’s wings. As soft and furry as the egg looks it doesn’t feel furry at all. There is a texture but so smoothed down it feels closer to leather than egg shell. Touching and being near this egg does bring out a sort of warmth associated with a warm fire on a cold night with something sweet being baked nearby.
Egg Inspiration:Rosy Maple Moth
Egg Credit:LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Aquarith (Xer'zyn)

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